A Time to Imagine

Do you, or anyone you love, enjoy the game of football ?

My husband is a former football player, and when we married , he hoped that I would develop an interest in the sport that he enjoys so much.

He was endlessly patient trying to teach me how the game works ; he even bought me a football, and taught me how to throw a ‘spiral’. Alas, after careful instruction, I still have little understanding of how the sport works. It is confusing to me.

I appreciate the tremendous athleticism of the players, but when I watch a game, all I see is running, tackling ( looks painful), football throwing , catching, and kicking.

Last week my husband invited me to watch the NFL Super Bowl with him. I knew that, as usual, I would not understand what was going on, but football watching inspires my imagination.

The two teams on the field remind me of the universal battle between good and evil.

Although we might feel that ‘the bad side’ in the world is ‘winning’ these days, this is only an illusion.

With Christ as our quarterback, we will have the ultimate victory, in God’s perfect timing.

Watching the game also reminds me of the ongoing struggle between the carnal nature , and the spiritual side of every believer.

I know what I should be doing, according to God’s will, but sometimes I do what I don’t want to do, and sometimes I don’t do what I should be doing.

Paul clearly describes this interior struggle we all face, due to our human nature, in Romans 7:15.

When I watch huge stadiums packed with cheering fans, I imagine how great it would be, someday, post pandemic, to see so many people enthusiastically praising God. He deserves and desires to be worshipped by his people.

When the Super Bowl ended, my husband was happy ‘his team’ had won, we had finished our snacks, and I felt inspired to continue placing God first in my life.

If God is for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31)

The photo is courtesy of Pixabay.

34 thoughts on “A Time to Imagine

  1. Thanks Sally. I think you understand football better than you think.

    I often write about the sheer manliness of our Lord Jesus. He is not characterized as such by most believers, but as kind of the opposite. No other man could have ever lived the life of powerful strength He did, willing to take on all comers and fight the devil toe to toe. If football players in general knew who He really is and how He really is they would have much greater respect for Him and surrender to Him as an infinitely better Man. Our Lord Jesus IS our quarterback. And He’s all about winning. He lived His life perfectly and honorably, and still defeated all foes. Playing football would have been a cakewalk for Him, especially today’s game, which I enjoy watching, but which is also nowhere near as challenging, as great a test, and as rewarding as in the past, when the manhood and toughness quotient was much higher. One could say the same thing about Christianity.

    Blessings to you.

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