I Am

There is something sad about spending money for nothing; we all know the importance of money in our lives.

Sometimes wasting money can be really silly too.

A highly unusual statue was recently sold in Milan, Italy, for $18,300.

It was remarkable, because the statue is invisible !

Artist Salvatore Garau assured the public that although no one can see the sculpture, it exists, in his imagination. He promised to provide the new owner with a certificate of authenticity.

After I stopped laughing about this latest evidence of society’s growing bizarreness, I was struck by the name of the sculpture. It is called ‘Io Sono’, which translates into English as : I AM.

It was perhaps an audacious title for an invisible sculpture, since, when God identifies himself to Moses in Exodus 3:14, He reveals Himself as ‘I AM THAT I AM’ ..

God, the Great I Am , lead the Israelites through the desert, and He is the I Am who walks beside us each moment. The great I Am knows, and holds the future.

And so, as the world increases its rebellion, we stay calm and confident, knowing that God is in control, even when invisible statues called ‘I am’ are sold for thousands of dollars.

Photo from Salvatore Garau’s Instagram

44 thoughts on “I Am

  1. This is ridiculous. Some can find it easy to believe in the existence of what they cannot see and yet will use that as an excuse when they say I cannot believe in something I cannot see.

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    1. Yes, Manu, you express this so well.
      Truly people can be spiritually blind until their eyes are enlightened by the truth of the Gospel.
      Jesus sets us free.
      Thanks for your comment . πŸ€—

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  2. I read this and I am utterly flabbergasted by both the stupidity and the utter rebellion of this man, and his sponsors. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes when he dies, unless he repents of course.

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    1. Great scriptural quote, Temi.

      I also wanted to respond to your recent kind words.
      While it is true that older individuals can share information gained through time and experience, what older age can also teach us is how much we can learn from younger generations . I learn much from your wisdom.

      And let us remember how much we all learn from children….
      Thanks, Temi. πŸ€—βš˜

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  3. Even though I hate using the word, “stupid”, that is the first word that popped into my mind, how stupid. I always jokingly say. Having too much money will never be one of the things I have to deal with. I like the challenge of being able to use what money we have to get the best buys in order to have enough money to live. Thanks for the laugh.

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  4. This is just incredible. I hadn’t heard of the sale … another bizarre example of what is viewed as being normal in the art world. But how amazing that the statue was called “I am”. This statue is completely powerless and only exists in the sculptor’s imagination. The Great (but invisible) I AM is the God of the whole universe. He is the author and sustainer of everything that exists. Such a contrast! I know which one I would put my faith in …

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  5. How sad this is that money was spent on this ridiculous statue. Just think of what the money could do to change a life. May we honor the ONLY great I AM. And share HIS gospel whenever and wherever we can!

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  6. It’s name may indicate why the “statue” is invisible. Did this really happen – someone paid for a thought/picture in someone’s mind? You have me shaking my head. And yes, may we honor the great I Am with a life surrendered to him.

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    1. Yes, Donna, silly as it sounds, the internet has many reports of the sale of the statue. ( I had to do much checking to verify it).

      Yes, may we honor, serve, and obey the great I am.
      Thanks πŸ€—πŸŒ·

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