Conquering Fear

We had an intruder at our place this year !

It was an aggressive and persistent Ring-billed gull.

These are the kind of guys who give seagulls their bad reputation. We have enjoyed another gull’s company since 2017, but he is a Herring Gull, who is quiet, shy, and unassuming.

The intruding gull was obnoxious, sat on the back deck, and stared at us through the glass door with his intense yellow and black eyes.

Of course we didn’t feed him, but he kept hanging around. He had a horrible repertoire of ear-piercing shrieks and screeches. Our peace had disappeared.

Our neighbours knew we were upset, and told us to get a decoy owl, as this would , for sure, frighten the rude intruder away.

So we drove all the way to a Canadian Tire store, and bought a decoy owl, which we placed it on a pole. For two days we had peace , with no pesky gull.

The third day, the bold gull returned, sat on a rock, and stared menacingly at the owl. When he realized the owl didn’t move, he grew more confident.

This morning, I noticed that the gull had completely conquered his fear. He was sitting triumphantly on the owl’s head !!

Often, in our spiritual walk, we can walk in fear of those things that really can’t harm us.

A friend of mine said that fear is :




R- real

If we look around at the media, there are many things that could frighten us, but we choose to stay focused on Jesus, who promises to be with us at every moment of our lives.

One of the advantages of being old ( and there are many) is that I can look back on countless times when I may have ‘feared’ something, but the Lord has brought me through every difficulty. Often, with the passage of years, our faith strengthens, as we discover that Jesus is completely trustworthy.

He will always stay with his beloved.

Therefore, we follow Christ’s directions to us. We will trust, and not be afraid.

Ultimately, choosing to exercise our faith, rather than to be overwhelmed by fear is an act of our will, and is empowered by the Holy Spirit, who dwells within us.

Photo by Sally

41 thoughts on “Conquering Fear

  1. “If we look around at the media, there are many things that could frighten us, but we choose to stay focused on Jesus, who promises to be with us at every moment of our lives.” Amen. Well said, Sally!

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    1. Hi ! Thanks so much.
      The gull seemed to be looking at me. He sat for a long time, even after I had taken his photo. He had an important message for me.
      Thanks for sharing. πŸ€—πŸŒ·πŸŒΌ

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    1. Thanks ! We are at an elevation, on a rocky hill, and are surrounded by water.

      I know that you had taken an interest in knowing if Ray returned to our village, (this was from my previous post called ‘Ray Comes for Dinner’)
      Shortly after I posted, we drove past Ray’s house. His door was open, and he was home.
      We told him that people had been concerned about him, and he seemed genuinely appreciative of this. πŸŒΌπŸŒ·πŸ€—

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    1. Hahaha….Hi Renee ! Ring-bill gulls are audacious, for sure.
      They are the type of gulls that have black bands around their bills.

      They do make decoy owls with moving heads, but Canadian Tire only carried this kind, and had only three in stock. ( I guess other folks use owl decoys out here).

      I agree, ‘that is as brazen as one gets!’
      Thanks so much for your comment. πŸ˜„πŸŒΌ

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  2. It is perceptive to see lessons in all of life.
    I saw an interesting display off the coast of England (Harwich, I think?). The B&B we stayed at had a string of CDs (the shiny kind, not the bank kind πŸ˜‚) tied together in three or four rows. When the wind blew, the flashes kept the birds away. Just a thought, but you’d need to put up some type of stand for them, maybe a pole for wind-chimes?

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    1. Ah…such an interesting use of CDs ! I can imagine that gulls could also be possible pests off the cost of England.
      If the ruffian gull hanging around here persists, we may consider hanging something shiny…
      Thanks for the suggestion. πŸ€—πŸŒ·

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  3. We can learn so much when we observe things around us. So true that there is so much that can instil fear around us but we must choose to stay focused on Jesus.

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  4. Hi Sally,
    I agree totally that with the progression of age we overcome many of our fears because of the knowledge that we have gained through experience.
    Many years ago I was walking through a park with 1 of my Auntie’s and a man was taking pictures of people with his snake, I have a really intense fear of snakes and couldn’t go anywhere near the area, a few years ago I was visiting my new ex-partners son who had a corn snake which I managed to hold for some considerable amount of time.
    I had a tattoo done a couple of years ago with 1 of my favourite scriptures from the book of Psalms,
    94 v 18 When I stumbled, your unfailing love, O Lord supported me.

    I have been fearful of many things in my life and at times put myself into some quite challenging and dangerous situations however I have always felt sure that everything would work out as it should because God has been with me.
    My thoughts and prayers reach out to you and your family πŸ™β€

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    1. Hi Paul !
      So nice to hear from you.
      That is an inspiring , and comforting verse from the Psalms.
      I too dislike snakes. Fortunately, there are none here in Newfoundlanland. πŸ€—πŸŒΌπŸŒ·


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