Banned Indefinitely

How are you doing ?

We already live in isolation, but we are following social distancing guidelines too.

Rural Newfoundlers were dismayed when our Minister of Health announced that shed parties had been banned indefinitely. I have heard that such parties can get quite lively, although I have never been invited to one.

Rural Newfoundlanders like to party in their sheds, which are sometimes quite large.

During this lockdown, people have had much more time to reflect about spiritual matters, and the fragility of life.

I wonder if our churches and places of worship will be busier after this pandemic ends. Only God knows.

Pictured is our empty fishing harbour.

19 thoughts on “Banned Indefinitely

  1. A beautiful photo and the scenery, simply awesome.
    I do hope the churches will have more converts when things return to their new normal … but like you say, we shall see. I hope we remember to be kind to each other and remember we all live this life together and it can be so much better if we can live and let others live.
    Only time will tell what the new normal will be, I hear talk of some version of social distancing until the development of a vaccine.
    The US Government are talking slowly re-opening in states that are able to do so, no word on how soon … I have also hear that China has seen some resurgence in infections.

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  2. Hi Sally! Well I guess you can’t miss something you never had as they say, so those cozy party sheds for you won’t be cramping your style at least right? I can see why some folks in a remote colder long winter region would relish their fun times because I think there’s a real chance of cabin fever setting in under normal conditions for some people feeling too cut off or isolated but with this terrible pandemic it has to take some toll on people feeling so restricted and held back that boredom and frustration can be serious even downright bad for someone’s health. But, the big caveat to me is that being in the digital age there are so many things to look into or all these platforms to keep connected even if a sedentary activity its does keep one from being bored, and then to have a good exercise routine would keep one in pretty good shape both physically and emotionally. I pray that things start moving back to normal for you out there soon. Here they just announced the President with his task force is looking to gradually start the economy back up according to very specific data by the middle of May. 🙏 🤗

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    1. Hi Lawrence ! Yes, rural Newfoundlanders are very fun loving. And very musical.
      Luckily I have my little iPad to stay connected to the world. I’ve been armchair travelling, on YouTube. Yesterday I visited Sweden and Belgium!
      Our leaders have important decisions to make, and let’s pray that they be guided by the Holy Spirit. 🤗

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      1. Hi Sally! 🤗First the last point is imperative and we need our leaders to not have any partisan political agendas at all in motion and just be in tune with the Holy Spirit and seek the guidance from God that is necessary in any of these enormous decisions they are going to make! We pray this and with all of our hearts that this horrible tragedy will hopefully go as quickly as it came. Yes, I could figure music being a major pastime for folks out your way and that is fun too, having musical talent can make for some wonderful experiences and it’s very good for the heart and soul too. One of my sisters loves doing the same thing you do she is always telling me she visited this place or that and makes notations of various things! It does sound enjoyable being a virtual tourist without all of the actual travel and expense; as well too, the potential dangers these days it might be the best way to learn about places we always wanted to visit but couldn’t. I haven’t even tried this traveling technique in the comfort of my home yet; but I’m sure I’ll get around to doing it one day. Years ago I did visit Belgium and many of the Northern European countries with some buddies when I was a bit more footloose and fancy free; it was quite a trip and we all had a great time as well as stayed sensible and safe considering it was just a half dozen guys on the loose in Europe, LOL!
        I know you do so much to be connected to the outside world in such a nice way and so I’m happy for you being at least comfortable with this current crisis in this regard, as you can pretty much continue your usual activities unabated and that is great! Thanks for the good perspective and the photo is very cool.
        Continued blessings and good health to you and yours!

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      2. 🤗 Sally, it was a blast but we didn’t make it to any Southern European countries only because of time constraints. Our final tour excursion was through the British Isles and then we had to end our trip to fly back to JFK where it began, after three weeks of adventure!

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  3. I think you live a beautiful spot in Canada. We used to live in Steveston (south of Vancouver) and on the water, on the dike actually, and it was a beautiful spot.
    There will be lots of changes, this was a major event around the world. I am sure many are rethinking their lifestyle and thinking about life, death and priorities.


    1. Hi Dave ! That sounds like a beautiful place, Steveston. Penticton is awesome too, with such a gentle climate.
      Yes, I agree, hopefully many people will re-think their priorities. Hopefully God will be given the glory and honour that he deserves.
      Thanks for your kind comment. 🤗

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  4. Wow. I can’t get over the emptiness of that harbor. In my area, people are not staying at home even though they are being fined $1,000 for violating social distancing. When I took the cat for surgery last week, I could not get over the amount of traffic that there was. We do not have any places here that are vacant like that. I do hope that more people will be in church when this is over. I’ve also been praying for Jesus to come soon. Stay safe.

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    1. Hi Rachel !
      I hope that your kitty is doing well after surgery. People react so differently to being told to stay at home. Sounds like some folks in your area are reluctant to co-operate, despite the large fines.
      Yes, Rachel, I agree, I wish the churches will be fuller when this ends.
      Thanks for your comment. I know that your kitties are being good company.
      I love cats so much. 🤗


  5. I am happy to say my state of Oklahoma is taking sheltering at home and social distancing very seriously, and the benefits are paying off. Our President is leaving it up to the Governors to decide when to re-open their state. I have a feeling it will be a slow process, which is okay with me if it means erring on the side of a gradual process rather than too quickly and experiencing a relapse. Hang in there and be safe!

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    1. Hi !
      I’m glad to hear that Oklahoma is staying safe during these unusual times. Let us stand united in prayer for everyone to follow guidelines, and may God grant great discernment and wisdom to all of our leaders. 🤗

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