Do you notice evidence of climate change where you live ?

We’ve been waiting eagerly for icebergs to arrive.

Usually by this time we have several glacial giants, which have floated down from Greenland, sitting behind our house.

We live in what is known as ‘Iceberg Alley’ .

However, the media announced recently that this year, Newfoundland would see no icebergs.

Climate change has caused the oceans to warm, and, if this continues, within several decades, icebergs may all melt before they reach this far south.

Although all of us are doing our part to re-cycle and to be aware of the effects of pollution, we know that the world is a global community, and the pollution created by major polluters (I won’t mention them) affects all of us.

Truly we are a global family, and when we fail to co-operate, all of us are affected.

Many of us will miss the icebergs, and the ice floes, smaller chunks of ice.

However, our village can relax, knowing that no hungry polar bears, who sometimes drift south on the ice floes, will arrive here, to land, and look for food.

Our earth is in trouble, and so we pray, as we always do, for God’s mercy :

‘For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us, and on the whole world’. (from the Divine Mercy Chaplet)

Photo courtesy of Greg Locke, Reuters.

20 thoughts on “Evidence

  1. Undoubtedly we are seeing a gradual change in global temperatures due to pollution from the biggest economies (China, USA, India & Russia in order). For me the biggest change I see is in wildlife habitats and in bird populations, many once common species have been decimated and are in danger of extinction. Unless humanity as a whole realises that we are just stewards of creation and need to protect it, there will be no major change in the direction of climate change.

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    1. Yes, Alan, wildlife and birds are suffering due to mankind’s lack of stewardship over creation. We are all caretakers of our beautiful earth. Thanks so much for your comment. ⚘

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  2. I fully agree that Christ-followers should be leading the way in care for the earth. “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein, for he has founded it upon the seas and established it upon the rivers.” Psalm 24:1-2 We are only caretakers, it does NOT belong to us! And even if it did, what sensible person is going to trash their own home, notably the ONLY one we have.
    However, global alarmists make too much of human activity causing it, and their ‘solutions’ are usually far short of their goals, implementing only what is convenient for THEIR adaptation to “Inconvenient Truths.” E.g., most electric vehicle proponents hide the actual “cost” to the environment of producing the electricity to power their “clean” vehicles.
    The climate has been changing all my life, and for generations before. Climate science is too young a field of academic study to make their sweeping conclusions and recommendations based on half-baked theories of cause and effect, when much of it may be natural cycles.
    In any case, Father promised that “while the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.” Genesis 8:22

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    1. Very beautiful reference from Psalm 24. I agree fully with your observations about global alarmists and their ‘solutions’.
      Thanks also for the quote from Genesis. 🤗⚘

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  3. Yes, climate change is real. No amount of political polarization is going to change that. The ultimate question is how bad is it? Either way, our responsibility to take care of God’s creation is not going away. May we all live up to the task!

    PS. I hope the experts are wrong, Sally. I’m praying for a few polar bear free bergs to head your way! 🙏🧊 (not square ones)☺️

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  4. Birds are no longer migrating they are staying here year round. The Canadian geese used to migrate but not anymore. Regardless of politics creation speaks for itself. The creation mandate of humans caring for creation is still in effect today. God in His common grace gave this mandate to all of humanity not just believers, although believers should be leading the way. Thanks for this post, Sally! Icebergs are beautiful!

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    1. Mandy, that is so interesting about the Canadian geese not migrating. I noticed that last winter most seagulls did not fly South for the winter either.
      Yes, we are all responsible for our earthly home.

      The icebergs are beautiful. Usually they are white, but sometimes are also aqua, or light blue.
      Thanks for your comment. ⚘🤗

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      1. Thank you for sharing that about the seagulls in your area! The birds actions or lack there of are speaking and we are not responding! The geese here haven’t left here at all in 2 years. There was a time when they left for months, then it was a month and then it was a few weeks and now for the last two years they have been here full time. I am fascinated by icebergs, they are beautiful. Hopefully God will give you opportunities to see and photograph them for us!!!


  5. Our weather has been colder than normal this time of year in the midwest U.S. I had to break out my fall clothes again this week! Thanks for sharing the reminder that Christ followers are too take care of the earth. It’s definitely harder to do when so much is wasteful in the western world!

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    1. Hi Amber – the weather can really be unpredictable these days, for sure.
      I agree with you that much is wasteful in the western world.
      Hope that the weather in the midwest U.S. will return to normal soon.
      Thanks for your comment. 🤗⚘

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  6. Awesome photo! However, I join those who are skeptical of the alarmists. Many of us — we could be right or we could be wrong — suspect this is a power grab by those who look for any excuse to grow government oversight. We’re especially on our guard when the alarmists demonize us for not believing them, rather than trying to convince us they’re right. God has revealed to us in Revelation how the world will end, and it’s not pollution from China and India. It’s under God’s control. Just as a layman on this issue, I’ve read that the polar cap in the South Pole is growing while the polar cap in the North Pole, which effect you would see, is diminishing. Is that true? Maybe. It seems more reasonable to me than the position the alarmists take. I guess the good news for you is that, if you miss the glaciers, your dogs and cats are safe from the bears that ride along!

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    1. Haha…yes, our pets will be safe from the polar bears !
      Thanks so much for this insightful comment.
      As you rightly say, it is all in God’s control, we will trust, and not be afraid. 🤗🌷

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