Wondering About Ruth

Do you remember visiting a restaurant that particularly impressed you ?

I fondly recall the tastefully presented food prepared with the freshest of ingredients at Ruth’s Field Restaurant.

It has a relaxed charming ambiance, kind servers, and is family-run.

Ruth’s Field Restaurant is in the Palestinian Territories, in the West Bank.

I remember feeling apprehensive as I crossed through one of the numerous Israeli checkpoints that lead into the area. I regretted not wearing a headscarf, since covering my hair would have shown greater respect to the local culture.

Once inside the restaurant, however, everyone felt welcomed and well-cared for.

I have been wondering about Ruth’s family and patrons during the recent conflicts in the Middle East.

Just like you, I feel saddened by the conflict that has been re-ignited, and I feel particularly upset knowing how innocent civilians like Ruth may be suffering.

We are told in Psalm 122: 6, to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

We are also told by Christ to love our neighbours as ourselves.

Who is our neighbour ? Everyone is our neighbour.

God always is aware of the attitudes we have about our neighbours. He reads our hearts.

As always, through Jesus, the Prince of Peace, let us pray for lasting peace.

Photo courtesy of iStock

Selection of Middle eastern or Arabic dishes. Falafel, hummus, pita and muhammara. Top view

15 thoughts on “Wondering About Ruth

  1. As inevitable as the Israeli – Palestinian hostilities were I agree the tragedy is the cost to innocent people. We must pray for the innocents frequently in these tough times, and for His Will to be done.

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  2. Wars (even when they’re not labeled as such) are always hardest on the innocent, or so it seems to me. Prayers winging their way to heaven. May Ruth be safe and may hostilities be stilled as soon as possible.

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