Better Left Alone ?

The lobster fishermen have arrived in front of our house now.

Every morning they check the lobster traps that they have set in the shallow water. There are bobbing red markers showing where they have been placed.

Lobsters are nocturnal scavengers ; they feed on debris at the bottom of the sea. They can grow up to several feet in length, but most are caught long before they reach that size.

Although I respect everyone’s need to make a living, and everyone’s taste in food, I choose not to eat lobsters.

God gave people specific dietary laws in the Old Testament, (Leviticus 11), and I follow those. God placed restrictions on ‘fish without fins and scales’ such as lobsters.

Internet sources report that members of the British Royal Family are banned from consuming crustaceans while traveling, because of the high rate of foodborne illness.

The pandemic that came out of Wuhan has given us all more of a chance to reflect on what food choices are healthy for humans .

Maybe we will stop thinking of ocean scavengers as luxury food items.

Some Christians, of course, will disagree with me, saying that God’s dietary laws are only applicable to Jewish people. (Acts I0:10)

Nevertheless, Jesus followed the food guidelines set out in the Old Testament, and so I follow them too.

I just wish that lobsters would be left alone, to do the scavenger work that God designed them to do.

39 thoughts on “Better Left Alone ?

  1. I believe that 1 Corinthians 8 also speaks about dietary choices, but I feel it’s better to read entire books of the Bible to get their full context 🙂 It’s also interesting that lobsters were thought of as a “poor man’s food” pre WWII, and not a delicacy at all (because of the scavenging factor). Interesting stuff 😋

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    1. Thanks for sharing ! I was not aware that Lobsters were considered “poor man’s food’ before WWII, and now it is considered ‘rich man’s food’. The world is full of ironies. Thanks for your comment. 🤗

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  2. Thanks Sally. It is refreshing to hear someone post this knowledge, especially a friend. It has become so rare, especially, and sadly, among Christians. It has been stated ad infinitum that “we are not under the Law,” that “we can eat whatever we want as long as we give thanks and pray over it,” that “food is different in our modern world and much more sanitary,’ and that “the feed we give the animals we process is far superior,” etc. In other words, “Thanks for the warning just the same Lord…”

    This IS the Word of God to which we are referring. God has a good reason for teaching us that which consists of a good diet and that which does not. He wants us healthy and strong. We should know this especially in these times, when one thing—a strong and healthy immune system—is keeping us from becoming a statistic. This is the way God planned it. He obviously thought of everything in advance.

    Thank you for honoring Him. Blessings to you.

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    1. Thanks for your insightful comment.
      The ‘world’ certainly has some strange values. I so agree with you. God wants us strong and healthy, and with good immune systems.
      We need to careful consider the food choices that we make. 🤗

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    2. Hi Sally! Beautiful view which reminds me of some areas near where I grew up and I would regularly see local fishing trawlers and lobster boats loaded up with their lobster pots! Excellent how you put a proper perspective on this story not just the photo with beautiful perspective and composition but the idea that God gave us the knowledge we need in the Holy Scriptures to remain healthy and to select our foods accordingly! Funny thing, since when I was a kid I had a few sensitivities to foods not much but just mostly if I ate too much of one thing then I might get hives, but the only thing even to this day that trips my hypersensitivity or perhaps more my autoimmune system going into overdrive is crustaceans or mainly Crab and Lobster; but these are the only plant, mineral or vegetable that I can’t eat or I will suffer for it! So, don’t anyone tell me God didn’t have it planned right, these creatures being bottom feeders eat all the scrap, waste, dead or decaying matter on the bottom where there are mud sediments that contain many toxin producing microbes or bacteria mixed in with man caused pollutants as well, so not a sensible food to eat by any measure! Thanks for reminding us Sally and bringing the Holy Scriptures to bear on this matter!

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    1. Hi !
      God of course knew which animals are scavengers, and , in his sovereign wisdom, he knew that the oceans would become increasingly toxic as people chose to abuse the beautiful world that He created as our home.🤗

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    1. It is a fallacy that ranching is worse for the planet than growing grains, vegetables. Raising cattle increases the biodiversity of land whereas mono-cropping destroys the land and all that live on it.

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  3. Any intellectual, emotional or spiritual discussion about food and what privileged society prefers to consume based on whatever religious and health beliefs, would do well to remedy a solution to help fight global poverty and feed the world’s starving. Allowing the poor and meek to starve is a choice by the wealthy, powerful and corrupt leaders we helped empower. Global hunger could be wiped out in a day if we choose to do so.

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    1. Ah, Michael, I so agree with you !
      The differences in food availability around the world are so unjust.
      We catch seafood here, and it is secretly transported to some wealthy nations far away.
      At the same time, we have tremendous hidden hunger in our own community.
      I know this because of the people that drop by for tea ( during regular times) near the end of the month, when money is tight.
      Our ‘Food Bank’ is a secretive place. When I asked our Mayor where it is located, his worship did not know !
      I wish that some of the churches could be transformed to feed the hungry in our midst.
      Then, more people would pay attention to what Christians are actually supposed to be doing.🌷

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    2. There is more than enough food in the world to feed everyone into obesity. Unfortunately, in many countries where the food is distributed, it is used as a weapon and/or horded. Many wealthy people give generously to feed the poor. I have often seen those in impoverished conditions preying upon each other. Please, let’s not blame the wealthy for the ills of the world.

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  4. Just to let you know, the virus started because someone ate an under cooked bat (gross) that had been used, while alive, in the lab that created the virus. An unscrupulous individual sold that lab bat to a meat market where it was purchased, poorly cooked and then eaten.
    p.s., ‘Sally’s Pantry’ has a nice ring to it. People who pop by for tea could be discretely given a brown bag of food?

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    1. Hi Melissa ! I like that idea very much. I have been looking for ways to feed hungry people in our community for a long time.
      There is shame surrounding hunger in our community, and there should not be.
      When I finally located our mysterious Food Bank, I found it located in a crumbling old building, in the basement.
      This forces volunteers, most of whom are older, to carry donations of food down steep steps.
      Users of the food bank are often elderly, single residents as well.
      ‘Sally’s Pantry’ is an excellent idea.
      Thanks for suggesting it.🤗


  5. I’m sorry to comment on other people’s comments. I have been studying health and nutrition for 20 years. There is SO much misinformation out there, most of it drives consumerism and is not based in fact.

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    1. Haha…thank-you, Temi !
      My diet is mainly plant based, and I stay away from the foods that Jesus would have avoided too.
      My photo on my blog is a recent selfie, and I am 70.
      It is the Holy Spirit within us that allows us to age with happiness and grace. 🤗

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  6. I had no idea you were 70 yrs I would NEVER have guessed, you look marvelous!!!
    Although sadly I love shrimp and lobster. I did grow up with my bonus mom not eating those things and she always reminded us about not eating fish without scales etc. Of course as I grew older I began eating some of these things. I am aware of the old testament laws so I have no excuse., I cannot feign ignorance here…

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    1. Hi ! Thanks for your kind words ! Yes, by God’s grace I have reached my biblical lifespan of 3 score and 10 (70) and I posted the recent selfie on my blog.
      We all have preferences regarding food choices.
      May the Lord help us all embrace old age, as a gift from him.🌷🤗

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  7. Wow this is good timing! I was just hearing about this in a video last night. Thank you for your part in my education sister. God bless you.

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