Microchips ?

Do you have a pet that has a microchip ?

Our puppy, Paris, had a microchip when we adopted her. It was reassuring , because she was frisky, and wandered away from home a few times.

Sweden has been placing microchips in humans, since 2015.

The Swedes are leaders in new technologies, and thousands of Swedish citizens have already accepted microchips which are about the size of a grain of rice, and which are implanted in the left hand between the thumb and the index finger.

The microchips are convenient, people say, since they can replace the inconvenience of using cash or credit cards.

One man, who frequently misplaced his keys, reports the convenience of unlocking his doors with his microchip.

Future implications for microchips could potentially involve their storing one’s medical records, and even one’s important legal documents.

Countries such as the UK, Spain, Germany and Japan are now also exploring the use of Swedish microchip technology.

What seems like the stuff of science fiction is already available, and of course, upon hearing about such new developments, some people will be concerned about what the microchipping of humans may represent.

As always, we ask God for continued wisdom and discernment. We need His continual help as we continue to navigate in this increasingly complex world.

Photo by Sally