If Only…

Do you have regrets about some things, and have thoughts that begin with : ‘If only…’ ?

Mike was sitting in front of his small red house ten days ago , looking extremely dejected. We know that he has a chronic challenge with substance abuse. Beneath our village’s charming exterior, we deal with the unfortunate reality of much addiction.

We got to know Mike better last summer because when our lawnmower broke, he used to walk his mower over, from across the village, and cut our grass. He wouldn’t accept payment, but we made lunch for him.

I felt an intense desire to talk to Mike when I saw him sitting outside looking so forlorn, and I told my husband that we should go over to speak with him right away. He insisted, though, that we shop first, and then bring a pizza for Mike.

When we returned to Mike’s house he was gone, but his door was open. We called to him, but there was no response, and after a while we left.

Two days later, we learned that Mike was in the hospital, in a coma, and fighting for his life after an overdose. This tragedy had occurred just a short time after I saw him looking so despondent.

If only I’d listened my intuition to go over and speak to Mike.

Often the Holy Spirit may prompt us to act, and this prompting may feel like an intense , intuitive feeling, or a ‘gut ‘ feeling.

And, as you know, as Christ followers, we always need to be prepared for the unexpected.

After two days in intensive care, Mike recovered. If more mental health services were available here, he should have received further help, but in the village, like most places, resources are limited, and Mike was sent home.

We had another opportunity, by God’s grace, to go over to Mike’s house, to bring him food , household supplies, and above all, to tell him that God loves him, that there is always hope, and that we have been praying for him. We continue to minister to Mike.

May the Lord continue to sharpen our spiritual vision and hearing so that we can recognize people who may desperately need our help.