An Ideal Garment…

Such a hot summer many of us are having -even here in Newfoundland !

Have you thought about what clothing types would be best for such extreme temperatures ?

I thought that the best fabric would be cotton, since it is a cool, breathable fabric.

Then, of course, it should be organic cotton, made from plants grown without toxic pesticides or fertilizers. Most cotton currently grown worldwide is ‘bt’ genetically modified cotton which is produced with lots of toxic chemicals. It is considered to be harmful to the environment.

Also, the ideal garment should be white, since white clothing reflects light. This also would save on textile dyes, which are also harmful to the environment.

In my case, the best garment would be a dress. I don’t wear slacks unless I’m exercising. This is because when I was a girl, we weren’t allowed to wear slacks, and so I never really got used to them.

And the ideal dress would be modest, and loose fitting, for comfort in the heat.

It should also be produced in an ethical factory where workers are paid well.

And, the ideal garment should also decompose naturally, after it has provided the wearer with years of pleasure and comfort.

I can report to you that, after a long time of researching and sleuthing on the internet, I found one dress that fit all of the above criteria !

There is only one problem for me – the price of the dress is $770 US dollars. ( this is about my monthly food budget).

I am still searching for a similar garment, at a lower cost.

May God remind us to pray for cotton farmers who grow a precious crop.

Let us also remember to pray for those who have sewn the clothing that we wear.

Photo from TOVE internet site.