What Did He Write ?

The woman been caught in serious sin.

And her accusers brought her to Him, to ask whether the Law of Moses should be upheld.

And then, He stooped down, and wrote something in the sand, and all the accusers left.

Have you ever wondered what Jesus wrote ?

There have been hundreds of speculations made, and despite many possibilities, we are never told exactly what it was.

I prefer to agree with the writers who believe that Jesus wrote in the sand to show his compassion and mercy.

If you’ve ever written words in sand, you know how easily those words can be erased ; the earth is not a permanent writing medium.

Jesus forgives sins. That is why He came to earth, to take upon himself all of our human failings and transgressions.

Perhaps Christ wrote the adulterous woman’s sins in the sand that day, and then, with a sweep of his hand , or foot, erased them .

In the same way, God forgives our sins as we confess our sins, repent, and do not continue in purposeful transgression.

And, obviously, an essential aspect of receiving God’s forgiveness is that we forgive those who have sinned against us.

As He forgave the woman in the parable recorded in John 8, so Christ offers forgiveness to all sinners, when they repent, and turn to Him in obedience and trust.

As we grow in our faith, our sensitivity to sin grows, as does our compassion for others who are still enslaved by the folly of sin and disobedience.

The Holy Spirit, who indwells us, increasingly gives us strength to live lives pleasing to our Lord.

We serve a God of mercy and compassion.

Let us continue to share the good news with others.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Jesus writing with finger in the sand