A Prayer For Cheesecake

She did not waste time on small talk.

When Margaret called me twice a month on Wednesdays, she simply said : ‘Can you bring some sandwiches for Sunday?’

I obliged and brought dainty crustless sandwiches to our after service fellowship times. All the ladies brought food ; we looked forward to these times.

I thought, though, that it would be nice to feed others in the village too.

Three times I suggested to our ladies’ group that we could offer a free monthly soup kitchen , or maybe a dessert night to people in the community, as a sign of friendship, and a way to introduce Jesus to others.

However, I am rather soft-spoken, and when I made my suggestion, Susan, the most boisterous of our group would loudly say : ‘That’s too much WORK’, and the ladies would chuckle.

Imagine my surprise when Margaret called and told me that our group was planning to host a dessert night, with tea and coffee, for the public . I felt that my suggestion had been heard !

Immediately I knew that I would contribute my favourite cheesecake.

Then came the disappointing news. They were planning to charge a $7.00 a person admission price for dessert night. I was hoping that dessert night would be free.

The church had some unexpected expenses, and so the ladies organized a fundraiser.

If we wonder why people are not lining up to join our churches, we might consider whether or not we present ourselves as closed cliques to outsiders.

May the Lord make us increasingly sensitive to ways in which we can present the saving grace of the gospel to others.

35 thoughts on “A Prayer For Cheesecake

  1. I have long said most American (or Canadian) churches are more social clubs than hospitals for the lost.
    1. Pay the dues.
    2. Attend the meetings.
    3. Obey the rules.
    We will surely see a cleansing when Jesus returns. I pray for our local fellowship and try to encourage the leadership to be aware of what we are supposed to be as a Church. And I request the prayers of our leaders that I will be part of the Church and not just a complainer.

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    1. Hi ! Social clubs is also a term that I agree with, as well as the three conditions that you describe.
      Our challenge is always to try to move more towards being the hospitals for the lost that we should be, as followers of Jesus.
      Thanks for this insightful comment. πŸ€—βš˜

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  2. Thanks Sally. The first point is that during His ministry the Lord Jesus did everything for free. He certainly allowed people to contribute but never allowed Himself to become dependent upon contributions. Two, He had no overhead. Three, He worked very hard before He began His ministry and saved His money so He could finance His ministry and take care of His close disciples and their families.

    Also, the Lord said wherever only two or three are gathered together in His Name for His purposes to do His ministry will He is right there with them. This means we do not need official sanction other than His. All we need, if we need help, is one or two others. It could be only two people. This means we can simply do whatever it is on our own. If it lines up with the Lord’s teachings then we are simply being obedient to Him.

    Last of all, whatever we do from a sincere heart to honor the Lord, we are not only working with Him (it must be His idea, He is the Boss), He will bless our efforts. This means the ministry will start from a single point (very small) and grow. People will join up to help. Funds will appear. It is easy to shoot down doing ministry for the Lord because it may not fit man-made parameters, being that it may appear too difficult or expensive, but the Lord has unlimited funds and energy. All glory and honor to Him.

    Blessings to you

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    1. Great points, RJ. I like when you say ‘whatever we do from a sincere heart to honor the Lord…He will bless our efforts’ .Amen, all glory and honor to Jesus. Thanks πŸ€—βš˜

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  3. I belonged to a church years ago in Miami that had a sunshine committee..basically a list of women willing to make food for those going through a rough time. When I went to them on behalf of a woman who was sick and asked if we could make a few dinners, the answer was ..”She’s not a member.” My answer back was..”I know! Isn’t that perfect?” They finally said yes, we made her food, she joined the church.. and that’s how it works.

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    1. Wow, Cindy, that is amazing what you did !
      What you replied when they said :’She’s not a member’ was great.
      I feel we need to feed people who are physically hungry , when we can.
      It was good that the lady joined the church.
      I really appreciate this comment.
      Now I may suggest the formation of a sunshine committee, or, a ‘Sonshine committee’. Thanks ! βš˜πŸ€—

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      1. Haha- SONSHINE.. that’s PERFECT! I remember each time I had a baby I’d get food from our church and it absolutely meant the world to me.. I felt so loved and cared for and nothing ever tasted so good!

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      2. I agree, Cindy. Food Ministry is a very powerful one. The church was very caring when they brought you food when your babies were born. ⚘🌼

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    1. Exactly, David, thanks. When we invite others in, only to help our fundraising efforts, it does not represent the gospel well. Raspberry cheesecake is my favourite.

      I am very agreeable (πŸ€—), but the ladies and I also didn’t share the same views on rummage sales ( or ‘jumbo’ sales, as they say here).
      I didn’t like the idea of bringing in old clothes, and then charging people to buy them !

      Instead, if we gave away new clothing, people might listen to our message of salvation through Christ. Thanks for your comment. βš˜πŸ€—

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      1. Exactly, Sally! Freely we have received, so we should freely give.

        Church finances can be hard to manage sometimes on offerings alone, however. (When I was a minister it cost my church $20 a seat each Sunday to keep the doors open). Nevertheless, fleecing the unreached public is not the best answer.


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  4. Amen! We are to be the light of the world, a spiritual hospital for the wounded. We need to love as Jesus loved, freely and out of love. You are so inspiring and right. You have the right heart. Run with it.πŸ˜€β€

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    1. That is very sweet and kind of you, Tonya.
      Yes, Jesus loved freely, and out of love. May He give us the grace to love like that too. πŸ€—


  5. My heart sank as I read your post Sally, how the church completely missed the point of sharing the gospel in love. I have seen the same things in churches over the years. Keep praying and pushing for Jesus Sally. Your cheesecake looks scrumptious sister!πŸ˜‹

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    1. That is something I agree with, Alan. When we think of the Church as ‘us’, and people outside as ‘them’, then the church does, as you say, miss the point of sharing the truth in love. Thanks ! πŸŒΌπŸ€—

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    1. And yours as well. ( I have a doctorate too – mine is in Sociology from the University of Toronto.)
      Having gone through the doctoral process, I fully understand what’s involved in this long process. It teaches us perseverance, for sure. βš˜πŸ€—πŸŒΌ

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  6. Nice post! This reminded me of the reason I came to know the Lord. I first was introduced to church because they were having a BBQ (in this case the food was free) anything that is given for free always draws people, but I wondered what would be the catch. No catch was found, only the saving grace of Jesus freely given for us! Thank you for this message. God bless!

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    1. O Deano – thanks for sharing this ! So great that the church you attended was having a free BBQ – they had the right idea !
      Jesus offers us his saving grace, and it is freely given. πŸ€—βš˜πŸŒΌ

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  7. Sally, that so needed saying. Too often the Church fails people because of its preoccupation for things that don’t matter. I find that when we stop talking about money and talk about the Gospel, what we need is provided. Have you read Sara Miles, Take this Bred. I think you will find she’s on your wave length. I enjoy your blog. Keep us fed. Geoffrey

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