Scott, Sarah, and Patience

Would you consider yourself to be a patient person ?

These are days that require all of us to become increasingly patient.

Scott, a Herring Gull, has been a daily Spring and Summer visitor at our seaside home since 2017.

This year he has brought his mate, Sarah with him.

They arrive each morning, and patiently wait for breakfast.

This morning, they have been showing extra patience, as it is snowing here, and the sea is barely visible !

Waiting, for all of us, is a type of suffering.

Romans 5:3-4: …suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint us…

Let us ask God to help us to develop more patience.

44 thoughts on “Scott, Sarah, and Patience

    1. Yes, for sure, life requires patience, and it seems that none of us enjoy the experience of waiting, and yet waiting is a necessary part of our spiritual growth. πŸ€—


      1. Through both joy and pain,
        We transcend , grow and gain…
        God help all includingΒ  Spain
        We turn and recenter in love
        And awareness we can regain ,
        In love , nothing goes in vain ,
        Blessings around us start to rain …
        After we fall , we rise again ,
        For presenceΒ  to regain
        and be more aware and sane …
        The divine would save us
        For us the world , God would sustain …

        Wael from Lebanon being mentioned in the Bible as the land of Cedars of God…

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  1. Beautiful, my fellow Catholic special good friend Sally! πŸ€— What a wonderful message from God there in you sight and now here in my own heart! You will believe but it’s just so amazing what I just wrote a few moments before coming to your posting just this minute! I’m writing a long article and another fine Lady like you had suddenly come into my view yesterday with an inspiration I needed to get beyond my writers block which she helped remove with her lovely experience on the farm that her and her husband have. Again, like others times some incredible dots are connecting as you and I know from our previous discussions! I’m actually going to need to incorporate this Verse of Scripture that fits into my long article! Read this which I just wrote and see the dots connect by God!
    β€œBut, I’m not discounting hope by any means, because I have more now than ever, in spite of these attacks and the pain they caused, I know the score better than I ever did, far above the more dreamy eternal optimist trying to fit into the system view person that I once was, who is no more; I don’t give a damn about the system that is poisoned with all sorts of sinister characters and schemes or even diabolical plots. That is so outstanding and a great thing that you and your husband have accomplished over the past 15 years in stark contrast to the misery and ruin being introduced into my life over that same period that I had to fight my way through on my own with the help of the Lord only, literally. We both have been in different kinds of battles but following the same truth and light in the process!”
    This is obviously an encouraging sign to me!
    Now Sally I did mention how each day I’m around to put out the goodies for my local menagerie of wildlife and I started something like you have attending to your friend Scott! I bet Scott and now Sarah are both so thankful and they love you for seeing to their need with any morsels of food! Seagulls are another animal which I’ve had direct involvement with in rescuing and rehabbing which gave me an affinity with them, and I do love them! See, you are being a good steward as I said yesterday we all should be! God is so pleased with this and sharing it pleased me as well as inspired! I love this connection you have with nature as I do too! Just so inspiring and both of you Ladies did inspire me today!
    Peace and Love, God bless! πŸ€—
    PS I’m so excited and feel God looking at this photo you took which is these two simple little creatures of God’s that love each other and are visiting you to share all they are with your own heart that they know! God is speaking here! πŸ€—πŸ€—

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  2. Hi Lawrence ! That sounds like a very interesting article that you are working on.
    Your menagerie of wildlife sounds fascinating.
    It is a special blessing to be able to relate so closely to nature. πŸ€—


  3. I’ve found two kinds of situations that make me need patience – not enough going on (boredom) or TOO much going on (stress). If the enemy can’t get you one way, he’ll try the other. Either way, sticking with Jesus is the answer. πŸ˜‰

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  4. That is a lovely picture of those patient visitors. I appreciate your story – and your reminder that we need to ask God daily to increase the “Fruits of the Spirit” in us. I thank Him for the “Love, Joy, and Peace” that are mine, and I ask Him each morning to help me with the other 6: “Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-control.” Those certainly don’t come naturally to me… and daily I need divine guidance to improve on their presence that they may shine forth! ❀ Thanks, Sally, for this lovely post. ❀

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  5. Ms Sally I am not a very patient person at heart, I think. I am waaay more patient with strangers than with those close to me. Not sure if a lot of people are this way. I just expect my close family to know certain things.
    I love your nature scene and pictures.

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  6. Sadly no, not very patient at all. Also, all these floating icebergs and snow just reveal how ridiculous my “freezing” is here in Greece. Evils of old age and spoilt nature, I guess … But I adored the two seagull! I love seagulls, and we have had plenty both in UK, and now in Greece. Love and prayers. Christ is Risen!

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    1. Christ is risen indeed ! For the first time, I realized recently that the New Testament was originally written in Greek. I am continuing to learn the language via YouTube. Christ is the Alpha and the Omega.
      I was pondering whether Jesus spoke Greek, or if he spoke to Pilate through a translator. He used certain Greek words, like agape. I enjoy watching seagulls flying and gliding.
      Your blog is very enjoyable, and I look forward to reading it.

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      1. I also want to add about the Greek language of the New Testament and the word β€œagape” in particular, all nuances of the original text John 21: 15-17 are lost in any English translation. If this β€œdetail” is of any particular interest to you, I can explain more.

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      2. Yes, I can appreciate that nuances of original texts are lost in English translation. I have looked again at John 21: 15-17.
        So very interesting ! Christ’s words to Peter, about feeding his sheep.
        I notice too that different editions of the Bible can use words that are quite different. Thanks ! πŸ€—

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