Guarding the Whales

One’s sense of smell becomes heightened at the seaside.

Last week, when I smelled a temporary ‘fishy’ scent, I knew that the little fish called capelin were here.

Each year, the tiny fish roll up onto the beaches to spawn. This process is short, and it signals the arrival of the whales, who chase and eat them.

Soon, we expect to see these giant mammals splashing in the ocean behind our house !

And then, our job of ‘watching the whale watchers’ begins.

We have a large spotting scope, a specialty item ordered from Russia, set up in our kitchen.

Using this, we can watch the whales, and observe the tour boats, and we report the vessels who get too close to the whales, and those who chase the whales.

Whales don’t deserve to be harassed !

Unfortunately we’ve had to report harassment to the Department of Oceans and Fisheries a few times, and the tour boats operators have been warned to stay a respectable distance away from the whales.

May God show us the part we all can play in protecting his precious creation.

Photo courtesy of Jim Walsh