Obstacles to Christian Unity

Although I am but a simple seaside housewife, I do have some insight into why achieving Christian Unity seems so difficult.

I was looking at a photo of myself as a toddler today, which reminded me that I have loved Jesus since I first heard about Him , way back then !

I’ve worshipped as a Baptist, and with groups of Pentecostals, Charismatics, Anglicans, Presbyterians,

and, as a Catholic, I attended Mass at St. Peter’s Square with Pope Francis. I’ve been happy in all these celebrations ! We all love Jesus, so why can’t we be united?

The main sources of division appear to be coming from two groups. Firstly, there are the ultra-conservative traditional Catholics, who still believe that salvation is only possible through the Catholic Church.

The other group of believers opposing unity, are the ultra-conservative Protestants, who wrongly believe that Catholics are not “saved” , and that they worship statues. Such misconceptions are hurtful to the entire Body of Christ.

We can all agree on the basis of Christianity. Jesus loves us. We can trust Him. We are weak, but He is strong.

The N.I.C.E. Tongue

Do you agree with me that talking too much, and too carelesslessly, can be dangerous ? Jesus agrees, too.

He tells us in Matthew 12:36, that one day we will give an account of every idle word we have spoken.

These are no idle words !

It is particularly challenging to be in control of our speech, since the human tongue is a rascal, and very difficult to control. (James 1:26).

And so, R.J. and I try to follow the principle of The N.I.C.E. Tongue. We try to make sure our speech falls into the following categories:

N- necessary speech

I- informative speech

C- comforting, consoling or comical speech

E – encouraging words.

Let us ask for the grace to use words that uplift others and please the Lord.