Photo Re-touching Crime

It is now illegal, in Norway, for influencers and advertisers to post re-touched , or photoshopped photos of people on social media, without clearly indicating that the photos have been MODIFIED.

Parliament passed this new ruling earlier this month in response to the ‘body pressure’ that people were feeling when trying to measure up to the unrealistic photos that some people post to make themselves look better. Young people, especially, when comparing themselves to the ‘perfect’ photos posted were showing difficulties with self-esteem.

Violators, who re-touch without notifying that the photos are altered, are now subject to heavy fines.

Out of curiosity, after I read this, I downloaded an app, called ‘Retouch Me’ onto my little phone.

I was shocked to learn that if I uploaded a full-length photo, it could make my biceps look larger, and my feet smaller.

It could change my complexion, and it could remove wrinkles from my skin, and my clothing too !

There was a charge of $20 for the first change, and there were extra costs for any subsequent requested improvements.

I laughed when I saw this, and then deleted the app.

The world is full of deception, and we need to use continued discernment in questioning if things are really what they seem to be.

The Bible rarely mentions what people specifically looked like.

Even Jesus, the Messiah, is not physically described.

The world is superficial, and its values often contrast sharply with God’s viewpoint.

The world looks at outward appearances, but God looks at the heart. ( I Samuel 16:7)

Photo of a fiord in Norway courtesy of Pixabay