A Prayer For Hands

Do you think that the current pandemic has made us think differently about hands ?

We all have been made aware of the germs, viruses, and bacteria that can exist on human hands. Hopefully, handshaking will now become a thing of the past, as people see no further need to exchange germs.

I suspect that we may see different attitudes towards women’s long fingernails as well. Research studies provide much evidence that bacteria and germs can hide under the ends of long fingernails. This is especially true of gel, acrylic, or paste on nails.

I never did understand the purpose of long nails. With nails like that, how could I play my guitar, massage my husband’s back, or bake bread ?

When I was young, women still wore gloves. In the summer these were white. I still wear gloves, and recently ordered these gloves to wear to church this Sunday.

However, there will be no church service, and so these gloves will be a special reminder of the Year that we could not gather for our joyous Holy Celebration. Let us ask God for the grace of patience, until we can safely meet in public groups again.

Happy Easter .

21 thoughts on “A Prayer For Hands

  1. Hi Sally this is a good point to bring up! I just was talking to a sister on the phone and we talked about this very thing of how I usually out of showing courtesy and friendliness to people in general and especially this guy that lives not too far from my home hat always when walking his little chiwawaha dog does pick him up a lot after they walked all over the area and even on some streets where I’m sure some guys spit on the street and at the very least driving all those vehicles all over creation having the tires having come in contact with only God knows what on all those roads or city streets, like worse things even than that spit along with dead animals or road kill which are sometimes skunks and whatever so we can imagine the potential of hands like that being loaded with germs and perhaps pathogenic organisms and he I always shake his hands when he extends it! My sister said after this terrible pandemic is over maybe people will; be back to regular social distances but won’t want to go touching all those people’s hands and surely wash off anything from the produce section of the market with more than water I told he before this mess we’re in I always took broccoli and get the steamer pot going full boil then before placing the florets into the top pot I blanch then in the boiling water to rove germs and also the chemicals that could be on then in residual amounts if not totally organic. You must have read my mind or go a single from above to touch on this no touch subject for health!

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    1. Hi Lawrence ! This is a good idea regarding broccoli.
      We are isolating up here, even though we already live in isolation ! A kind young friend has been going shopping for us. Shields have been placed to protect cashiers. I hope hand shaking stops. I have small hands, and have received a few “painfull” handshakes. Happy Easter to you and your family. 🤗

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      1. I should stop shaking hands just for that other reason you mentioned, I always gripped the hand and applied pressure with strong hands, so why should I crunch the hand of a nice lady like you is a good example of why it’s better to bow one’s head; or just say I appreciate knowing you. Going into my cave world now to pray and then be watching a portion of The Passion of The Christ and cry out of sheer joy feeling from my heart and imagination God’s presence while watching that film and the boundless love Jesus has for me a mere broken and fallen sinner not worthy to be in His Father’s presence as I am. Tomorrow being Easter of course, is when I typically watch the rest of the film early and cry more then go to Latin Mass and feel so alive and inspired with the fact of knowing Him and His love for me that intimately, but then being a part of His Victory over all things seen and unseen! It simply blows me away! God Bless You and Yours and let’s all feel that eternal unfathomable love He is sending out to us right now and always. Amen. 🤗


  2. Happy Easter, Sally. I didn’t know you could still buy summer gloves. I remember one pair of white gloves I had with some cutwork on the cuff part. They were really pretty. But I wore them when I went visiting once, and left with only one of them. I think their little boy had hidden it somewhere never to be found again. He put my friend’s purse in the freezer that night, too. He was quite the little rascal. It will be good when we can get back to gathering together in person instead of on a computer monitor. God bless.

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  3. Those gloves are beautiful! And I’m definitely with you about long nails, as I type a lot and also play guitar (sometimes) 🙂 Thankfully, I learned not to touch my face from being a waitress. Never thought that would come in so handy!

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