Some rules are puzzling, aren’t they ?

Clotheslines were not allowed in our Ontario neighbourhood.

It was felt that they were unsightly, and would reduce property values !

Here in rural Newfoundland , almost everyone has an outdoor clothesline, and traditionally, laundry is done on Mondays, weather permitting, after the observance of the Sunday day of rest.

Sunlight and fresh air help to disinfect laundry, and help fabrics stay new-looking longer.

Today I am drying silk pillowcases, under the watchful eye of our Seagull pet, Scott, who is sunning himself.

I am happy to report that with the realization that electric clothes driers are great energy hogs, and with the movement towards green energy, many Ontario communities have now stopped their restrictions against outdoor clotheslines.

May God help us to increasingly enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

And may He, by his grace, help us not to take any of our freedoms for granted.

28 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Good afternoon Sally,
    I totally agree with you regarding the freedoms that we have been given and I think that this year has been a year of reflection for lots of us for lots of different reasons.
    I am truly grateful to know that God is in control and wants to bless our lives beyond measure.
    I hope that you are managing to stay safe and well and my thoughts and prayers are with you in these unprecedented times πŸ™πŸ€—β€οΈ

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    1. Hi Paul ! Thanks for your comment. Hope you are doing well.
      We have been extremely isolated, with a very strict travel ban to the island.
      However, we know God is in charge, and we pray for increasing patience, and a greater appreciation of ‘freedom’. πŸ€—


      1. Hi Sally,
        I am doing reasonably well given the circumstances and maintaining my trust in God!
        I know that these are difficult times but ultimately everything will work out as it should do.
        We are in the 2nd week of a firebreak lockdown in Wales and England are going into a 4 week lockdown from Thursday.
        I think that this is a time when people evaluate their lives more than ever but I also believe that making rash decisions doesn’t always give you the best results.
        Stay safe and well and take care of yourself πŸ™β€οΈ

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  2. Wow clotheslines are an issue in Ontario? I would never have thought that anyone could dismiss the worthiness of the humble clothesline. I suppose we take them for granted here in Scotland, although in recent weather we can’t use them. When I was reading your post I remembered the Stephen King film “Dolores Claiborne” and the amount of sheets hung out by Dolores at work. I always thought that hanging laundry out was a lovely time for prayer, which to most folk would seem strange.

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    1. Hi Alan !
      Yes, many Ontario urban neighbourhoods did not want people to use clotheslines in the past, but thankfully this is changing, for the humble clothesline is a worthy thing indeed.
      Yes, I agree with you, hanging laundry can be a prayerful and meditative activity.
      When there is a gentle breeze, I like to watch the clothes ‘dancing’
      on the line. Thanks for your comment. Alan. ⚘

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  3. Oh, this reminds me of back home. Yes, you are on point, the clothes smell so much cleaner. And the sun helps keep whites whiter. I am longing for a time I can return to my basics. So much healthier and helpful to the environment and our pocketbooks.

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  4. I moved to Canada from Britain where everyone hangs their washing on the line. I especially love the smell of towels and sheets that have been blowing in the wind. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a washing line in Calgary. Such a loss. Our air is really dry here and the washing would be ready to take in in no time at all!!! I also agree that using driers shortens the life of your clothes 😦

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    1. Yes, I agree that towels and sheets dried outside blowing in the wind smell wonderful.
      I have seen many tourists taking pictures of our clothes drying outside on clotheslines. It feels like some people have never seen an actual clothesline… πŸ˜„

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  5. Oh my gosh I love the smell of clothes dried on a line. There are bylaws here against them as well, which is totally strange in my book. But now we are living in an apartment building so I don’t have a choice anyway. Great post.

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  6. Nothing like clothes drying out in the sun and air. I always think of my friend when I hang clothes, she has 6 children and when they were all little she used to struggle to find quiet time to pray until someone told her to pray while she was hanging the laundry and she used to do just that. Pray for the owner of the particular piece of clothing. In that season if her life, that was a part of her quiet time with God.

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  7. I don’t have an electric dryer myself. I tell people I have a β€œsolar” clothes dryer and they are quite amazed because it sounds so modern. Then I let them know it’s just a rope in the backyard. Sometimes the old ways are the best ways, I guess!

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  8. Hello Sally…… Gosh what’s next if clothes lines are not safe to dry clothes????? What a world we live in now. So many stipulations on things that are better left alone,and to think that’s all there was before dryers were invented. God Bless your day!

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