Biophile ?

I am a biophile.

You may be one too.

A biophile is someone who has a great love of nature, and who appreciates and cares for God’s creation, and his creatures.

Biophilia is the philosophy that humans are created to live in harmony with nature. Our sense of well-being increases in a natural environment.

I visit the neighbourhood pond most days.

The ducks recognize me, and swim over to see me, knowing that I bring them organic corn niblets as a special treat.

These Northern Pintail Ducks arrive each Spring from their wintering grounds in the south.

Within a few weeks, the pond is filled with mother ducks and their ducklings. The father ducks (drakes) leave the pond before the ducklings hatch. They are not ‘dead-beat dads’, however. They fly away because their striking black and white feathers would attract predators to the nests.

The ducklings are now as big as their mothers.

Pictured is our last ‘party’ of the season.

It is getting windier in rural Newfoundland, as the season changes.

Soon, with no more special treats, and the colder weather, God will once again guide them on the long flight to the warm places where they spend the cold months.

Let us thank the Lord continually for his beautiful creation, and may he motivate us to care for it.

37 thoughts on “Biophile ?

  1. I can understand your love for His Creation, I am of the same mind. Even though I haven’t been able to get out much lately I still enjoy watching the birds in our garden…who needs tv? Through creatures we get an appreciation of the fine detail of God’s creativity. God bless you sister.

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  2. My wife and I have rescued, and helped find new homes, for a few dogs over the years. One of my favorite scriptures that supports this is Psalm 36:6: β€œYou, Lord, preserve both people and animals.”
    Talking care of God’s earth and it’s creatures is part of God’s charge to us. Christians should be among the staunchest environmentalists. Blessings.

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    1. It is a great act of kindness to rescue dogs who need homes. Yes, for sure, ‘Christians should be among the staunchest environmentalists’.
      Thanks, David. πŸ€—πŸŒ·

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    1. Hi !
      So nice to hear from you !
      We have been really isolated out here – No visitors allowed, so it has been lonely.
      The ducks in the pond have been providing company for us. 😁🌷


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