Lessons From a Tunic

Have you ever had a dangerous shopping experience ?

In the Jerusalem Old City Market, our group was walking along briskly.

I was lagging behind, because I was shopping for a white tunic made of Egyptian cotton. This type of cotton has long fibres and makes a beautiful, durable fabric.

Because of my intense focus on my shopping, I found myself separated from the group!

Suddenly I felt two strong arms grab me from behind. My ‘kidnapper’ pulled me into the back of one of the shops, and quickly fastened a silver necklace around my neck. He demanded that I pay him three hundred American dollars for the item.

I knew I was in danger, and so I bartered with the man, hoping someone would figure out where I had disappeared to.

The minutes dragged by, and then I heard a loud baritone voice yell : ‘Leave her alone !’ It was Father Matthew, the leader of our group. As a good shepherd, he realized that one of his sheep was missing, and he came looking for me.

When he asked how I had gotten lost, I explained that I was shopping for a tunic. Father Matthew came with me then, and waited while I bought one. He then carried my shopping bag, and we walked to rejoin our group.

Spiritual sheep need to be together. We are vulnerable, and unhappy when separated from our groups. This is the time when we are unable to gather in public, and so we cling even more closely to the words and the guidance of Jesus, our Great High Priest. We believe what the scripture has taught us, and we know that we are continually in the hands of The Good Shepherd.

31 thoughts on “Lessons From a Tunic

  1. Sally, so sorry you had such a freight put into you, and that shows us how you say we should stay with the flock; strength in numbers, especially when in dangerous surroundings because there are always predators or nefarious sorts lurking about and father Matthew being a Good Shepherd was full aware of the dangers when you were not, even compared to how we should abide in the Good Shepherd of humanity Jesus Christ to be sure we don’t run into things we have no awareness of or put us at risk. Of course I used to be the way father was watching over my younger sisters growing up a couple of them being my baby sisters; but I will say like I did to my sisters many times, what if I’m not around or nobody that cares for you enough; then you will have little to no chance of not being victimized! WOW, good I wasn’t on that trip that scene would have gotten me to react maybe like the good father did I can do that, or if my Italian blood boiled there would have been at least some verbal fireworks and perhaps more trouble than it was worth! Thank dear Jesus you were unharmed and can teach by your own example this way! Good for you and God for you! 🤗 God Bless!

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    1. Thanks, Lawrence for your kind comments. It was nice that you watched over your siblings. Yes, Lawrence, we should stay with the flock. As Christians, we are in the world, but we are not of the world, for we have been pulled out of the world through our faith in Jesus. 🤗

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      1. Precisely Sally! The ways of the world are crooked!
        “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” Matthew 7:13-14
        Couldn’t be any clearer than that! I admit as a much younger man my faith was intact but I thought we could have a lot of slack just because society was becoming more liberal, but I never went along with most of it, but still all of it was foolish. Jesus plainly tells us to be vigilant and weary of this material world and you and I know the evil uses many snares or deceptions in this world! Societal norms were giving rise and license to so much decadent behavior, which is ruinous to our morality and actual hearts! I grew up with some guys that went over the top and disaster. You take care and have a lovely weekend; I need to rest more hopefully to shake loose what ails me. Thank you. 🤗

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  2. What a terrifying experience. I’m so relieved your leader found you and led you to safety! And, yes, we need to maintain links with other Christians at this time. We need to be alert to the fact that isolation makes us vulnerable. Thank you for the encouragement you share here.

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  3. lovely tunic, and I would love to travel to Jerusalem one day. My frightening experience was at the public market in Istanbul – it is a huge market and once inside quite safe, but approaching the doors to enter I and my wife were tightly surrounded by people trying to sell us things. Frightening and they were pressing hard against us because people behind them were trying to get closer also. Our guide spoke to them in Turkish and they allowed us to pass.

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    1. Yes, that sounds very frustrating.
      I have been interested in Turkey since you posted the photo of the delicious Baklava.
      Today I have been exploring Istanbul on YouTube !
      Real travel is not an option now, but I was fascinated with the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. And, of course I visited on-line Turkish restaurants too.
      Thanks for commenting on my post🤗.

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  4. Wow that was scary! I’m thankful Father Matthew noticed you were missing. I’m also thankful our Good Shepherd watches over us daily. Thanks for sharing Sally! ❤️

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  5. Amazing! When I was in Jerusalem with a group from our church, many years ago, an older couple became separated from us in the Muslim quarter. I went to search for them and found them surrounded by several men, being harassed by them. I raised my voice and told them to leave my friends alone. I walked through the men, took each of my friends by the arm and hurried them away from there. A very intense experience . . .!

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  6. Hi Sally, this is an emotional story. I am so glad everything turns out great. Your story is a perfect example of the Good Shepherd who is always looking out for us. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Hi Beverley ! Thanks for your comment. As the hymn : ‘Amazing Grace tells us:
      ‘ through many dangers , trials, and snares, we have already come…’ A good shepherd always looks after his flock like ‘The Good Shepherd🤗

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  7. Really moving story but also a true reflection of the need to have a shepherd watching out for us.
    What I have found in my life is that when things seem to be going wrong in my life the shepherd who is Jesus Christ will guide me back to the path I should follow or guide someone into my life and I am so eternally grateful for the knowledge that I have of that.
    I hope that you are staying safe and well and my thoughts and prayers reach out to you and your family 🙏🤗

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    1. Hi Paul !
      Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, I so agree with you.
      Just when I have veered off course, sometimes seriously, the good shepherd, Jesus, has come to find me.
      Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound…
      I hope that you and your loved ones are also doing well.
      God, as always, is in control. We will trust, and not be afraid. 🤗🌷


      1. I am so eternally grateful for the knowledge that I have knowing the love of My Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ and his ability to change lives forever.
        I have some health issues within the family but I am accepting of God’s will and I know that everything will work out as it should. 🙏
        I hope that you and your family are also staying safe and well during these challenging times. 🤗🙏

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