Prayer at the A&W

Did your parents stress the importance of having good manners ?

Being polite makes life a little kinder for everyone.

It’s been swelteringly hot on our island this summer, so we travelled, in air conditioning , to a nearby town. We went to an A&W restaurant, and anticipated enjoying a root beer in an icy, frosted mug.

While we were sitting enjoying this refreshment, with some tasty sweet potato fries, four people came in, and sat at the next table.

They started talking….loudly.

It’s always polite to keep our conversation discreet in public places, for the consideration of others.

We also all know that it’s rude to eavesdrop, to purposely try to listen in to others’ conversations.

But, with my sensitive musician’s hearing, I was forced to hear what they were saying.

I was growing irritated, and looked around for another table to move to ( there were none), and then I fanticized about putting on my mask, going over to them, and assertively telling them to tone down their loud voices !

And then I realized what they were discussing. They were planning their mother’s funeral. Loudly, they were describing the flowers that they had just ordered from the florist’s. Red carnations…they had been their mom’s favourite.

One of the women was describing a photo she was going to display, the one at her mom’s birthday party.

Suddenly, my irritation shifted to compassion for my loud neighbours. They were mourning, and I re-experienced my feelings when I lost my own mom.

I began to pray silently for them, and, as I prayed, it seemed that their conversation quieted.

We know that our Lord places us exactly where he needs us, there are no co-incidences for Christ followers, only God-incidences.

I am continuing to pray for this family.

The Bible tells us to mourn with those who mourn. (Romans 12:15)