Are you a talkative person ?

I am a quiet person. I prefer to listen, observe, and contemplate.

But I’m not an introvert. Rather, I’m an ambivert, somewhere between an introvert and an extrovert, as most of us are.

I love to talk, if I am interested in the subject matter, but I dislike idle chatter.

Jesus makes some comments on this, saying that on the day of judgment we will need to make an account of every idle word we say. (Matthew 12:36). Those are no idle words !

And so, I try to keep my speech within the following N.I.C.E. categories :

N- necessary

I- informative, without being gossipy

C – caring, comforting, consoling, Christ-centred, or comical

E- encouraging

Do I always succeed in keeping my words within these categories ? No. Every day some words slip out that should never be spoken.

But I examine my conscience each evening, and repent of the words that I know I shouldn’t have said.

May our Lord grant us the grace to speak words that are pleasing to him, and to others.

Pictured is a typical home in our historic neighbourhood.

Most homes have a reddish painted outbuilding. This is where fishermen repaired their nets during the winters.

38 thoughts on “N.I.C.E.

  1. I seem to share a lot of similar traits with you. Examination at the end of the day is vital. When we commit wrongs, we are prompted by the spirit almost instantly into knowing.
    The pictures are gorgeous, what a beautiful space you live in.

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    1. Thanks so much !
      Yes, I agree, we think similarly!
      For sure, the Spirit will let us know when we commit wrong. God also understands our deep desire not to offend him, since he is deserving of all our love. πŸ€—

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    1. We are usually very eager to welcome visitors to this laid-back place.
      This year, tourism is closed to everyone, because of the pandemic.
      We are going to miss our tourist friends this year. πŸ€—

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    1. Hi ! N.I.C.E. is something I made up. I think that under the letter ‘C’, I should have also used the word ‘correction’ .We need to speak the truth in love to others. And of course, ‘correcting’ others who are living lives of rebellion to God is never a popular activity. While we can offer words of correction, it is the Holy Spirit who convicts of sin.
      Thanks for reading and commenting. πŸ€—

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      1. Hi DeborahMarie ! Thanks ! I realize now that I should have added the word ‘correct’ in the ‘c’ category. I became convinced of this as I was reading Matthew 23 this morning ! Jesus certainly spoke some words of correction to the religious leaders of the day. This is one area I struggle with, as I don’t wish to cause offense, but we are asked to speak Christ’s message of repentance, love and forgiveness. πŸ€—


  2. Quite lovely and picturesque; quiet too! Excellent explanation and we already know I talk too much and yes I have many words I said that I would like to take back but it’s too late so I sure have some accounting to do to God.
    I don’t think I was ever an idle talker I was always trying to speak about something dynamic or interesting not just to blab. I just hope this is one area God has much latitude to allow for error!

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  3. I can have a small-to-medium conversation with practically anyone. But probably less than 1% have ever heard me complete a thought of great importance to me. That’s because 99+% of people I’ve met are horrible listeners. Most annoying are those who take my topic sentence and run away with it – like I introduced the topic because I wanted them to talk 10 minutes about it. (Hence I try to write. πŸ˜‰

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    1. Hi Mark !
      I so agree with you. Most people have not developed the art of listening well. Most good listeners are people who have been carefully listened to from their earliest days.
      That’s why, as a mom, I asked God to give me patience to listen to thousands of toddler questions !
      I agree with your views on people who try to run away with a topic sentence.πŸ€—
      Thanks for commenting.

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  4. Often times I’m too quiet, and when I give my opinion on things, I always say too much most especially when I’m with my friends.

    I’m glad that I came across this post. Lord knows I needed this.

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  5. Smiles. I love the Nice Acronym. I myself try to maintain the NICE words. And I am an ambivert too. Thanks for sharing ma’am. πŸ€—
    The picture of your locale is beautiful and simple – I believe it will be a quiet place. I love quiet and calm. 😊

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