Restaurant Stress

Have you been to a restaurant since pandemic restrictions lifted ?

We left the village yesterday and travelled to a city, and went to a restaurant !

There was a long line up. People were wearing masks, but were allowed to remove them as soon as they sat down. Of course, the irony of this made me laugh a bit.

Loud music was blaring. Am I the only person who dislikes loud dining ?

Our meals were slow in arriving, because it was busy.

Just as I was in the midst of grumbling to myself about the music, and the slow service, I was overcome with conviction.

I looked over at our server, who was moving at a frantic pace, carrying plates of food to waiting patrons.

There were only two servers in this large place. I could see how stressed they appeared.

Then I thought of the cooks, preparing the food. I thought of the time pressure that they are working under, and how stressed they must feel.

I enjoy cooking, but only if I am not rushed. I enjoy ‘slow cooking’.

I thought of the restaurant owner too, perhaps trying to keep costs low since the restaurant had been closed for so long during the restrictions.

As Christ followers, we are to be thinking about the needs of others. Christ gives us the ability to see people as He sees them.

Jesus came to serve, and not to be served.

We left a generous tip for our server. Does God notice how generously we tip those who serve us ?

Yes, He does.

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31 thoughts on “Restaurant Stress

  1. I read an article in the Wall Street Journal where most people are leaving large tips since restaurants reopened. I am glad you got out. Also, I enjoy reading about your empathy for others.

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  2. I always have had a soft spot for servers. My first part-time job was at a restaurant and I have to say, I totally sucked at it. I learned I did not have the skill set to be a server. It was a wonderful experience. I never forgot the pressure or how much I appreciated the kindness of diners who seemed to understand I was doing my level best.

    This is a beautiful reminder, Sally, to be kind, always.

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    1. Thanks, so much, Manu. It is part of our human nature, as you say, ‘to think only of self’, and yet our Lord invites us to look at everyone through His eyes. 🤗🌼🌷

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  3. I also dislike loud music while dining, Sally. Being a teacher can be emotionally draining, so a quiet atmosphere is preferred when eating out.

    Here is the US, there isn’t enough help in restaurants because people would rather collect unemployment. One of our favorite eateries is closed every Tuesday now for this very reason. The owner simply can find enough cooks, dishwashers and servers for full time operation.
    COVID unemployment ends in September. Hopefully folks will get back to work after that.


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    1. Thanks, David for sharing. Actually, thanks also for mentioning dishwashers, as they also have an important role in the functioning of restaurants.

      It seems that covid has has many consequences. Hopefully things will return to normal soon. 🌼🤗🌷

      I can fully appreciate the emotional demands of teaching. A dedicated teacher has a powerful positive influence on so many others. 🌼🤗

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  4. Having been on the serving side of hospitality I can remember the stress and the satisfaction of a job well done. The kind words of a few customers certainly means a lot. Well done to you Sally.

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    1. Thanks, so much, Alan. As Christians, the Lord invites us to be ‘hospitable’.
      Here in the village, (before covid) people just stop by…unannounced…always a chance to practice hospitality. 🌼🤗🌷

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  5. Most comments a manager or a server hears are the “black spots on white paper.” (When shown a piece of paper with ONE tiny black spot, if you ask people what they see, what do you think they will answer? Lots of clear white paper? NOT. 😎)
    With this lesson from my dear Mother in mind, I have seen the brightest smiles and heard the greatest thanx from servers and managers when I take extra time as I leave the restaurant, to say a kind word. Once a young server actually began to cry, she was so overcome with gratitude for my gratitude.
    Pay it forward!

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    1. HI !
      Your mother taught you well. Let’s pray for the grace to always see the clear white paper, and not the one tiny black spot.
      Thanks for this insightful comment. 🤗🌷

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  6. Our restrictions have been lifted for awhile now and my husband and I enjoy visiting a couple of little hometown cafes. And yes, the servers are busy. I hear many restaurants need help. I’m thankful for Jesus’ example of being a servant. I need reminded of it occasionally too.

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    1. It is good that you and your husband visit hometown cafes. They often have a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. Jesus is always teaching us, guiding us, and drawing us closer to the Father. 🌷🤗

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  7. I feel that way in stores too, retail work is hard enough but when they are so short handed their hands are tied. The last year has created a mess for businesses. When one can draw more money for not working, most will not work. It such an, all about me world right now, in all areas. I try my very best to encourage those who are working, yep our tips have become more.

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    1. Hi Betty ! Yes, hopefully more people will return to work soon.
      As you say, businesses have really been affected last year.
      Thanks 🤗🌷


      1. Yes indeed.

        (If I may say so, it is much easier to defend the Gospel on a blog than in real life, although I’m most willing to talk all the same when someone brings up theology—followed by pigs and Tolkien lore and other weird stuff I’m interested in…)

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