The Village Pot Shop

I felt my cheeks turn red because I knew that I’d been caught in the act.

The rumour around here a while ago was that Janet, our florist, was selling marijuana ( pot, or weed) at her store.

So I went to talk to Janet about this.

I blushed when she said : ‘I see you’ve been listening to gossip, Sally’.

The Bible makes it clear that spreading gossip is a sin, but listening to gossip is equally harmful.

This sin takes two, the gossiper, and the hearer.

The rumour had seemed plausible, since sales and use of marijuana have been legal in Canada since October, 2018.

Janet explained that her store was for sale, and a marijuana producer had wanted to buy it, but the deal had fallen through, so the dealer was looking for another building.

She explained that many people had been asking her the same question I had !

It is difficult sometimes, to discipline ourselves not to listen to gossip. It’s part of our fallen nature, I suppose , to want to know what’s going on.

Last week we noticed that a beautiful historic building had been renovated across from our local Coffee Shop, so we asked Irene, the owner, what business was moving in there.

She confidently said : ‘The Village Pot Shop’.

Within only a few decades, marijuana selling and use has gone from a criminal offence to a legitimate occurrence. We are being asked to accept constantly changing standards of what is considered right or wrong.

The old fishing families of centuries ago would be shocked, I’m sure, with the changes in the village.

They might think that the rainbow benches we have on the main street look very colourful, without knowing what they represent.

However, we will not judge, for that is not our job.

We will observe, and know that all judgment will eventually come from God.

In the meantime, He asks us to avoid gossip.

Pixabay photo.

Marijuana is sold legally in Canada. Cash payment for legal marijuana.

Living Without A Car

Do you enjoy driving a vehicle? Cars and trucks are an important part of our society. I have a car, but rarely drive. It is not necessary in our little town on the sea.

There is a boardwalk beside our house, which surrounds a lovely tidal pond. We walk this route to get uptown, to go to the Post Office, or do errands.

There are lots of ducks and their babies on the pond. Seagulls, Sandpipers, and other birds are content here.

On my way back home, I observe the drama in the shallow water. There are baby snow crabs here. They are playing ! I watch them scurrying sideways and peeking out from behind rocks. When the baby crabs get big, they will move out into the ocean. Fishermen will catch them, they will be processed in our local fish plant, and shipped overseas to be eaten by someone in China.

I do not eat crabs, for I have watched them playing when they were babies.

Chinese Fish in NL

Newfoundland is the place of fishermen, fishing and fish. When we moved here, I had romantic visions of R.J. and I enjoying heart-healthy gourmet fish dinners, while overlooking the sea.

Shortly after arrival, I purchased some salmon filets. Imagine my shock, when I read, on the vacuum pack, that the fish had been caught in the North Pacific, and filleted in China ! Most seafood caught here ends up in foreign markets, and much fish arriving here comes from abroad. Seems very strange, but , hey, this is Newfoundland !

Most locals prefer to eat pizza, fried chicken, turkey and hamburgers. The local supermarket has also recently started carrying vegieburgers.

Runaway Moose

Everyone rushed to the windows of the small restaurant to see the moose run by. Normally they don’t come into town, but this poor animal giant had gotten confused, and raced down the street surprising all of us diners. At the end of the street, he swam out into the sea and rested on a small island before he was rescued by animal control experts. The runaway moose was the talk of Bonavista for weeks.

We have a lot of moose in Newfoundland. However, animals generally are not plentiful here.We have no deer, porcupines, skunks, or raccoons, and happily there are no snakes here !

Anti-ageing Tip from Newfoundland

Do you know what you can put on your face to make you look 10 years younger ? A smile !

A grumpy Christian is a contradiction in terms. As we grow closer to the Lord, our joy and our peace grow. I always smile at people, and they smile back. Happiness slows the ageing process a lot !

However, this only seems to work in rural NL, for we are a friendly group ! When I return to Toronto, I notice that people usually don’t look at each other, and they certainly don’t smile. I think that that is the reason why so many Newfoundlanders working “away”, long to return home to our peaceful friendly island.

Last January, I took my first and only “selfie” to post on this blog. It is slightly off centre, but it is me, at age 68. Why be coy about our age ? Every day is God’s gift to us. Let us thank Him for length of days .

The Landscapers Laughed

I had a vision of creating a peaceful garden as a place of prayer when we moved to the sea. We hired some professional landscapers to help make this dream a reality. We asked for 15 small evergreen trees to be planted. The landscapers, I am sure, laughed to themselves about this, knowing that we were new arrivals from Ontario. They planted the little trees and drove away with our cash.

We did not know then ( but the landscapers surely did) that evergreen trees will not grow directly by the sea, as the air is too salty. One by one, our little trees perished. Since then, we have done more research to find which plants thrive by the sea, and there are many , including some types of poppies.

Gardening season is approaching !

Gertie Finds Her Back

Rural Newfoundlanders speak with accents, dialects, and expressions that can be difficult for outsiders to understand. When I was befriending my neighbour, Gertie, I always said hello, and asked how she was doing. She replied : ‘Oh, maid, I finds me back.’

Because I didn’t know what that meant, I would smile, and change the subject. Then I asked another friend, Marie, what Gertie means when she says she finds her back. Marie explained that that means Gertie has a sore back. Similarly, if John says he finds his foot, that means his foot hurts.

I have learned, from living here, that to become expert communicators, we need to ask for clarification when we don’t understand something.

If I had asked for clarification, I could have been more sympathetic to Gertie. May the Lord grant us the grace to always ask for clarification when we don’t understand something.