Who Knew ?

I was surprised when I noticed them growing fainter.

As a septuagenarian, I’m aware that aging brings many changes.

But no one told me that my fingerprints would start to disappear.

Who knew?

As people age, their fingerprints, or friction ridges, start to become fainter because the skin gets thinner and loses elasticity. No wonder it was getting challenging gripping things and opening jars.

I’m happy now that I didn’t give in to my family’s strong suggestion to update my old, but dainty cellphone.

A phone that opens on fingerprint recognition might not have worked for me.

Fingerprints, or friction ridges, begin to develop in a baby while still in the womb, at about 3-4 months gestation.

As we know, they are unique to each individual, therefore they are useful in forensic investigations. The ridges on the fingers and palms also help us to grip things firmly.

Truly we are fearfully and wonderfully made. God is endlessly creative, and delights in variety.

Because of my fading fingerprints, I plan to update to a phone that opens with facial recognition.

May God give us the grace to cheerfully accept the unexpected changes that aging can bring.

Our Father in heaven, who provided friction ridges for us while we were still unborn, guides us tenderly throughout our lives, as we trust Him, and He is especially compassionate with us as our fingerprints become fainter.

Photo by Sally

35 thoughts on “Who Knew ?

    1. Barb, they are still there, but they grow faint, so that it is often difficult to capture the fingerprints of older adults accurately. πŸ€—


    1. Me too. My tiny older phone fits nicely into my tiny older purse. I only have one purse – an old Lois Vuitton that I bought on a shopping trip years ago. πŸ€—

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  1. Well, you have a lovely face, but some of us probably won’t be able to use facial recognition either, because of all the new wrinkles that seem to proliferate! Like Mr. Knight noted, my first thought was how convenient this would be for a “new career!” 😁

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  2. Interesting point about disappearing fingerprints and dropping things! I thought (judging for myself) that I drop things because I don’t hold onto them as quickly and as tightly as I used to, so that as I lift them, even a light object, I really don’t have a strong grasp. Drop! Very frustrating. Having said that, yes, please upgrade your phone to facial recognition! The 21st century offers us so many wonderful benefits. πŸ™‚

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