Abba and the Emergency Room

It is stressful for all of us to need to visit a hospital emergency room. I found myself there this morning. Luckily, our charming outport has a clinic/hospital just five minutes away from our home.

I wasn’t sure what was wrong, but I follow the rule : “When in doubt, check it out”.

While sitting and waiting, I started to read a handout: ‘Hospital Activity Book for Children’. In it, there was a guide for learning sign language, and so I started to learn it. After learning the signs for the letters ‘A’ and ‘B’, I realized I could spell another word for God, “Abba” or “Daddy”. This is the familiar name that Jesus used to address his Father. Abba God is our Daddy too. I was aware of how vulnerable we all are, and I knew that my Abba was with me.

A kind and gentle physician helped me, and I was able to return home. Growing older will bring changes and challenges for all of us, but we are all children of a loving Abba who watches lovingly over his little ones.

Would Jesus Join PETA ?

Do you love animals and desire that they all be treated ethically ? I love animals almost as much as St. Francis, whose home I visited in Italy a few years ago. It seemed natural that I would join PETA.

However, reading their brochure presented me with a dilemma. We should not catch fish, they say, since fish have feelings. I’m a Newfoundlander, and the whole history, culture and economy of this province were built on the cod fishery. Local fishermen still fish for other species, and our local economy depends on our fish processing plant.

I know that many of the first disciples of Jesus were fishermen. He cooked a fish breakfast for them, (John 21) and fed the multitudes with loaves and fishes, as tofu and kale were unavailable.

I am still unsure as to whether Jesus would join PETA. What is your opinion ?