Polar Bear Watch

The icebergs are here now !

Every year, multitudes of these gigantic ice chunks break off from glaciers in Greenland, and float by our village. We live in what is known as : ‘Iceberg Alley’.

This means that it is also the time when flat sheets of ice, called ice floes, break off from the Arctic ice. Some of these contain Polar Bears, which become trapped on them.

Several years ago, an ice floe carrying a hungry Polar Bear landed in our village. He was attracted to our local fried chicken diner by the wonderful smell.

He scared the customers before being subdued by animal rescue officers and returned to his native habitat.

Even in unpredictable times, God maintains the rhythm of nature.

Once the icebergs melt, the ocean will be filled with tiny fish called Capelin.

Then, chasing the Capelin, the majestic whales will come.

58 thoughts on “Polar Bear Watch

    1. Yes, you described it so well. Sometimes the ocean is as calm as a pond here, and other times the waves roar with power. God loves infinite variety, and gives us the ability yo enjoy his majesty. Thanks. πŸ€—

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  1. Hi Sally! I do recall you bringing up this topic before and it was very interesting to me as I recall in our conversation! This time it struck me in a deeper more spiritual way which kicked my thoughts into gear or action and this was the result, a short piece I needed to post and I include it here for you and your readers along with the link to my short piece. Thank you for this very awakening thought for me today as I write. Your inspiration is greatly appreciate my friend! God bless you.
    Yes these natural ebb and flow events such as these iceberg ice-flows which separate the long cold winter from summer with the rhythm of life on earth have continued for millennia and never lose their breathtaking majesty which to me is a repeated message of just how awe inspiring and great God is to have created all of this wonder for we children of God to behold and witness as we being a conscious part of His plan BEAR a significant position above all other life to respond to God through our direct interactive experience with Him through His magnificent Creation; which I see clearly is all conducted and allowed so we can get to know Him and finally be with Him as members of the most inner sanctum, or in the presence of God the Creator; as we now must grow in our understanding and appreciation of His plan and purpose by means of His word coupled with this process of experience in order to fulfill our personal obligation of thanks and love for Him.
    Just be careful of those Polar BEARS as you live in the moment of this great fulfillment, because the bears are predominately concerned with being bears and getting their next meal.

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      1. Oh Sally how are you? I didn’t see you around and got worried so I hope all is well out your way for you and yours! I also rushed in doing this splice to your post in a sense to add a bit of dimension only because you told me about it once before, how the Polar Bears coming around the villages there, and I’ve had some experience with wildlife rescue; also took some certification courses for rehabbing and that with my wildlife advocacy work coupled with my photography background had led me to compiling some extensive photo files with many good shots of nature. So then, this popped in my head like a lightning bolt to add this content to your story via an in-depth comment; to perhaps help people grow in appreciation of what you were saying about your wonderful area and even think about supporting animals more through various outlets. I was in the middle of a writing project that’s taking much time but dropped it yesterday to put something I felt inspired to help with, so I’m very happy it meets with your approval and liking!!! I was just in a pinch it seems to decide going with my gut or more aptly said, my Faith, how to proceed and I did my best I hope. πŸ€— Thanks again for bringing this beautiful but very important nature matter to our attention and allowing me the opportunity to serve in some way the interests of the wild ecosystem and your community along with an enhanced inspirational dimension of our spiritual faith being exercised and explored in the process! . πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ˜‡ ❀️ πŸ˜‡ πŸ™ πŸ™
        Brother in Christ Jesus,


      2. Hi Lawrence – Thanks again for posting this information. Excellent that you have been involved in wildlife rescue and advocacy work!
        I was involved with a lobby last year to pursuade the Canadian govt. To prohibit keeping marine animals in captivity.
        Our lobby succeeded.
        We may not have tourists this year, but when we do, part of our job here is to watch the whale watchers.
        Several times we’ve reported tour boats who come too close to the whales and harass them when they are feeding.
        When the whales get angry, they make loud noises by slapping their tails against the water.
        So, we watch out for the whales !
        Thanks again, Lawrence ! πŸ€—

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      3. Come on, Lordy! Sally, that is great that you took a petition to the Canadian govt. and got them to change policy or improve protections for the marine life in that territory!!! My hat is off to you and your lobby group for doing such a tremendous job in that effort! Often times we humans have neglected the critical needs of the environment and the multitude of wildlife that depend on its viability sadly wreaking so much havoc and decimation of many species so unnecessarily! I’m one for maintaining balance within our abundant ecosystem and allowing all life to flourish as much as possible which is being a good shepherd and steward which is our responsibility spelled out clearly in Scriptures, of the gifts God has given to His children to appreciate! That is so good how you folks will be watching out for the whales; as of course anyone with their wits knows that is a species that was nearly hunted to extinction with industrial scale whaling operations and their habitat or food sources has simultaneously been severely depleted! A world without whales to me would be a sin, because they are intelligent loving leviathans of the oceans that are breathtaking to observe but more important to me they are another miraculous creation of our Great All Loving Almighty God! I love whales and having them on this planet and in the many oceans or seas is imperative as an integral part of the web of life on earth; which we must watch after with great care! I thank you for them and from my heart a big hug for the good you do as well as inspire others to do!
        You’re always welcome my friend and let’s all watch out for the whales!!!πŸ€—


      4. Thanks, Lawrence, I agree about how important it is to defend God’s creatures.
        Sometimes there are as many as seven whales in the ‘backyard’, jumping and splashing around. They put on a magnificent display. πŸ€—

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      5. Oh WOW! Sally what’s better than that to have a front row seat to such magnificent beauty and on such a grand scale that most people never observe in that personal up close manner; in the actual environment! Never mind Theatre in the Round or Jumbotron TV, you have Theater of the World on your doorstep! Yes, to protect and be the Good Stewards that God points out to us clearly in Holy Scriptures is our responsibility when we can, and shows respect not only to the ecosystem we are part of here but to God for giving this abundance, for us to be a part of in His glorious plan! Keep enjoying all of it and when possible share a tidbit or two so I can savoy the greatness that you are witnessing, at least using my imagination! Thanks! πŸ€—

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  2. I just shared your post with my son, we loved it. On the fly he remarked “that’s just the tip of the iceberg” – clever fellow. I wish I was there with him to see the icebergs, but I can’t so thank you!! – David

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  3. “an ice floe carrying a hungry Polar Bear landed in our village. He was attracted to our local fried chicken diner by the wonderful smell.” Ah Hahaha I relate to this bear πŸ™‚

    So interesting. You live in such a beautiful place!

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  4. It sound like your community is an exciting place to live. Imagine being able to see these wonderful polar bears. But I can just imagine how frightening it must be to see an hungry polar bear in town. Thanks for sharing.


  5. How happy I am to have found your blog today! I am concerned about the effects of climate change on the survival of our beautiful polar bears. Your story reminds me that there is a rhythm to life … and my concern needs to find solace in that rhythm. I have not found another Newfoundland friend on the web. It’s nice to make your acquaintance. I’ll be back!

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    1. Hi Jan ! It is nice to meet you !
      Yes, for sure, I agree. Polar Bears were never designed to look for fried chicken at Newfoundland outports…πŸ€— I look forward to reading your blog posts too .

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      1. Bless you for adding JanBeek to your reading list! I pray you find joy , inspiration, and positivity that’s contagious on JanBeek. Have a Wonderful Weekend!

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  6. Struggling to follow the blog currently but I’ll persevere. We used to fly though Gander and St John’s regularly so always enjoyed seeing the ever changing landscapes. Thank you for your views entwined with spirituality.

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    1. Hi !
      It is a funny and amazing place here.
      Due to climate change, these big bears are increasingly stuck on ice floes and end up floating South, to end up in Newfoundland. So we are cautious in the Spring…πŸ€—


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