What emotions do you experience when you hear the word ‘mother’ ?

Many of us experience feelings of warmth, admiration and gratitude as we think of our moms, yet, for others, this word brings with it many mixed and ambiguous feelings.

Some mothers who experience addictions, mental health issues, or those who are selfish may be unable to consistently provide the love, nurturing and care that their child needs and deserves.

Whatever type of mothering we have experienced, Mary, mother of Jesus epitomizes the perfect mother.

She was the chosen spouse of the Holy Spirit and gave birth to the Saviour of the World. She stood by him while he was on the cross, and was his first disciple.

Christians vary considerably in their views regarding Mary. Some denomination mention her only at Christmas time, when the story of the nativity is told.

Other Christians revere and honour Mary continually, although they do not worship her. She is considered blessed among women, a nurturer to everyone, and the Mother of the Church.

There is one well-known Christian who maintained a devotion to Mary throughout his whole life. He was Martin Luther.

On ‘Mothers Day’ , let us pray for women who desire children but cannot conceive, for mothers who choose not to give birth to the children in their wombs, and who suffer ongoing feelings of guilt as a result, for women who find motherhood difficult, and for moms who sacrificially choose to raise their children, and who find great fulfillment in nurturing.

I pray too, through an act of God, that Mary, Mother of Christ could intercede to help unite Christ’s followers throughout the world.

Photo by Sally

30 thoughts on “Mother

  1. A good post reflecting on the value of mothers Sally. I owe my life to Christian mothers; my mother, grandmother and my mum’s sister – all who shared the gospel with me as a youngster, laying the foundation for my salvation. Even though we have different views on the importance of Mary, I still hold her dear as an important influence to our Lord and His disciples.

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    1. Thanks, Manu. Our moms lead us by example, and show us how to love and nurture others as well. ( great cooking, like yours, is a wonderful way to nurture). πŸ€—πŸŒ·

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  2. The Bible calls us to honor our mothers, no matter how good or bad they were at the “job”.

    One thing that always gets to me is when people campaign to honor single dads on Mother’s Day & single moms on Father’s Day.

    On the flip side there are some who can get forgotten on such days like the childless, foster parents, step parents & those that stood in the gap for absent parents.

    May the Lord show each of us someone who is hurting this weekend so that we can share His love with them.

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    1. Thanks, Barb, for these really insightful comments.
      As you rightly say, we are to show honour to our parents , since these are the people that God, in his wisdom, chose for us.
      For sure, let us remember all those who can be forgotten on Mother’s Day.
      I believe it is a great blessing when the Lord allows us to be in a ‘motherly’ , or nurturing role to many people. πŸŒ·πŸ€—

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  3. Thank you for this. Good prayer request as well. Mother’s Day as child was the hardest holiday of then all for me. I had a mother but she chose to never be around. I am now past that and have focused all of that into being a good mother myself.

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    1. Thanks, Amy. We need to be sensitive to the fact that this is a hard holiday for many people.
      Praise God that you are a kind and nurturing mother. I enjoy your posts when you write about your children. πŸŒ·πŸ€—


  4. πŸ’œ SomeTimes Kids, whatever AGE!!! NEED!!! to Deliver Home Truths to Parents; that is what Kids ARE Born To Do instead of ALL The Other ‘Grown Up’ Extraneous STUFF!!!


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    1. You are greatly blessed to have a beautiful relationship with your mom. That was a lovely photo that you posted of you and your mom. Your daughter is equally blessed as well. Happy Mother’s Day. 🌷⚘

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  5. Amen. I join you in prayer for mothers, women who long to be mothers, mothers that are overwhelmed but put their children first, and everyone who is searching receives the nurturing love they need. πŸ’—πŸŒΊ

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    1. Amen. May the Lord bless us with the ability to nurture others. The gift of ‘mothering’ , or nurturing, can extend to people beyond our biological children and grand-children.
      Thanks so much for your agreement in prayer. ⚘🌷

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    1. I remember the post that you published about your mom. It is understandable that we feel mixed emotions when we are missing our mothers. I feel the same way. My loving mom passed away six years ago. 🌼⚘🌷

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  6. What a lovely post on motherhood and a nice highlight of Mary! She is certainly an example to strive for. My personal feelings on this day have a long history of being mixed due to the abusive relationship my mother and I shared when I was younger, though the more each of us age and grow in Him, the more healing we have experienced and the more forgiveness flows. I definitely have a much greater understanding of what she was up against having had my own battles and doubts as a mother. I think now the main thing I long for this day is that she’d forgive herself and look more to the good God has given us in recent years.

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    1. Hi Marisa ,
      It is so encouraging to hear that both you, and your mom are both growing in the Lord.
      Yes, for sure, God gives us many opportunities to forgive others, and He gives us the supernatural ability to be forgiving even in difficult circumstances.

      I believe all moms have some battles and doubts as they raise their children. It is an awesome responsibility. I sure felt this when I held my first-born in the hospital.
      May God bless you, your mom, and your family. πŸ€—πŸŒ·

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