Plastic Shirts ?

There was high excitement in the village !

A new business was coming to our outport. We all knew about it well before it arrived, since news, or ‘scuttlebutt’ , as we call it, travels quickly.

We were all eager to support any new venture coming here.

I remember the day I went to check it out.

The business sold shirts made of re-cycled plastic bottles, collected on our fair island.

They were somehow broken down into plastic yarn, and then woven into shirts, in South America.

The charming salesperson gave me a detailed description about how the shirts were good for the environment, and would help to save the planet !

The talk was so convincing at the time, that I was tempted to buy a shirt. However, as I held it against my skin, just as I suspected, it was itchy. I knew that plastic does not make a breathable fabric, and hence, the salesperson did not make a sale from me.

The plastic shirt business did not last long in our village.

The idea of clothing choices helping the environment is a good one, though.

We can all become more aware of the beauty and sustainability of clothes from natural fabrics that are ethically grown and manufactured by workers earning a fair living wage.

A simple white organically grown cotton t-shirt, for example, will provide a long time of wearing enjoyment, and will naturally decompose one day.

The challenge, of course, is to try to find organically grown cotton clothing at an affordable price.

Does God care about the clothing we choose ? I’d say that He certainly does, and He is appreciative of all of our efforts to make ethical clothing choices so that garment workers, and farmers growing cotton are not exploited.

Let us continue to pray to the Lord for wisdom and discernment. And let us consider and pray for all of the people involved in clothing production.

Photo courtesy of Pexels

20 thoughts on “Plastic Shirts ?

  1. Plastics can be turned into fuels and some websites do mention selling machines that turn plastics into fuels …
    There are many materials and industrial products that could be made from plastics recycled …

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  2. An interesting post indeed Sally. Recycling is indeed an ethical and responsible practice if done well. One excellent use of plastic is in resurfacing roads which ticks all the boxes for cost and sustainability.

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  3. I am not an “eco-terrorist” but we must remember this world is not OURS to do with as we wish. It belongs to our Father, and even though He has promised that “seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease” (Genesis 8:22), that is NOT a carte blanche to do whatever we want with the land we are borrowing. Recover, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Redesign, Re-manufacture! 😎

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  4. God definitely mentions those that destroy the earth – and he’s not happy about it. It’s a good thing that people are trying to come up with new ideas, even if some of them don’t work – at least they’re trying.

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