Detained ?

Have you ever been eyed with suspicion ?

It happened to me today !

I was innocently walking around town taking photographs, when I noticed local residents glaring at me, and frowning.

They thought I was a tourist !

Tourism has been banned here in NL for the time being, but visitors have been arriving anyway, ignoring these instructions.

Thus, our government held an emergency meeting yesterday, and passed a law giving the police new powers.

They can now : ‘stop vehicles, enter any premises, and detain people and take them to the border if they insist on visiting’. The message is clear: ‘stay away’.

The ‘virus’ has changed the world, so that even friendly Newfoundlanders are threatening to have the police send visitors home !

Three possible spiritual scenenerios are likely to result from the pandemic. People who have a strong religious faith will find their faith strengthened. They know that God is always in control.

Other people may decide to place their faith in God. Let us pray especially for this group. God is a jealous God (Exodus 20:5) and expects that we will make honouring him the first priority of our lives. God loves us, and seeks a relationship with each of us.

A third group of people will likely continue to ignore God, and place their faith in scientists to find a cure for the virus. This group may experience increased disillusionment and frustration as the desperate search continues. Secular humanism, in the end, without God’s guidance, always ends in disaster.

Pictured is the Newfoundland Salt Company, which sells sea salt made from evaporated ocean water. They will not be doing business this year.

42 thoughts on “Detained ?

  1. I don’t think here we have any plans to ban tourism, but it will be much less already with so many festivals and events all cancelled. I don’t think either that tourists from other parts of Canada would be unwelcome but I would prefer the border with the USA remained closed for tourists.
    I personally feel the virus situation will not change people’s viewpoints, it’s too universal. I think that revelations are usually personal that cause eyes to be opened, scales to fall away. – David

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  2. Thanks Sally. The full ramifications of this societal suspicion et al are still unknown but projections are not good. The current effects do not bode well, as this event happening to you in your own home area attests. So sorry for the suspicion thereabouts. Some people have gotten really weird. Great picture though! Sad that the business won’t be operating.

    β€œThe name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous runs into it and is safe.” [Proverbs 18:10]

    Blessings to you!

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    1. Hi Wendi ! Yes, we are all united in prayer about an end to this virus. We look forward to our visitors each year, and emotionally it is difficult to accept that they won’t be with us this year.πŸ˜‘

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  3. This sounds like the plot of a bad Netflix movie. Every day we hear about some new fly in the ointment that is preventing the world from getting back to normal. Whatever that is?!? I feel such sadness for your little village & the financial impact that COVID-19 has and will continue to have on you.

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    1. Hi !
      Thanks for your comment.
      We depend emotionally on our summer visitors. We like interacting with others who visit us, and this year it is so quiet.
      And yes, our community, which has so lovingly been restored to its historic beauty depends heavily on tourism to support our economy as well.πŸ€—

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  4. This is funny and informative. I like it.
    However, scientists are not against God. I believe God gave us those people so that they can help us be in better positions in times of crisis like these.

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    1. Yes, absolutely I agree with you. God works through the scientists, and doctors and healers.
      A problem arises, though, when people place their faith in man alone, rather than God working through people.
      Thanks for reading and commenting. πŸ€—


      1. Now you brought Clarity!πŸ™ŒπŸ˜Šβœ” Yes people should always tha k the Creator for giving us the good frontline fighters.

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      2. Exactly! Let us give thanks for the courage and wisdom of good frontline fighters, and may God give each of us the grace to encourage and support each other.πŸ€—


  5. Your three outcomes in our lives seem quite accurate.

    And… I cannot imagine doing without sea salt! I hope everyone is back to work soon, including sea salt sellers.

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    1. I totally agree with you, and if I hadn’t read this development in the CBC news, I would never have believed it. The emergency meeting of the government yesterday also gave permission for take-out restaurants to deliver alcohol to residents…. Thanks for commenting. πŸ€—

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  6. Just like in Noah’s time, although we are not that bad yet, people don’t want to be bothered with thoughts of God…to their detriment I am afraid. And yes, praying for those seeking to come on in to the fold. Be safe.

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    1. Hi Pam ! I was wearing a hat, with my hair tucked under it, and sunglasses, and perhaps that is why I was not recognized as me, plus, I was taking photos, which is a touristy thing to do. πŸ€—


  7. The virus has indeed changed the world.
    Your three scenarios are pretty spot on. I hope that the third group of people who continue to ignore God will be a small percentage and more people would look to God at this time.

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    1. Yes, I so agree with you. God does not want anyone to be lost.
      Christ is a solid rock for us. He is the Alpha and the Omega.
      He asks us to do our best to tell others of his love, and his free gift of salvation, but ultimately , it is God himself who draws people to Jesus.
      Thanks for commenting.πŸ€—

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  8. Hi Sally! πŸ€— I was beat tired early last evening and just got up early to see this post of yours which I say is very interesting and leads me to wonder again what is going on in our already mixed up world with this plague of secularism with governments saying they want to protect us, when it’s been mostly their doing that put us all in the position we’re in! I see a lot of government intervention around the globe that doesn’t enhance human rights or civil liberties but rather waters them down or in some cases striping them completely away! Secularism has now gotten to a new wicked level where man is put above God and worshiping seems to be headed becoming people can do in only alone! The worst case scenario of this already occurred in of all places China where the Communist Atheist Government just told a Christian ground to stop doing so over the internet! I see with this action along with the Wuhan Corona Virus a pattern emerging of totalitarian rule coming for many peoples if not the world and this only spells antichrist to me! I didn’t plan this but I just typed that statement at exactly 3:33 AM, which has been a profound time for me to awaken and start my day having many things come into focus regarding Christ, This happening when I typed the word antichrist is to me an affirmation of the fact that the number 3 being the Holy Trinity and the antichrist being 666 as stated in the Holy Scriptures means in my eyes that we are indeed in the prophesied time! What else does this mean we can’t be sure because this could be a protracted series of events or a swift escalation to a more cataclysmic period in human history like no other. Prayer is greatly needed now and so many people are secular and depending on government o science to answer all their ills, like cattle or sheep ready for the slaughter hey follow the crowd or herd!
    I truly hope I’m wrong and that my own worry and even fear of the unknown ahead is causing me to exaggerate the severity of these many earth shaking events and behaviors by governments! But, if we who consider ourselves a free people are having a more difficult time can we imagine what they are doing in North Korea, Russia, Iran or China where human life has been treated with as much respect as a bunch of fish in a barrel at times over the course of history!

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    1. Hi Lawrence! Thanks for your insightful comments. I agree with you that secularism has reached a new wicked level where people expect governments and science to answer all their ills.
      I wanted to write a blog post about the issue of detaining tourists because this is so unlike friendly Newfoundland !
      Our province’s official motto is Matthew 6:33 – Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.
      In 2019, a member of our government proposed that this motto be removed, because it did not represent the feelings of all Newfoundlanders. I wrote to that government member expressing my dismay over this, and I organized other members of the public to do the same.
      The government backed down ! We still have our motto.
      This morning, in the media, I see that a lawyer is challenging the decision that the government just announced, saying it is draconian to detain tourists !
      I am a sheep, a gentle sheep, but I am a sheep of The Great Shepherd.

      Many Americans have second homes in rural Newfoundland. They, of course are not impressed that they are not welcome on the island now…
      Thanks again Lawrence, for your observations, your insights, and your prayers for our troubled world. πŸ€—

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  9. Wow! So interesting to hear what is happening there. My husband and I were actually saying the same thing on what the results of this pandemic could be. How people on the fence will no longer be on the fence but be on one side of the other and how there is going to be a great revival as well.

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    1. Yes, Amen, and thanks for commenting.
      Yes, it is time to choose our sides, and those decisions have eternal consequences.
      May God give us great sensitivity to witness to unbelievers at this time.
      Many people know ‘about ‘ Jesus, but they don’t yet understand how he is knowable, and how he desires to have a personal relationship with each of us.
      May the Lord give us great opportunities to witness for him.
      Yes, let us pray for a great revival, and a great harvest of souls.
      God bless you.πŸ€—

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