Smoke… ?

It looks like a puff of smoke on the ocean !

But then you look again, and you realize that the ‘smoke’ is really a spouting whale, and you know that the giant yearly visitors have arrived !

It is time for whale watching now, and we can see them clearly from our upstairs windows.

No one knows exactly why whales ‘breach’, or jump high out of the water. Scientists believe that either the giant mammals are playing, or, they are communicating to other whales that there is food nearby. Once a whale breaches, often other whales will appear too.

When they land on the water, they make a loud splashing sound.

This year, because of the lack of tourists, I don’t need to do my job of ‘Watching the Whale Watchers.’

I have witnessed, in years past, tour boats getting too close to the whales, and harassing them. There are fines, in Canadian waters, for approaching the whales too closely. I watch the sea through my binoculars, and report offending boats to fisheries officers.

Last year, I was part of a successful lobby, through which the Canadian government passed a law forbidding whales and dolphins to be kept in captivity.

Here, by the sea, one develops a great love for these giant mammals, and it is important to allow them their freedom.

The sea belongs to the Lord, and everything in it.

Let us pray that humanity will increase its desire to clean up the pollution in our oceans, and may we be always be thankful for the beauty that God has created for us to enjoy.

Photo courtesy of Silas Baisch on Unsplash.

45 thoughts on “Smoke… ?

  1. The divine is in everyone and everything,
    After the winter comes the spring…
    Bells of joy start to ring
    And birds , in the sky , fly and sing
    A flying bird has a wing ,
    Every creation is like a king …
    See that your spirit can have joy like a child in a swing…

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  2. Good morning. A most refreshing post. I agree with you in that out Creator put beauty got us to enjoy and not for us to torment or place in captivity.
    Hopefully our current norm of social distancing is bringing awareness of how the creatures we place in captivity may feel.

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    1. An excellent analogy, Pene.
      Yes, for sure, these creatures deserve to be free. I am just watching them now. There are five whales here, feeding, and splashing around. 🤗

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  3. Sally you truly are blessed to be able to witness these majestic creatures from your window! I must confess a slight bit of envy sister, then God reminds me of my blessings as I look out my window and see tiny blue tits preening in the rain. God’s Creation truly is astounding from the giants of the sea to the tiny passerines in our trees. God bless you Sally for your caretaker work for Him.

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    1. Thank-you for your kind comment. Indeed, God creates such beauty, and blesses us by letting us observe his creatures, both great, and small. Truly the world is bright and beautiful. 🤗🌷

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    1. Thanks, Ann, for sharing this great information.
      We have friends who are fishermen, who often catch garbage in their nets, along with the fish. Our friend Mike reports that the most ‘interesting’ thing they have caught is a microwave oven.
      It is great that serious efforts to clean up the oceans are happening. 😀🤗

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  4. What a visual gift, Sally! Thank you for sharing. I applaud the law about banning whales and dolphins to be kept in captivity. As much as I like to see them in aquariums, I know they must suffer not being in the natural environment. Perhaps one day God will send me your way. I would love to take a peek out of your binoculars 🙂 En-joy what is left of this given day. In Christ, Julie

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  5. Wow, Lawrence, I knew that I could count on you, and your superior research skills, to raise awareness of the tragic fact that whales are still being hunted. As you point out, this is so terribly wrong.
    Yes, Lawrence, you are right, we need to do more than pray.
    As a Sociologist I have spent my entire adult life lobbying to bring about societal change.
    It takes persistence, and it takes organization, but change is always happening.
    We need to keep encouraging people to speak up, write letters, etc.
    Thanks, as always, for being so concerned for all of God’s creatures

    Yes, it was a major happy day for Canada when it became illegal to keep whales and dolphins in captivity, in 2019.

    Thanks so much for posting this link.

    The whales are happy this year, because no tour boats are harassing them by getting too close !

    I’ll continue to watch over them.
    The tour boat operators know that I can easily see them from my windows. 🌷🤗

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    1. Sally…”I’ll continue to watch over them.
      The tour boat operators know that I can easily see them from my windows. 🌷🤗”
      You are watching over them!!! You’re on the Watchtower as a local Sentry! God Bless!
      These are such comforting words for me and I assure anyone listening to this inner dialog taking place in some locales by individuals who actually roll up their sleeves and fight for those creatures that have fought for their lives through the last centuries as mankind developed techniques to hunt them in large scale numbers and as these dancing giants of the sea only tried to live in a world where they are crowded out more all the time by so many conflicting unnatural forces namely mankind’s savage decimation of the planet for so long along with military high frequency devices that are both frightening and disorienting to them, these gentle ocean giants, meaning, they mean us no harm and only want to glide through the vast expanses of ocean as they have for millennia and enjoy it all as they struggle to hold onto their lives that God gave them just like He gave all living beings His Spark of Life; and in that process share some joy with each other while they reflect that back at God, which is so pleasing to Him. I’m working on a big political breakthrough which isn’t too involved for me hopefully because the agency that put it together already did all the heavy research and compiled top factual documentation, related to US government criminality which in News Terms is High Explosives; so I may just reblog this one source or piece together a personal perspective on this huge forthcoming move toward justice being served; the world meaning all of us humans and the creatures all over the planet depend on this Justice Being Served! I want to get back to you more about the whales soon I hope. I had been involved in some petitions to help the whales years ago, but, most recent was my getting proactive in protecting the Grizzly Bears, which still have some small swaths of free range territory in the US and Canadian Rockies. I know most people don’t look at these powerful beasts as cute and cuddly or always gentle by any means, but, they are only living as God intended in a very crowded human monopolized environment. Some organizations helped make some strides in preserving the existing laws and bringing some additional changes to help foster their ultimate survival. The Sierra Club I actual once was working with many years ago quite a bit, even traveling to a major headquarters training activists seminar before they turned hard left in politics mainly to keep it or grow that power, stature and money resources, but, selling out has never been an option for me, so, if any group no matter how much they have done or say they will do in the future; if that group turns into some pseudo leftist millhouse for all the crazies or hard left political operatives I cut it loose like it’s the plague! I did put a petition out in a more localized effort and in some universities to try drumming up some new blood and support for these animals because once the damage is done to their protections the tapestry of environmental issues gets a big tear in it and other assaults will be just as successful in breaking down that tapestry; like a domino effect in essence. Here is the short petition I made up just as a thinking tool for now, in other efforts to come be they for Whales, bears or any animals that need our help!
      The Attack upon America’s Iconic Grizzly Bear
      Here I list just some immediate sore points that would result from the delisting of Grizzly Bears in the Yellowstone area from Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections.
      Blood lust is encouraged when trophy hunts are allowed resulting in more unnecessary targeting and killing of Grizzly Bears for this selfish practice.
      Because grizzly bears roam over large swaths of land or territories and obviously know nothing about human state boundaries, they will be unprotected when they leave the safety of Yellowstone National Park. Furthermore, to turn over control of the bears to multiple states would mean that one state could have a shoot on sight rule while still others may have a more regulated approach. This would mean that if many bears roam into the shoot on sight area that number of bears could be destroyed causing a negative impact upon the species as a whole, while the additional fallout consequence of this would be a reduction in a diverse gene pool for the bears causing yet untold damage to the species over time.
      Overall, the bears should continue to be managed as Endangered Species until true recovery has been reached.
      Specific Points to Consider (as presented by The Sierra Club)
      • “Grizzly bears are an essential piece of the American West, a wildlife icon that has been integral to the Yellowstone region for centuries.
      • Thanks to the Endangered Species Act grizzly bears are making a remarkable recovery, but they remain vulnerable due to shifting food sources, isolation, and an increase in preventable conflicts with hunters and livestock. Now is not the time to strip them of endangered species protections.
      • After two centuries of decline grizzly bears are just now beginning to rebound in the northern Rocky Mountains and around Yellowstone, occupying less than 2% of their historic range.
      • The growth rate of the population has been stagnant since the early 2000s because more bears are dying as a result of conflicts with hunters and livestock, and fewer cubs are surviving to adulthood.
      • Grizzly bears in the Yellowstone region should be allowed to grow in number and distribution, so they can connect with other grizzly populations and recolonize large existing wild areas where they historically roamed such as the Salmon-Selway Ecosystem in Idaho.”

      The Federal Governments About Face Regarding Grizzly Bears
      I have a unique perspective from which to observe and look at this matter of growing concern by many good fellow Americans. I see how the plan to delist the Grizzly Bear from the Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections is becoming more of a spiritual battle between right and wrong or good and evil. Far too many hard fought achievements’ or successful programs for the restoration of our environment or eco-system are being threatened with elimination by what I believe the Pope in Rome has called “an atmosphere of indifference,” by which certain members of society are encouraged to act with impunity or no need for accountability thereby causing pain, suffering and destruction at an alarming rate across the Planet. I know this to be true because even I was attacked by this growing lack of accountability which happened right in my work environment when those entrusted with my safety felt compelled to ignore what is right in order that selfish intolerance, or lack of humanity was allowed to advance its corrupted agenda upon the innocent, causing serious bodily injury by lack of following any appropriate protocol. Here too with the Grizzly Bears I see an attack upon their slow recovery from a nearly complete decimation just decades ago to a place where their continued survival has been encouraged and brought back from the brink, to a level that is closer to achieving a permanent foothold and proper place once again, within the natural order of the environment which they have always been a part of.
      I see the web of life as a tapestry that is woven together in very intricate and sometimes delicate ways were all the individual strands make up the whole and give it a combined strength that won’t fall apart as long as all of the individual strands remain intact. If we as Americans allow this delisting to occur it would be akin to again saying that “indifference” is the order of the day and it doesn’t matter what happens to these magnificent members of the Rocky Mountain Region of these United States of America, when in fact it does matter.
      Because we are all Americans regardless of what part of the country we find ourselves residing, and this great land of ours with all of its natural beauty as well as diversity belongs to all of us, we all should take pride in protecting and in many cases restoring valuable species back to sustainable or balanced natural levels that had been stripped away in the past due to bad policies or even the lack of any. I truly believe that to delist these bears will be a move toward a not good policy for the bears, while subjecting them to an agenda of indifference and destruction which will cause substantial harm to these great mammals or their continued viability, along with further damage to our beautiful natural environment. It’s been said, “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” I honestly believe that the majority of Americans are good and see these relaxing of restrictions or laws as being wrong and as another assault upon our shared tremendously important natural resources that we shouldn’t allow to happen. That’s why it’s so imperative for all Americans regardless of which area of this great country of ours you call home, to speak up for the Grizzly Bear by calling or writing to your Senators and Congressmen, along with signing the petitions that are now being circulated by concerned groups of Americans like the Sierra Club.
      Fellow American and wildlife advocate,
      Lawrence Morra

      Sorry for such a long comment Sally! 🌷🤗
      I can at least hope it inspires some good to happen.

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      1. Well written, Lawrence, thank-you. Yes, as you say, human indifference has created great suffering for animals. Thanks for increasing awareness of the need to protect Grizzly Bears. It is such a great act of kindness to advocate for God’s beloved creatures. 🤗🌷🐕


    1. Nice to hear from you !
      Great that you and your daughter learned about these beautiful giant animals.
      Yes, for sure, when I see them splashing around here, it reminds me always of how important it is to try to protect them. 🌷🤗


  6. Hi Sally: It is SOOO COOL that you’re able to see whales from the windows of your house! There’s not a lot that’s more amazing than that! And the whale in your photo is a Humpback, which is even more cool!

    In case you can’t tell, I have a thing for whales. Back in 1983, my grandmother gave me a week-long trip down to Baja California to watch the California Gray Whales during their mating and birthing season. It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done. It was sponsored by the University of California, Los Angeles, and a Cetacean expert was part of the group, so the trip was educational as well as fun. We tried to maintain a careful distance from the whales so we wouldn’t disturb them.

    It turned out that the area where we were located was also a bird sanctuary, so we went on daily bird watching trips, and saw a whole lot of really beautiful and rare birds, in addition to studying the whales.

    Thanks for this really interesting post, and for caring about the whales!

    Blessings, Sarah

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    1. Hi Sarah : That was very kind of your grandmother to give you such a nice trip which created beautiful memories for you.
      It’s great that the boat maintained a careful distance from the whales.
      Yes, they are amazing creatures. Seabirds are fascinating too
      Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your memories of this amazing trip. 😁🌷

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      1. My grandmother was an amazing woman in many ways. She gave me this trip to thank me for taking care of her, and I was extremely grateful, you can be sure. No one had ever given me such a wonderful gift, either before or since ~ except for the Gift of my salvation, of course. That Gift is one of a kind and absolutely irreplaceable.

        Thank you for following my blog! I love getting new followers!

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      2. Yes, Sarah, your grandmother gave you a wonderful gift, and your gift, to her, was caring for her. This is a kind act of love, and I am sure that it blessed you both.
        Yes, our salvation in Christ is a magnificent gift, as is the gift of faith.
        I am looking forward to reading your posts. 🤗🌷

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