A New ‘Religion’

Do you enjoy the smell of fresh-cut grass ?

It was surprising to learn that this scent is produced by the tiny plants when they are feeling upset.

Chemicals called green-leaf volatiles ( GLVs) are released by grass plants as a distress signal when the mower cuts them , and this odor acts as a warning to other plants of approaching danger. (sources available on internet).

Further evidence of plants feeling pain was produced by a large scale study done at Tel Aviv University in 2019. Studies on tomato and tobacco plants showed that the plants screamed in response to being injured. The screams are silent to our ears of course, but they were measured using ultrasound technology.

The ‘Plant Rights’ Movement is gaining momentum.

In 2008, Switzerland became the first country to officially recognize the rights of plants. Plants must be treated with dignity, and never humiliated, it is maintained.

These concepts have been formally incorporated into the Swiss Constitution.

We are expected, of course, to care for the world, since it is God’s beloved creation, but we need to avoid entering environmental madness. Studying plant pain seems somewhat superfluous when human lives are in peril in the womb.

There is also a danger of worshipping what has been created rather than the Creator.

Statistically, people who ‘leave’ organized religion tend to gravitate to the new religion of Environmentalism, where salvation becomes secondary to ‘saving the planet’.

Although sustainability is a noble concept, let us be aware that urban atheists in particular seem to be attracted to Environmentalism as a religion.

Lawnmowers are getting ready to come out now here in our village. The beautiful stillness will be interrupted by their grumbling sounds.

However, I now know that tiny grass plants would rather grow long and sway in the wind.

May God grant us wisdom and discernment .

Photo courtesy of iStock

Beautiful garden during the Spring.

35 thoughts on “A New ‘Religion’

  1. My husband says that before long, the only thing acceptale to do will be to exhale. Things have gotten crazy. I take comfort in that and laugh where I can because I know Jesus is coming soon and the Holy Spirit is our Helper in the meanwhile. Thank God for that. We need not face crazy alone. 😃❤

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  2. Very insightful! I never knew that about plants, but as you said, we should not get to involved with some of the environmental madness. Its Gods earth and we should care for it, but that does not mean to worship it. Great post! God bless

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  3. I read something (only one article and I did not do further research) that said the earth was hotter last year because pollution actually creates a barrier

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    1. Very interesting, LA. Thanks for the info.
      We are not used to high heat around here, but already it is hot and people are wearing shorts. 🤗🌷⚘


  4. What a thought provoking post Sally, you just put me off tomatoes now!😄
    But seriously, man too easily loses sight of the fact that he is just a custodian of Creation and needs to care for it.

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  5. I agree with plants feeling pain. Several years ago a study was done on plants in an aquarium. Shrimp were added to the aquarium and then the shrimp were shocked. The plants “screamed” as you noted above. All things are created by God. We have only begun to vaguely understand the whole of creation. I also know that while grass may scream when cut, it helps it grow thicker and stronger – much like us when we get pruned. We become stronger, hopefully wiser and more kind.

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    1. So true – thanks for the analogy between grass cutting and our reaction when we are pruned. I agree that we have only vaguely begun to understand the whole of creation.
      There was a time when humanity did not know about germs or viruses…

      Thanks so much for this insightful comment. 🤗🌷

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    1. Hahaha…😄 Good point !
      I am wondering why the largest land owner in America today is Bill Gates. (farmer Bill ?).
      He has not yet stated what the land will be used for.

      It would not surprise me if people of future generations will be told by the government what they may or may not eat.

      Thanks for your comment. 🌷

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      1. AND you will have to have a digital money account only accessible by the “mark” on you right palm or forehead. Yeah, sounds like something Bill would like.

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  6. I was surprised to learn about the grass – maybe because I’ve grown up with manicured lawns all around me – but it makes perfect sense. I recently read a book entitled “The Hidden Life of Trees” and it described how trees are in constant communication with each other. They communicate information on weather, bugs and animals in the environment which could potentially pose a threat. It really IS amazing how all of nature interacts, and is in tune with each other.

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    1. That sounds like a very interesting book.
      Truly it is amazing how nature interacts.
      The tiniest roadside flower, which may be unnoticed by most, is created by God for his purpose and pleasure.
      Thanks for this comment. ( I enjoy how manicured lawns look too. ) 🌷🤗


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