No Escape, and Cheese Buns

Do you enjoy welcoming new neighbours?

I made my favourite cheese buns, and brought them over to Sue and Brian’s recently renovated 1898 home.

They had moved to our village from Ontario just before the pandemic began.

Rural Newfoundlanders are somewhat Xenophobic (fearful of strangers).

They want to make sure that newcomers are not ‘running away from something’. Somewhat affectionately, they call a newcomer a CFA (Come From Away)

Have you found that people sometimes think that they can run away from things, people, or situations ?

If a job dissatisfies , the philosophy goes – find a new one! This applies to a spouse as well, or friends that have becoming challenging.

However, this is a fallacy, because, essentially, what we are trying to escape is ourselves, and this is impossible.

I love the title of the book ‘Wherever you Go, There You Are’, by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Wherever we move to, our thought patterns, attitudes, beliefs and ways of interpreting the world remain constant, unless we consciously work to challenge, and change our behaviours and beliefs.

Although our new homes and environments can provide new levels of novelty and distraction, eventually our level of life happiness, or dissatisfaction re-emerges.

Things of the world can entertain or distract us, but they can never provide the deep inner peace that we are all seeking.

St. Augustine reminds us that our hearts are restless, until they find their rest in God.

Ultimately only a relationship with God, through Jesus, will satisfy the deepest longings of our hearts.

As our relationship with the Lord deepens, we find that we are comfortable, and content wherever we are, for the Lord directs our steps.

He seeks to give us the inner peace that we all desire.

Photo by Sally