The Unthinkable

We never thought this could happen on our friendly island.

A woman’s mother passed away, and she was not allowed to attend her funeral.

It was early in the days of the pandemic, and our island created strict travel bans.

The police were given instructions to ‘detain’ anyone suspected of being a tourist.

The woman, who lived in a different province of Canada, applied for an exemption to the travel ban to be with her family members during their time of grief.

Her request to come to Newfoundland was denied.

This, understandably, upset the woman, who hired lawyers to sue the government. She claimed it was unconstitutional to prevent Canadians from travelling freely in their own country.

After a trial, the judge ruled in favour of the government, saying that in pandemic circumstances, our island had a right to protect its citizens.

The woman is now appealing the court’s decision.

Here on our island, we have a reputation for caring for our neighbours.

When we were told to wear masks, maintain social distance, and avoid socializing in groups, we were compliant.

Our grocery store installed a large sink for hand washing, in the produce section, and signs were placed, warning : ‘Please Do Not Squeeze the Produce.’

Plexiglass barriers appeared remarkably quickly in public spaces.

At the local duck pond, signs were placed, telling us to walk in the same direction !

Currently in NL, we have 10 people who are sick with Covid-19. Through God’s mercy, and our citizens’ commitment to care for each other, rates of illness have been comparatively low.

I wish, though, that we wouldn’t use the term ‘cases’ of illness.

Each ‘case’ is actually a person, and their loved ones who are affected by this strange virus.

Although some people will argue that people should be allowed their individual ‘freedoms’, above all, we need to also consider the common good.

God asks that we love our neighbours, as we love ourselves.

We also need to protect our neighbours, as we protect ourselves.

Let us continue to pray that an effective cure for this illness will soon be found.

And I pray also for the devastated woman who was isolated from her family in her time of grief.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

28 thoughts on “The Unthinkable

    1. Hi Cindy !
      Yes, for sure, the vaccine has been so much anticipated, and prayed for.
      We are missing our family members and tourists.
      Blessings to you as well. πŸŒ»πŸ€—

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    1. Barb, I really agree with you. I do not think handshaking will continue as a custom.
      I am hoping though, that ‘one way’ traffic will continue in stores.
      Let us keep praying for an effective cure, and more patience as we all wait. πŸ€—

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  1. Sally, I love the way you write about your home, the people, the compassion, the love, it makes me wish I lived in such a place.
    My heart breaks for the woman who cannot be with her mom……….May God heal this world, Amen!

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  2. The story of that poor lady denied the basic right to grieve her mother’s passing is very sad. In Scotland most of the country is on tier three but we seem to be drifting back into the strict full lockdown (tier 4) across the country.

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    1. Hi Alan ! Yes, the virus has created such unusual circumstances for the whole world.
      Let us pray for the scientists and researchers working on a cure for this virus.
      May they be aware that God gives them their wisdom.
      Thanks for your comment. ⚘

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  3. Your picture states the issues at hand as well as your words. God help that poor woman, I know I would be devastated at being kept away from any family members but most especially my mother.

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  4. It is hard to imagine the pain and grief the woman is still going through. She was denied an important experience. I feel as though the pandemic is no longer about the virus. It has shifted towards something else.

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  5. A lot of unthinkable events similar to that have happened in my city during COVID-19 pandemic. Let us continue to pray that an effective cure for this illness will soon be found. My prayer is with the devastated woman. Amen!

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