Conquering Fear

We had an intruder at our place this year !

It was an aggressive and persistent Ring-billed gull.

These are the kind of guys who give seagulls their bad reputation. We have enjoyed another gull’s company since 2017, but he is a Herring Gull, who is quiet, shy, and unassuming.

The intruding gull was obnoxious, sat on the back deck, and stared at us through the glass door with his intense yellow and black eyes.

Of course we didn’t feed him, but he kept hanging around. He had a horrible repertoire of ear-piercing shrieks and screeches. Our peace had disappeared.

Our neighbours knew we were upset, and told us to get a decoy owl, as this would , for sure, frighten the rude intruder away.

So we drove all the way to a Canadian Tire store, and bought a decoy owl, which we placed it on a pole. For two days we had peace , with no pesky gull.

The third day, the bold gull returned, sat on a rock, and stared menacingly at the owl. When he realized the owl didn’t move, he grew more confident.

This morning, I noticed that the gull had completely conquered his fear. He was sitting triumphantly on the owl’s head !!

Often, in our spiritual walk, we can walk in fear of those things that really can’t harm us.

A friend of mine said that fear is :




R- real

If we look around at the media, there are many things that could frighten us, but we choose to stay focused on Jesus, who promises to be with us at every moment of our lives.

One of the advantages of being old ( and there are many) is that I can look back on countless times when I may have ‘feared’ something, but the Lord has brought me through every difficulty. Often, with the passage of years, our faith strengthens, as we discover that Jesus is completely trustworthy.

He will always stay with his beloved.

Therefore, we follow Christ’s directions to us. We will trust, and not be afraid.

Ultimately, choosing to exercise our faith, rather than to be overwhelmed by fear is an act of our will, and is empowered by the Holy Spirit, who dwells within us.

Photo by Sally