Prayer Courtesy

Do you agree that life becomes more pleasant for all of us when people are courteous ?

This principle applies in the area of prayer as well.

I often receive prayer requests, as probably you do too.

It is a privilege and a pleasure to pray for others, and intercessory prayer is considered an act of spiritual mercy.

Here, sitting in my prayer chair, perched high above the North Atlantic, I spend much time in prayer. Often I receive requests for prayer through texts or e-mails.

I want to share with you, that it is discouraging when people who ask for prayer provide no updates on the person that prayer was requested for.

For example, last year someone asked me to pray for a baby named ‘Amy’. She had been born prematurely, and was facing some health complications.

And so , I began to pray for Amy, asking God to look after this precious tiny newborn. However, the person who requested the prayer never did provide any update on how Amy was progressing, even when I sent a message of inquiry to them.

Similarly, people may request prayer for various surgeries, and then provide no update on how patients are progressing. Intercessory prayer is a hidden ministry, and intercessors do not desire any recognition of any kind, as it is always the Holy Spirit who inspires prayers for others.

Nevertheless, we really appreciate updates on the people that we are praying for. It is an act of courtesy. I still think of Amy, and her family, often.

Happy Spring, and Greetings from the Eastern edge of North America !

Photo by Sally (our seagull, Scott is sunning himself in his favourite spot)

50 thoughts on “Prayer Courtesy

  1. Agreed, Sally. It seems that the vital, and powerful ministry of intercessory prayer is often misunderstood.

    We ask people to pray for us without expecting a real answer. It’s like meeting someone on the street and saying, “Hello, how are you?”

    Yet there are those, like yourself, who pray (REALLY pray) for needs that are brought to their attention.

    No, it’s not asking too much to update a prayer warrior on your circumstances.

    Scott looks happy, indeed. Blessings.

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    1. Thanks, David. I knew that you would be able to provide further insight.
      Great observation : ‘We ask people to pray for us without expecting a real answer’. Yes, Scott is happy – he has been here with us since 2017. 🤗🌷🌼

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  2. Hi Sally, I share your sentiments. Sadly, I suspect that often the person who was prayed for (and who possibly requested prayer) forgets to provide any update once the crisis has passed. I have been guilty of this myself.

    I also suspect that many people “pass on” prayer requests for people they don’t even know, as long as the request sounds “sensational” or sufficiently urgent. They may mean well, but one wonders if mixed motives are sometimes at work and possibly there is such a thing as “prayer gossip” where people share sensational requests because they get likes and shares on social media. I have seen social media prayer requests where I have tried to follow the post back to the source and it turns out that the request is months, and sometimes years, old. Some of these circulate like the old chain mails, and maintain a life of their own, because people blindly hit share (and I would be surprised if they actually end up praying for the thing they shared).

    I think there is an unspoken assumption (sometimes it is actually spoken) in the minds of many people that the more people who pray for a specific outcome, the more likely it is that God will grant the request. I know that prayer can move the heart of God, but the prayers that God answers are those that are in conformance to His will, and particularly those that originate from the earnest hearts of those who are walking the most closely with Him. I see no scriptural evidence (but I am willing to be corrected) that God pays heed to the quantity of prayers for a particular need. With prayer, I believe it is quality, not quantity, that counts.

    God bless you for your heart of intercession. One thing is certain, and that is that praying and interceding is always beneficial, even if only to the intercessor, and we know that the Lord will answer every request that conforms to His will. The secret, I think, is to learn to pray biblically and offer “kingdom prayers” such as those we see modeled in scripture (including the Lord’s prayer, which can be used as a model for all prayer). God bless!

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    1. Wow, Craig, thanks for this insight.
      Yes, You are right – ‘prayer gossip’ exists, and sometimes gossip is passed along disguised as a ‘prayer request’. It is insightful for me to learn about the motivation behind some prayer requests, and that they can be years old.
      For sure, intercessory prayer benefits the intercessor, and we benefit by praying biblically.
      May God grant us increasing discernment in all things.
      Thanks so much for this very helpful comment. 🤗🌷🌼

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  3. Yes! Our prayer team was just talking about that same thing. We asked the pastor to mention it to the church to let us know when prayers have been answered or needs changed so we can update our prayers. This builds the faith of the church, demonstrates prayers power (God’s power) and encourages those praying. So important! It is like the 9 lepers who just walked away after the healing while just 1 thanked God for thr healing. Courtesy says thank you and updates. We all need to get better at that, thank you for the reminder.😃❤

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    1. Hi Tonya ! Once again, we are on the same ‘wavelength’.
      Thanks so much for your comment.
      I agree with you : ‘Courtesy says thank you and updates’. 🌷🤗⚘

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  4. When we pray for others we are expected to do this in private between us and God, and He who hears us in secret will reward us openly (Matthew 6:6). It is good to have feedback that another was helped by prayers we have lifted up for them, but it should not be expected to hear an outcome of a prayer as it is by faith are we praying for others or even ourselves. When we pray we make our request known to God and we by faith then believe His will for that request will be answered. When we do not hear from another whom we prayed for either there was not a good result, or they were unthankful in the first place as the lepers as the nine that did not return to Thank the Lord or their faith was weak as Jesus said “Ye of little faith” We pray and place it in Gods hands and by faith if it is His will it will come to pass as in the story of the Centurion.

    The Faith of a Centurion
    5 And when Jesus was entered into Capernaum, there came unto him a centurion, beseeching him, 6 And saying, Lord, my servant lieth at home sick of the palsy, grievously tormented. 7 And Jesus saith unto him, I will come and heal him. 8 The centurion answered and said, Lord, I am not worthy that thou shouldest come under my roof: but speak the word only, and my servant shall be healed. 9 For I am a man under authority, having soldiers under me: and I say to this man, Go, and he goeth; and to another, Come, and he cometh; and to my servant, Do this, and he doeth it. 10 When Jesus heard it, he marvelled, and said to them that followed, Verily I say unto you, I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel.

    Sally may you be Blessed for having a heart for God to pray for others who have trusted you to pray for them.

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  5. I totally agree with you Sally when someone ask for prayers it is always good to hear the final outcome. If you don’t mind please keep my daughter Victoria on your prayer chain as well, she is chronically ill with many rare diseases, she had a rare tumor removed with cancer cells last summer and on March 31 she will be having a PET SCAN she is very nervous because one of her diseases is called Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and she can have an allergic reaction from this test her doctors are looking for more tumors. I long to hear my daughter laughing again and to have less pain. She did graduated from college a little over two years ago and was told she will never be able to work. Victoria is in her twenties and she long for a husband to share her life with. We ask God to choose that man and may he love the Lord as much as she does. I know that prayer is a powerful tool.

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    1. I will certainly pray for your beloved daughter, Victoria.
      God knows how precious our children are to us, since they are so greatly beloved by Him as well.
      I join my prayers with yours, and will pray for Victoria, and your family on March 31. ⚘🌷

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      1. Hi Sally:
        As promised I would get back after my daughter’s PET SCAN that was done yesterday. The scan tells us that she has another tumor perhaps more than one and it is very difficult to locate she will never to have another scan or two to determine where they are. Please continue to pray for strength, she does have the peace from Christ but somedays are difficult on her. Thank you for your prayers.

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      2. Hi Eileen :
        I have been praying for Victoria, and your family, and especially yesterday.
        I will continue to pray.
        It is evident that you have a strong Christian family, and a powerful faith.
        It is understandable that some days are difficult, yet thankfully you experience the peace of Christ, who desires to be especially close to us through difficulties.

        Definitely I will continue to pray for strength, and peace.
        I have been thinking of you so often, and I thank you for keeping me updated.
        God bless you, and grant you continued strength and peace. ⚘

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      3. Thank you for your prayers as always, yes Victoria has more than one tumor they need to locate them. We are also trying to get her into a special hospital with doctors who know more about these rare tumors

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  6. Hallelujah and Maranatha Amen Sweet Sister in Jesus-Yeshua Christ-Messiah Sally!!

    May our ONE TRUE GOD THE HEAVENLY FATHER who art in Heaven Above Bless all my Sisters and Brothers in Christ Jesus-Yeshua and my Messianic Jewish Sisters and Brothers in Christ Jesus-Yeshua and Your Families and Friends!!

    Our ONE True GOD’S LOVE 💕💜 is ETERNAL THROUGH HIS SON Christ-MESSIAH Jesus-Yeshua for Today and Everyday Forevermore!!

    I Love 💜💕 you all Everyone through Christ Jesus-Yeshua, because HE LOVED 💕💜 EVERYONE FIRST!!

    Love ❤ Always and Shalom ( Peace ) Everyone, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

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  7. What a beautiful spot you have there on the edge of the Atlantic! I enjoyed your post today, Sally, Like you, I often wonder how the people I have on my prayer list are doing. But, I know God knows – and that’s what matters most. I often write to people for whom I am praying and ask them how they are doing. If I do not have a contact for them, I might reach out to the one who requested I add them to my list. The important thing is, when i say, “I’ll pray for you/them,” folks know they can count on me… and God hears the concerns of my heart. He knows their progress. That’s the important thing.

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    1. Thanks, Jan, great to hear from you.
      Yes, this is the important thing, as you say, when you say you’ll pray, people know that they can count on you. Yes, for sure, God knows people’s progress, and that’s the important thing. Thanks for this insightful comment. 🌷🌼

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  8. First, thank you for your supportive comments on one of my blogs on the Passion Flower. It meant a lot.
    Secondly, I love your post about Prayer Courtesy. It struck so many chords. It’s frustrating when you don’t get feedback of progress about the one’s you’re asked to pray for. But we go praying ! I’m certain God thanks us for our praying and hears us. Blessings Geoffrey

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  9. Although it isn’t necessary to hear what happens after we have prayed for someone, it’s always nice when to get some follow up. I feel the same way as a counsellor. I always appreciate it when a client gets in touch and tells me where they are in life now.
    I think it’s because praying and counselling are essentially relational. They are not detached activities. We are praying for/ counselling a person, and a life … and we are responding as fellow humans who have life experiences and heartaches too.

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  10. so true,

    A friend of mine who stays in another city called me last year and told me to go and pray for her close friend in the ICU in an hospital in my city, I went once, prayed for her and she requested that I go everyday since she didn’t have anyone around. I went everyday for three months. She left ICU and was discharged. I thought she would call me to just give me an update on how she is fairing or even just say thank you for all the days I spent with her. She never did!!

    I am also an intercessor and that’s my concern too. Thank you for highlighting that.

    Love you Sally.

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    1. Thank-you so much for your comment.
      You did a great act of love and kindness for praying for the woman in ICU for three months. God certainly saw what you did, and thanks you for your prayers.
      It is good that she recovered, and was discharged.
      May God richly bless you for your heart of intercession.

      Love you too. 🤗🌷⚘🌼

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  11. Sadly, many think of prayer like “Think of me.” They do not commune with Father and do not expect answers to prayers.
    I used to be the same; then a friend I asked to pray said, Okay, let’s pray now in case I forget later.
    So he put his hand on my shoulder, bowed his head and prayed OUT LOUD in the mall! 😨
    Now I understand and when asked for prayers, I say, Okay, let’s pray now. And wherever we are their need is presented to The God Who Is Here.

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    1. Amen. It is great that your friend prayed for you right in the mall.
      Yes, for sure, let us continue to pray to ‘The God Who Is Here’.
      Thanks for your comment. 🤗🌷

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  12. I like the idea of your prayer chair. My chickens and I pray every morning before I leave for work and when I tuck them in for the night. I don’t know why, but for me, being outdoors just seems to work best for me. And I’m also very close to special blessings that God has given me, and so I can’t help but have a grateful heart filled with thanksgiving, and that, I believe, opens a wonderful door to prayer.

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  13. Update on my daughter Victoria she had been admitted to the hospital once again
    She has been able to eat or drink a lot of pain as well as cool seizures. The found another growth in her uterus. She needs prayers

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    1. Thank you for letting me know how Victoria is doing. I have been praying for her, and for your family, since you told us about her. I remember the photos that you posted of her.
      Please know that I join my prayers with many others who are praying for you now. 🌼🌷

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      1. Hi Sally
        Another update on my daughter Victoria she does have cancer and she recently had test done by a Geneticist they believe that she has a gene mutation. By having this test her doctors are hoping that it will give them more directions on how to move forward with a treatment plan. Thank you for you prayers

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      2. Hi Eileen – thanks so much for the update – I’ve been praying for you and your family every day.
        Let us pray for the doctors’ wisdom, since they now have more directions on how to continue with a treatment plan. May the Lord encourage you with his continuous presence and assurances of love. ⚘

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