Neighbourhood Cannons

Do you sometimes ignore things that don’t interest you ?

I must have passed the pictured cannons hundreds of times before I finally paid close attention to them, a couple of weeks ago.

They are exactly two hundred steps from my house, and yes, I counted the steps !

Since they were used for fighting and war, I tried my best to ignore them.

But, with all the violence and demonstrations going on in various parts of the world lately, I asked the local historian why the neighbourhood cannons are there.

There was a fierce battle that took place in our neighbourhood in 1704 !

Apparently, French forces attacked, wanting to destroy our town.

The historian was unsure of the reason for such aggression, nevertheless, a big battle took place here.

An Englishman, Michael Gill, rallied the townspeople, who defeated the French invaders. Our area remained under British Rule.

And thus, the cannons remain, as a symbol of English victory.

I thought perhaps the community might want to move them; perhaps we should hide symbols of war and aggression.

No, it is best to keep the cannons.

History cannot be re-written. It is filled with countless wars and battles. Human Nature is fallen, and frail. The cannons are a reminder of that. God knows exactly how weak and flawed we are, but he loves us.

However, as we come to know the Lord, our fallen nature changes.

When we are empowered by the Holy Spirit, we grow to become increasingly Christ-like in our thoughts and behaviours.

The building in the photo is Canada’s oldest standing wooden building. It was built in 1714 (approx) as a fish storage building. Today the upstairs loft is used in the summers as a yoga studio.

24 thoughts on “Neighbourhood Cannons

  1. Yes, indeed. I agree we do not necessarily need to remove the reminders of our history. After all, we are ALL sinners, and would stand condemned apart from God’s grace. One of my favorite quotes is by the anthropologist Ann Dunham–the mother of one of our former American presidents, Barrack Obama.

    “Don’t conclude before you understand. After you understand, don’t judge.”

    God’s Blessings to You. David

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  2. The cannons are there as a symbol of victory in a past war. But you see it through the kingdom lens as a reminder of mans fallen state without God. That perspective is crucial and wonderful to have.
    Blessings to you Sally πŸ’™

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  3. β™‘ I Agree because I AM Divorced; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that ALL is Fair in Love and War πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ™‚


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  4. In a nearby town, the American Legion (a veteran’s group) has a retired tank from one of the wars. A few years ago, the town had a big to-do because they were upset that the firing portion of the tank was pointed toward the town. The veteran’s then had to rotate the tank so that the firing part was instead pointing into a farm field. It is interesting how people get caught up in little details! The veterans look at the tank as something that protected the troops in the war, and instead of dismantling the tank after service, wanted to “retire” it where it can remind the community of keeping our soldiers safe. For them, it is a memory of God’s protection of our troops during a challenging time. The town saw it’s direction as an “assault” on the town.

    Beautiful photo!

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    1. Hi Rachel !
      This is so interesting. I can see how the veterans see the tank as something that protected the troops. Surprising that they were asked to rotate the tank.
      Yes, for sure, people can get caught up in details.
      Thanks for this comment. πŸŒ·πŸ€—


    1. Hi Cindy !
      Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, we had a group of researchers here a few summers ago so that they could accurately state the age of the building.
      It is sturdy, and cosy on the inside. πŸŒ·πŸ€—

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  5. Yes Sally…I agree the key point is that history cannot be rewritten and trying to push it away or bury it is denial of even self with all fellow humans that we are far from perfect and have wreaked havoc on others or ourselves over one thing or another leading to deathly conflicts or wars! I am the opposite of all these fools running rampant tearing down old historic monuments because I know for a fact that what we humans bury and eventually try p=blot out of our history and forget we are doomed to repeat in some fashion! Many people are being actually stupid these days and we live in the most highly advanced technological era which in itself speaks volumes to us about how dangerous people already are and will only get worse beyond imagination if they don’t deal with reality and the facts or plain and simple truth and learn all they can from it! People are getting weaker currently and this will only lead to major conflicts up the road!
    I personally not only think those cannons are beautiful monuments of a time long since passed but are a living time capsule of historic events that really occurred and at least engage the minds of current citizens to consider and engage in the full history of their past ancestors or he heritage of this place they now call home or like to visit! Education is what I’m speaking to and knowledge or discovery of ancient history is power and also very fascinating. If people won’t accept things long since passed I dare say they have major issues mentally which will made it very difficult for them to accept current or circumstances that could be coming up in the short or long term. I think the general phrase for this lot is what’s called anarchists. I’m glad I can review any history and not get put off or crazy about it as I want to learn and understand i better not make it vanish.

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  6. I’ve often wondered why we keep such reminders too, but I guess they do serve to remind us of past actions – good, bad, or indifferent and in that light perhaps, with the grace of God, we need not repeat them.

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  7. I agree completely with this “However, as we come to know the Lord, our fallen nature changes.:” So many live as if Christ does not change their nature. We begin to love to live to please Jesus and we will hate our old sinful desires.

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