Alphabetical Happiness

Have you ever made a list of things or activities that you enjoy, and placed them in alphabetical order ?

This is fun to do, and it helps you to appreciate your uniqueness, and what brings you happiness.

By sharing your list with your loved ones, they can better understand you, and your relationships can become stronger.

Here are my alphabetical likes:

Perhaps you share some of them.

  • analyzing things
  • bird watching
  • cooking
  • dancing
  • eating
  • flower arranging
  • guitar playing
  • historic homes
  • intellectual stimulation
  • jokes, but not pranks
  • kitchen gadgets
  • laughing
  • menu planning
  • nurturing others
  • orchids
  • praying for others
  • questioning things
  • reading
  • singing
  • travel (YouTube travel these days)
  • understanding others
  • vegetable and flower growing
  • whale watching
  • xylophone sounds
  • yard work
  • lobbying for the abolition of zoos

In the words of a children’s poem:

‘The world is filled so many good things,

I’m sure we should all be as happy as Kings'( or Queens )

55 thoughts on “Alphabetical Happiness

  1. Great list of interests I also share. However, I’m a zoo lover. I don’t believe there is harm to animals at the zoos I have seen. Our zoo has become so “wild animal” friendly, one is fortunate to get a glimpse of many of them. The poor things would be helpless to care for themselves in the wild, however, with so much spoiling they get in the zoo. But I do understand the viewpoint of those who object to zoos. I suggest you do a blog giving your stance against zoos. I’d like that feedback.

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    1. Hi Sally! I had things pile up and didn’t have the notice for this blog in the message cue, but in my email inbox, which had over 400 emails and that is way too many for me! But, I didn’t miss it and I’m thankful for that. What a pretty and beautifully built home in the photo! Love the color and design! Lists are few for me and tend to be less than a half dozen items if at all. I run too many things through my mind, but still I tend to just leave it to memory though!
      Sadly enough as I get older I imagine I’m going to have to force myself to make daily lists and not leave things to memory or I’ll be going right back to the store a few times a day! Now this kind of list is a fun idea and I like many of the same things you listed, but I bet if I sat and made one up I could run into the dozens of things if not a hundred if I really considered all the things that I think are interesting or worth checking out even. Maybe I should make one up soon!
      Thanks for the niffy idea!

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    1. I believe that you and I share a common interest in watching birds, for sure.
      I have a new daily visitor, a sparrow named Tiny, and I’ve put out some pigeon seed hoping to lure back the pigeons that came here last year.😁

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      1. Hi Steve :
        Yes, the flock of pigeons stays in town. They have a sheltering spot under our local bridge.
        I have identified the leader of the flock, and named him Pierre.
        They have gorgeous colours, and one of the flock is pure white.
        Tiny , the sparrow, is brown, and I think he is a Common Sparrow.
        We have Pintail Ducks that have arrived here for the Spring, at the neighbouring pond. 🌷

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      2. They do have amazing colors. We had a pure white one too for a couple years, haven’t seen her this year. Also had 2 nice brown and white ones, mostly brown, but they were only here one year. They also go by the name rock dove.
        We never get pintail ducks here, though they are common not far to the west in MB.
        Have a wonderful day Sally!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Ί

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