Walk-in Woes

Our village walk-in medical clinic was closed for three months.

Thus, patients could not walk in, but rather had to speak to the physician via telephone. This method of delivering medical care was equally frustrating for patients, and for the doctor.

Without betraying any patient confidentiality, I can tell you that a disturbing trend has been witnessed here, as more people have been seeking prescriptions for narcotics (opioids).

These powerful drugs can be helpful for pain relief, if they are used as prescribed, but they also have strong potential for misuse, and addiction. In Canada, such prescriptions are written on special prescription pads with security features built in.

The pandemic has made the opioid crisis even worse. People sometimes try to wrongly use these drugs to numb emotional pain. This results in disaster. Even peaceful fishing villages have an opioid crisis.

I can also describe the frustration of clinic staff in dealing with patients who can become verbally aggressive in seeking this type of medication. Addiction and aggression are sometimes linked.

People are seeking peace. This can only be achieved as we lead lives in accordance to God’s will.

God desires that we honour and worship Him as our first priority. Secondly, He expects that we love our neighbours as ourselves.

All other attempts of seeking ‘inner peace’, apart from following God’s will for our lives will ultimately fail.

The Lord, the Prince of Peace, offers the peace that ‘ passes all understanding ‘ to those who wish to accept it.

Let us continue to point others to The One who is the source of our comfort and joy, and our ever-present helper in times of trouble.

41 thoughts on “Walk-in Woes

  1. May the peace of Christ be yours today and always. Thank you for your post acknowledging the difficulties of this pandemic time and pointing to the only real peace to be found during this crisis. God bless you!

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  2. Thanks, Jan.
    Yes, it is only in trusting in our Lord, that we will find the emotional security and comfort that we are all seeking. He is our rock, and our constant strength in times of trouble. 🤗🌷

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  3. Thanks for your witness, Sally. Great post.

    Our foundational priority prescription:

    “God desires that we honour and worship Him as our first priority. Secondly, He expects that we love our neighbours as ourselves.”

    These are not just empty words but spiritually rewarding directives of the Lord Jesus that really work for those that apply them consistently.

    Blessings to you.

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    1. Thanks, Barb for joining in prayer for those trapped in addiction. The word ‘trapped’ is a good word to describe it.
      But, the Lord can set prisoners free. 🤗🌷

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  4. Believing in supreme power and loving him /loving nighbour/mankind might be the only way to achieve peace. First we have to stop loving this materialistic world.Actually this is nothing but a trap towards the path of sorrow/pain. But we don’t understand this. It is time to shift from “My” concept to “our”/we concept.

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  5. Hi Sally! 🤗 That’s such a horrible sad story to hear which is going on there in a place that I would have thought could be a safer refuge and haven from most of the more serious mayhem or destruction going on globally!
    People are being attacked on many fronts around the globe and this is another trick to cause more drug or alcohol addiction which is and can lead to suicide either directly or indirectly! What I’ve learned just over the last few years was that opioids are something that shouldn’t even be on the market and it was an evil trick by the family that brought it to market to gain unimagined wealth just like Bill Gate’s scheme to depopulate and be the vaccine king around the globe simultaneously; another Devil’s deployment of death and destruction! We’re all being toyed with by many nefarious characters and they all get their marching orders from one place the Devil, who has a strong grip on the world Vis-a-Vis the crooked ways of the world!
    Very sad to hear this news because this is not going to end simply or anytime soon it appears. Way beyond a crisis we have all out pestilence!

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  6. Such a beautiful photo and scene just the opposite in my mind of what I feel about the dilemma there! God gave us so much good to work with yet humans continue to find ways to bring more ruin and misery upon themselves and others! Such fools the people are in so many ways! Me too, I still know I don’t do well enough but I have to try harder! I send my prayers out that God will bless all of the afflicted!
    Of course I ask that God bless you and yours! Amen.

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    1. Hi Lawrence ! Yes, so true. God gives us so much good to work with, and humans indeed, when they turn away from Him, continue to find ways to inflict misery on themselves and others.
      The photo is the path to the clinic, around a duck pond. 🌷🤗

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      1. 🌷🤗 Perfectly said Sally! What a really nice area for the clinic! I think if I had to go to such a clinic not feeling well I would start improving quickly upon seeing the beauty and peaceful surroundings! I’d probably say Doc I was just worrying too much and I think I’ll have a nice lemonade and sit by the natural beauty out there and get rejuvenated!
        I won’t spoil this nice conclusion for now, but, all that big issue out in the world is seeming to take some shape and I need to see more evidence before I’ll put out an article on it so as not to worry anyone more than they already are; unnecessarily.
        Have a lovely evening and see you soon.

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      2. Haha…thanks, Lawrence – lemonade is a nice idea.
        There is significant evidence on-line now about ‘negative ions’. in the air near the sea shore.
        These aid in a feeling of well-being. We started to research into this before we came out here. 🤗🌷

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      3. Sally… something happened Saturday that culminated tonight which was nothing short of an attack by Satan, because, as another Christian blogger said to me today, “Satan knows it’s his last hour so he’s throwing out all the punches that he’s going to throw which God is allowing for his purpose and for the alignment of his will to be done.” That statement was made to me immediately after I just got home facing that attack head on, with my Rosary around my neck, which was blessed with Holy water at Medugorje and given to me several years ago by a wonderful Lady after Mass one Sunday which she had with her when she died on the operating table, but, came back and she said this is for you when she put this Rosary in my hand. I’m crying here.
        I could have been a victim now or a champion and I’m happy to report I’m not a victim. When I got back two notifications were in the cue the first about another Christian Lady having been caught in a rain storm and then this other Christian Lady who brought up what Satan is doing just after I got back from spiritual warfare tossed in my way by the Evil One. God’s Holy Spirit and Angels were protecting me, that is why things went as they should in accordance with God’s will. Here is a piece of what I came up with to say to these Ladies!
        “What I just went through was an attack by Satan no doubt that started Saturday and ended tonight when I faced it head on with I must say a Rosary on as I went to investigate something with one of my camera’s, knowing that the way things happen these days I could have walked into a set-up and mayhem that would result in me being physically attacked and harmed or killed! I came out into the light of God and paths of righteousness now; I have on the song I love so much sang by Johnny Nash, “I Can See Clearly Now,” which only came to my mind now because as soon as I got online and read one notification the first one in the cue just ahead of yours it was about the rain and getting caught in it, then I see what you’re talking about now and it blows me away because God is working in us now this moment and loves us so much, He will protect us because as you said Satan is throwing everything including the kitchen sink at all of us to drive us crazy, ruin, discourage or anything negative to knock us off our path to Jesus, but, we have the power girl!
        Here is some of what I just said, prior to your notification I’m reading here from you!
        “On that note it reminds me of Gene Kelly doing Dancing in the Rain which is a classic scene I actually LOVE, so wow that is so cool to have inspired this idea in my head, because now I want to “dance in the rain;” not that I can even begin to dance like a Gene Kelly, but, just the frolicking in the downpour idea seems magical to me right now and you had a little magic come your way, really! I used to think that way you did, back when I was a kid with my buddies when the summer thunderstorms would move in we would go put on our swimming trunks and play to our hearts content in the rain, puddles and lie on the lawn rolling around like flapping fish out of the pond!
        On a serious note to mention the vanity and pride that is good you were able to toss that burden off because we know they are actually killers and you had a case that was literally physically doing that, and, you were by the grace of God able to address it properly and with Jesus walk through the storm to the new “bright shiny day.” This brings me precisely to the one thing that came to mind this second Johnny Nash singing, “I Can See Clearly Now,” the rain has gone, which is one of my all-time favorite songs and the voice touches my soul; so see how the rain coming is good because a “bright shiny day” comes after it passes, and, it helps to wash away so much that needed to be addressed, to move on and grow too. Storms even have a place in the scheme of things as they punctuate the complacency we can fall into just being creatures of habit getting into that proverbial rut, and, the storm is a boot in the ass to shake things up, but, also to REFRESH!
        Look Straight Ahead, Nothing but Blue Sky All Around! Here is that Rainbow I’ve been Praying for!
        But, I needed this boot in the ass! It was a spin-off of your experience Saturday and I had a lousy one, people caused not the rain, but, that just got straightened out today and this came to top it off!
        We can all be victims or champions the latter of course being the preference which we get to be with Jesus as our leader and loving Lord. Amen.”
        Sally, these are as I wrote months ago most unprecedented times like no other in history and we are being tested but “saved” in accordance with God the Father’s will, all the while the Devil is loose and pushing toward perdition and the final hour as the father’s plan unfolds! We all have to share this Truth and remain Vigilant in our Faith in Him our Precious Jesus Christ, Lord, Savior and Redeemer! Amen.
        I’m going to send this out on my Blog with some notations and get this vital message out to all I can!
        God bless. 🌷🤗

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      4. Thanks for sharing, Lawrence. Yes, these are perilous times, but we stand strong, and we keep pointing people to the Lord. We are champions, as you say, when we choose Jesus as our leader. 🤗🌷

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      5. So true Sally! More negative forces are being applied throughout which is being done to trip up God’s elect and throw people off, as you even pointed out with that clinic situation I sadly believe is to create damage or harm to people. Thanks for the added insight and encouragement as today even though a new day there are still serious concerns to contend with, but, the only way to do it is with the power of our Lord Jesus Christ who brings all the power of our heavenly Father to bear on our earthly woes and with Him all things are possible! 🌷🤗

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      6. As members of the Body of Christ, we all have different roles to play, according to our own gifts and temperaments, which are known to God, our creator.
        The Bible warns that in these days even the elect would be deceived.
        And so we are called to ask continually for God’s wisdom and discernment, for we need supernatural guidance to navigate successfully through these days.
        We all need to encourage each other, strengthen each other, and warn each other. 🌷🤗

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      7. “we need supernatural guidance to navigate successfully” and that is it in a nutshell! Nothing else will do especially now in this time with what we can plainly see in front of us and on the horizon!

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      8. Hi Lawrence !
        The Bible warns that some of the things currently happening will make people extremely fearful.
        But, Christ frees us from these fears, he only asks us to be prepared, and he asks us to be courageous, as he strengthens us.
        Certainly non-believers are watching our reactions to everything now🌷

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      9. Yes indeed Sally that’s the right formula! I tend to not let go of some things that are most of the time distractions or diversionary in nature more because of my personality and past injustices or conflicts that are still not sufficiently resolved; so I question seek an answer which might be leading me down a rabbit hole. I spoke to a friend of mine who has much experience more than I’ll ever have in dealing with these types of conflicts that come up in the corrupted system, which I see now are increasing all over the place mainly because people are getting more agitated and confused by world events. I believe there is no doubt some spiritual warfare going on in some of these situations but I determined today that some things are better being let go of entirely and moving on to more vital pressing matters of concern. To “let go and let God” is the best catch phrase I come up with that fits this. So, I did that with this unexpected twist over the last couple of days which appears to be mainly diversionary and a waste of my time. I did some research just now which has been ongoing regarding prophesy, revelation and my need to discern the essential truth in all things as best as I possibly can.
        Here are a couple of excerpts I think will be of interest and I hope can be inspiring to anyone that reads them.
        Genocide and plans of evil men
        “My dear child, you must ask everyone to ask for God’s Mercy in all those matters, which involve the destruction of humanity. I refer to the wicked plans involving wars; plans to introduce a global vaccine – which you were warned about in the message of 26 November 2010 – genocide and the murder of Christians, as well as other people of different religions, by the hands of evil men.
        When a soul is infested by Satan, it is capable of the most intense hatred for God’s children. When groups of men work together, in complete subjugation to the evil one, their wickedness is manifested in every act so as to cause death and destruction to those over whom they control.” (18 Sept. 2014)
        But, here is something I find of special interest that aligns perfectly with what you said!
        “In spite of this tragic event surrounding us it is also a time that God pours out abundant graces. For one, this lock-down and isolation situation gives us ample time of reflection, of prayer and repentance. The ‘I’m busy excuse is no longer an excuse. Let’s pause and truly ask ourselves what’s important. If we still fail to reconnect ourselves to God at this time then it only means one thing — we love ourselves more than the one who created us and gave us life –God.”
        Then this comment was made on another related blog discussing these matters which really was so well said I think it’s definitely worth sending it out.
        “Brothers and sisters, this is a spiritual battle. Pray. Fast. Do Penance. Trust in Jesus. The Holy Spirit will assist us, and give us the right words at the right time. Many of us will have to resist unto blood, but will receive the White Robe of Martyrdom. In the end, Her Immaculate Heart will Triumph. Ave Maria.” missionofsalvation.com
        Yes Sally…I think we can make things more complicated too easily if we want to allow that or we can keep it simple and follow this basic train of thought and put all of our heart into seeking God’s will by first being completely humble not allowing self or ego to cloud our motivations and then to carefully discern what God is telling us by the Holy Spirit and the things going on around us that all contain a reason and purpose in His plan. Thanks for the added inspiration! 🤗

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      10. Thanks, Lawrence, for these wise words. The Lord tells us that we need a combination of shrewness and innocence, as we function as sheep in the midst of wolves.
        But we need confidence, too, that all will be well. With God, we are more than conquerors.
        Many Hollywood films are based on conflicts between good and evil, and do you notice that so many times it seems like ‘the bad guys’ are going to win, but of course they never do. Good always triumphs.
        And so let us live with confidence, being shrewd and fully aware of things that are going on, but knowing that these things are happening according to God’s great plan, which we can never fully understand. 🤗🌷

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  7. Sally, I’m chewing on your words: “Let us continue to point others to The One who is the source of our comfort and joy, and our ever-present helper in times of trouble.” You see, I’m struggling to know what direction to take my blog. Your words are a heart-check for me.

    Lord, help me to somehow reach out to non-believers and believers alike, to somehow produce content that appeals to both groups of people, yet still points them ultimately to You. Amen.

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    1. Hi Sara, these words are very meaningful to me.
      As you say, both believers, and non-believers, and seekers are in all probability reading our blogs.
      May the Lord give us the grace to show that God’s message of salvation is for everyone. 🌷🤗

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  8. Thanks for sharing this ma’am. It’s only in Him that we can find peace. And His peace is so soothing and so irreplaceable. I pray for peace to these hearts you shared about too. And the image you used – I love the view. 😊

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