Paris’s Happiest Day

Companion animals can provide us with much happiness.

We adopted a cuddly Golden Retriever puppy, and named her Paris, when we arrived at the seashore.

She grew strong and healthy and liked retrieving sticks and splashing in the water at the beach. Goldens have webbed feet.

Her happiest day, however, was the time she came to church with me.

I was one of the volunteers that cleaned the inside of the church. On my day to clean, Paris came me; with me ; she loved car rides.

She was delighted to be in the church! I had never seen her wag her tail so much !

She explored and sniffed her way joyfully around the building, perhaps realizing intuitively that she was in a special place.

She finally jumped up on a pew and rested there while I finished cleaning. ( I made sure to do an extra mopping before we left).

Perhaps some might be scandalized that I allowed my doggie in a church, but we need to understand, as the Bible teaches us, the definition of ‘church’. In 1 Peter 2: 4-5, we learn that the Church is made of living stones. You and I , and billions of other followers of Christ are the living stones that make up the body of Christ here on earth.

Perhaps through blogging, you have gained even greater understanding of how spread out we all are.

God has called us out of every tribe and nation to be Christ’s representatives, and to share the Good News of the Gospel.

The Universal Church has a particular tenderness towards pets. It was comforting when Pope Francis said, in 2014, that pets could make their way to heaven.

Our furbabies are certainly one of God’s choicest gifts to us.

Paris grew old here by the sea, and we provided palliative care to her. I had just finished telling her about the time when we went blueberry picking and she saw a moose, when she passed away. She is buried at the edge of our property, beside the sea where she loved to swim.

Let us say a prayer of thanksgiving for the precious animals that God gives us to enrich our lives.

Photo of Paris by Sally

34 thoughts on “Paris’s Happiest Day

      1. God is in everyone and everything, after the winter comes the spring ,
        The bells of joy  start to ring ,
        Rebirth of livelihood is a wonderful  thing ,

          The divine is here , there and everywhere,
        For all of us , God would care ,
        Dare to believe that life is fair ,

        In the darkness of the night,
        Stars could be shining bright,
        The moonlight shows  up on sight ,
        Being from the divine light ,
        Things are marvelous  and white,
        With God , by your side , nothing to fear and nothing to fright,
        Gather in love and with the almighty God unite ,
        Our powers we gather and
        May almighty God ,  the warm flames of justice and love in the world ignite

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  1. Thanks Sally. Wonderful post.

    The Lord’s Community, or Church, or Congregation, or Ekklesia, or Qahal, is truly composed only of living stones, all those who fully commit to the Lord Jesus, the Chief Cornerstone.

    I was given a cool book many years ago entitled “Dog Heaven.” It is filled with painted illustrations and simple verse expounding upon the antics of doggies in heaven. The point of the book is that all dogs go to heaven (only the good ones) and enjoy themselves immensely there.

    I am sorry for the great loss of your special doggie. You were blessed for many years. Thanks for telling us about Paris and the joy she brought. My own special doggie made the trip many years ago. A black lab, she loved running around, back and forth, in our very large backyard—smiling, laughing—having fun chasing big dragonflies. That’s what she’s probably doing now.

    These beautiful animals bring us all much joy and are greatly missed when gone. When I was young I was taught that only people can go to heaven, not dogs. I have long since decided that is not true. This may not be a good thing for a Bible teacher to believe. Don’t care.

    Blessings to you

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    1. RJ – Thanks so much for sharing this.
      I can appreciate how much you also loved your doggie – Black labs are amazing, and intelligent. Dragonfly chasing sounds like super fun for our canine friends.
      Dog Heaven sounds like a great book.

      Many parishes still bless animals on the Feast Day of St. Francis on October 4. The story is still told of the horse who came to St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC for a blessing….
      May we be confident that the Lord is daily expanding His Ekklesia.
      Blessings to you. 🤗⚘🌼

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  2. “Your righteousness is like the highest mountains, your justice like the great deep. You, Lord preserve both people and animals.” Psalm 36:6

    Over the years my wife and I have rescued several dogs and found them homes. Two Dalmatians, a
    Great Dane and a Great Pyrenees have all come our way—I believe from God. I’ll never forget “Buddy Paws”, the Great Pyre we took to Denver, Colorado. We met a kind lady in a van from a rescue organization. As soon as she opened the sliding door, Buddy jumped right in! It’s like he knew what we were doing for him.

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    1. Aww…that is very tender. God bless you and your wife for your kindness to dogs.
      Buddy Paws was very intuitive, and thankful.
      Thanks for the reference from Psalm 36. 🤗⚘🌼

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  3. This is such a sweet post! It brought tears to my eyes. My Shih Tzu Leroy passed away in my arms on his 11th birthday in January. It’s so hard to lose them because they are family. I’m so thankful God allowed me to have all those wonderful years with him.

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    1. Hi Michelle – my condolences on the passing of your beloved Leroy. Our pets are absolutely family members, and I agree with you that spending time with our pets is a wonderful experience. Thanks 🤗⚘🌼

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  4. Somewhere C.S.Lewis said something about animals going to Heaven. He commented on his own comment saying that many people would lump him in with “old maids,” to which he would reply, “I find nothing about age or virginity to disparage so I appreciate the compliment.” (or something like that) 😉

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  5. Sally, how lovely it was to meet Paris through your post, picture, and memories. I love that her happiest day was spent enjoying the sanctuary of your church. I am most certainly joining you in that “prayer of thanksgiving for the precious animals that God gives us to enrich our lives.”

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind comments.
      Through reading about Paris, I know you understand how much I cherish your blog posts.
      Dogs truly enrich our lives. Thanks for your prayer of thanksgiving. ⚘🤗

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  6. Our pets do come to mean much to us. Mom’s little dog was her best friend (even above me) when she was going through grieving for my dad and then especially when she lost so much through dementia. And, Mom’s dog was greatly rewarded when we had to find him a home where there was others like him and the freedom to roam in a large back yard.

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    1. Hi Donna – It is heartwarming to read about your mom’s little dog, and how he comforted her. Pets are intuitive and show so much love.
      Thanks for sharing. 🌷🤗

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  7. Sally, What beautiful memories to share of your precious companion, Paris. Furbabies bring a lot of joy into our lives. Often, I think that they help us to better see God because they always have faith “The Lord will provide” and are able to see God in simple things like children. Thank you for sharing her with us.

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    1. Thanks, Rachel.
      I love kitties too, and I so much enjoy when you post about your three adorable furbabies. Yes, I agree that pets help us to see God because they have faith, and they know that we will not disappoint them. 🤗🌷


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