The Singer

The bar was noisy, and exceptionally smokey that night.

A singer stood on the narrow stage. She played a white guitar, and wore a pink lace fingerless glove on her right hand.

I was that singer.

In my youth I was a member of a band called ‘Rhythm and Blondes’. We chose this name because our bass guitar player, Laurie, was also blonde.

We played various gigs in seedy establishments, always hoping that we would be discovered, and become famous. I shudder now when I think about the ungodly lyrics of the songs we sang.

It was obviously sinful, choosing to entertain drunken customers. However, even more serious, was my sin of presumption.

I had been to Sunday School as a child, and at age fifteen I emotionally responded to an altar call at an evangelistic crusade.

Since I had ‘invited Jesus into my heart’, I felt that I was now ‘saved’, so I could now carry on in sin, and Jesus would forgive my sins because He loves me so much.

My reasoning was faulty, however. Of course Jesus forgives sinners – his sacrificial death occurred to buy our pardon, and yet God expects us to genuinely repent and to turn away from a sinful lifestyle.

When we are authentically spiritually re-born, or ‘born-again’, we will obey God’s commandments and we’ll develop a desire to grow increasingly closer to God, to serve Him, and our neighbour.

As we are guided by the Holy Spirit, our character changes, and we begin to see the world, and people, as God sees them.

I didn’t genuinely repent and undergo conversion until a few years later, after I was married. My husband and I were involved in another grave sin – the excessive pursuit of materialism. One Sunday, on one of the rare times I attended church, I listened to the testimony and conversion experience of Anne, a sincere believer whom I really admired. Anne, my neighbour, mentored me as I genuinely invited Christ to guide my life. She helped me as I took my new first steps as a Christian, and we remain close friends.

Let us continue to pray for people who don’t yet know the Lord.

I know that while I was at my most rebellious, people were praying for me.

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38 thoughts on “The Singer

  1. Thanks so much for your testimony, Sally!
    I was a believer in college, although pretty immature. I majored in theater, with daily opportunities to compromise, which I often did, because it was “in the script.”
    One of our plays had a line in it where a phony “minister” of a shady “church” said, “Christ died for our sins. Dare we render His martyrdom meaningless by not committing any?” My classmates thought that was hilarious, and no doubt tried to use that line in their own lives. Thank God for His patience and grace! Jesus went through so much pain for me, now I pray every day I can be the child He delights in, make Him smile – make Him laugh with joy. ❀️

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  2. I only know you from your words on this blog, so it’s hard to imagine Sally singing in a seedy bar!

    Apart from the grace of God (in Christ) we all fall short of His glory.

    It’s encouraging that the testimony of your friend Annie helped you see what was possible. She was Jesus with β€œSkin on” to you!

    Thank you for sharing your testimony, Sally. I recall you said you were thinking about it. I’m so glad you did!Who knows who might read this and be encouraged to let God change their own life!?


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    1. Thanks, David, for your kind comment.
      It takes courage to share our testimony, but, as you say, sometimes it can help others to see how God changes lives.
      I had admired my friend Anne, and thought that she was just a naturally ‘holy’ person, until she shared that abiding in Christ was the secret of her happiness and joy. πŸ€—πŸŒΌ

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  3. What a beautiful story you have lived. So very precious. God is so good, may He be praised for the work He did in you to bring you close to Himself. I am so thankful so that we can be friends and sisters of the same wavelength. You are a treasure God polished.πŸ˜€β€


    1. Such sweet and encouraging words, Tonya.
      Another thing we have in common – we are both musicians.
      Like you, I’ve also led others in worship. A big change for me, from playing in seedy bars, to playing at church.
      Praise God, for He can do all things ! πŸ€—πŸŒΌ


  4. I applaud you for sharing this. I too did things I regret, after becoming a Christian. I believe young Christians need guidance and that is not something I had. May we continue to pray for the lost and also help guide the new Christians. Thanks for sharing this.

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    1. Hi Bridget, thanks for your comment. I agree that it’s important for young Christians to have guidance.
      God always longs to draw us closer to Himself. Yes, for sure, may God give us the grace to pray for the lost. ‘ I once was lost, but now am found… πŸ€— Amazing Grace.

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  5. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Thanks for your openness in sharing. To God be the glory. Great things He has done. I agree with a lot of the previous comments, that I liked. So no need to reiterate what was already said.
    May the Lord bless you and keep you in the center of His will for your life. He is faithful. Have a great day!

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  6. I am thankful you shared your testimony too. It is God who gets the glory when we share how He brought us to the light of His love for us. Growing in Him is an ongoing testimony of His grace in our life. I continue to learn as I share that Jesus not only died for my sins but the shame of them too. This helps me to have courage tp live for Him fully, all of me, past, present and my future. To be willing to live an open book life just as Christ did. Years ago I was part of a play of 8 women in the linage of Christ. An older missionary lady who was involved too made a statement that has shaped my thinking on testimonies. She said, God chose to air His dirty laundry through those women and all of mankind. We are His workmanship, created in His image, yet the Word is full of testimonies of sinner who trusted Him and was changed, a new creature. Our testimonies, is a picture of God’s grace.

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    1. Hi Betty !
      Wonderful that you were part of a play about 8 women in the lineage of Christ.
      Indeed, in Christ we are new creations.
      In sharing, we see how hearts can be changed by God’s grace.
      Blessings to you ! πŸ€—πŸŒ·


    1. Hi Mandy ! That is a great way of expressing it : ‘God writes all our stories differently’. He knows exactly how to form us, and where to place us to further His kingdom. πŸŒΌπŸ€—

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