Photo Re-touching Crime

It is now illegal, in Norway, for influencers and advertisers to post re-touched , or photoshopped photos of people on social media, without clearly indicating that the photos have been MODIFIED.

Parliament passed this new ruling earlier this month in response to the ‘body pressure’ that people were feeling when trying to measure up to the unrealistic photos that some people post to make themselves look better. Young people, especially, when comparing themselves to the ‘perfect’ photos posted were showing difficulties with self-esteem.

Violators, who re-touch without notifying that the photos are altered, are now subject to heavy fines.

Out of curiosity, after I read this, I downloaded an app, called ‘Retouch Me’ onto my little phone.

I was shocked to learn that if I uploaded a full-length photo, it could make my biceps look larger, and my feet smaller.

It could change my complexion, and it could remove wrinkles from my skin, and my clothing too !

There was a charge of $20 for the first change, and there were extra costs for any subsequent requested improvements.

I laughed when I saw this, and then deleted the app.

The world is full of deception, and we need to use continued discernment in questioning if things are really what they seem to be.

The Bible rarely mentions what people specifically looked like.

Even Jesus, the Messiah, is not physically described.

The world is superficial, and its values often contrast sharply with God’s viewpoint.

The world looks at outward appearances, but God looks at the heart. ( I Samuel 16:7)

Photo of a fiord in Norway courtesy of Pixabay

32 thoughts on “Photo Re-touching Crime

  1. Good for Norway. Love this post. The world often cares about the opposite of what God cares about and so important to remember that and be who He made you to be. (I think thr devil wants us to insult our Maker, which we do when we criticize His creation-us too.) You are so right!😀❤

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  2. I’d never considered why the Bible doesn’t give physical descriptions of its greatest heroes. Otherwise we’d have people sporting the Jesus look or the Moses look. It’s the heart that is God’s biggest concern.

    Now, if someone would make it illegal to slander others on social media, that would be nice. 🤐


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  3. I had no idea, that was even a thing. To alter one’s appearance is one thing, but another person’s is so dishonest. Good they are beginning to address online bullying.

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  4. “It is now illegal, in Norway, for influencers and advertisers to post re-touched , or photoshopped photos of people on social media, without clearly indicating that the photos have been MODIFIED.” I’ve taken over 300,000 digital photo using probably 20+ different cameras. In the early days of digital cameras (only room for 16 photos, low-resolution by today’s standards) the photos taken were “real.” Modern cameras can do much enhancement before you even see the photo you just took. I wonder where the law draws the line… 😮

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  5. Excellent post Sally. I appreciate how your posts keep me abridge of what is taking place elsewhere in the world whether it be new legislation or events then pointing us back to Biblical truth. I also appreciate you pointing out that retouching is a type of deception. Have a lovely weekend.

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    1. Thanks so much for your feedback, Beth. Yes, for sure, retouching is a form of deception, and it can put unrealistic expectations on young people who, unfortunately, feel pressured to measure up to an ‘ideal’ that is not real. 🤗⚘


  6. There’s potential for great harm in this kind of technology should we consider its implications in view to other trends in body shaping. From plastic surgery to implants there’s a whole slew of artificially constructed desires to reshape ourselves into something other than what we are by nature. How can our humanity be preserved if we are constantly polluting ourselves with superfluous ideas that can be manufactured and monetized without upholding the balance of life. Unless these days are shortened, no flesh (man or animal) will be spared from this abomination of desolation. Even now we are more like the ‘Walking Dead’ than we care to admit; grouped together in aimless herds craving for the next like on our fakebook profile.

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    1. Hi Jason , I really agree with you. There are constant ongoing efforts to pollute humanity ‘with superfluous ideas that can be manufactured and monetized’ .

      This is why we need to pray for continued discernment .
      For all ages, and especially for ‘elders’ like me, our wayward Western culture tries to subtly present that there is something ‘shameful’ about being old.

      Instead, we need to recognize the gift, and blessing of reaching old age, as the scriptures tell us. 🤗⚘

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  7. Hi Sally,
    I think that your post outlines many interesting points especially about how we can present ourselves to the outside world.
    I like to think that people are genuine however since my ex-partner left me, I have to admit that I used a popular dating app and having met a few people I was quite surprised about how many didn’t look anything like their profile pictures, I recognise that life is difficult for some people, challenges affect the way that some people look etc but really all you are doing is starting a relationship on a lie.
    Personally I don’t go for looks in anyone whether it be a prospective love interest or a friend or even someone who you may work with, character is far more important to me, the way that you present yourself, honesty, trust and integrity etc.
    I personally am thankful for the scars that I carry, the imperfections because they are a part of me.
    I trust that you are managing to stay safe and well and blessed by a Loving God who cares about you and the messages that you convey through this chosen medium and I continue to wish you well.

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    1. Thanks Paul ! So nice to hear from you.
      You make a really good point about the dating apps and the photos that some people post. As you say, character, integrity, honesty and trust are more important than outward appearance. ⚘🤗

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    1. None here either. Maybe these laws will help young people to stop comparing themselves to re-touched photos of people. Thanks, Renee. 🤗⚘


    1. Hi Cynthia ! Thanks for this comment.
      Indeed, let us be thankful when the Lord changes our perspective. We are all perfectly loved by Him. He sees our hearts. I must say, though, that you are also very beautiful outwardly – I remember those lovely photos you recently posted. ⚘🤗

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  8. It really is sad how social media and the like have affected our self esteem, especially for teens. Good point about the Bible. What a blessing to know that God loves us for who we are on the inside. He doesn’t judge us by our outward appearance. May we learn to do the same!

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