Curious ?

Are you a curious person ?

Since the United States Capitol Building has appeared so frequently in the media in recent weeks, I was curious to find out what the statue on top of the Capitol Building’s dome is.

The statue is ‘The Statue of ‘Freedom’. It was created by the American Sculptor Thomas Crawford, and placed in 1863, several years after Crawford had died. ( Now I am curious again…how did they get the statue up to the top of the dome…?)

‘Freedom’ is the statue of a woman wearing a toga, furs, a laurel wreath and a helmet with an eagle at the top. She holds a sword in her right hand, and a shield in her left.

She represents the value of freedom, which Americans, and most people hold dear. She faces East, perhaps symbolizing America’s independence from Great Britain.

Is freedom important to God ?

Yes. So much, in fact, that he designed humans, his beloved creatures with free will.

We can freely choose to love him, obey him, and worship him.

We are, however, also free to choose to ignore him and to accept the consequences.

In recent weeks, for pandemic and political reasons, our freedoms have been restricted, and we have become increasingly aware of how precious freedom is.

Although freedom of speech can be censored, freedom of thought and belief cannot.

And so, we pray, as the early disciples did, ‘Lord, increase our faith’

The photo, found on the internet, is of the Statue of Freedom, in Washington, D.C.

24 thoughts on “Curious ?

  1. “Although freedom of speech can be censored, freedom of thought and belief cannot.”

    Holocaust survivor, Viktor Frankel, found this to be true. His captors could control his circumstances, but not his attitude toward them. They could not take his freedom of conscience or belief, at least not without his permission.

    I wondered what the statue on the US Capitol was, and also was curious how it got there. Thank you for clearing this up, Sally.

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  2. The value of freedom seems much more important now. Yes our freedom has been taken away in ways during this pandemic. Living in California, we have felt this acutely. You are right though that they cannot take some freedoms. Jesus has already paid for them.

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  3. Freedom found in Jesus Christ and the CROSS of His Salvation is the purest FREEDOM. Our spirits now can SOAR beyond the restrictions of borders and nations. OUR spirits/souls are heaven bound. Let’s all learn to LIVE above this sociatal ,mishmash. BLessings!

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  4. I never realized that “Freedom” faced east. It makes me wonder if it wasn’t done that way because Jesus Christ is said to return to Jerusalem through the Eastern Gate. He is definitely our ultimate source of Freedom. Thank you for this thoughtful post!

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