The Last Roses

Are you confident in sharing the good about Jesus with strangers ?

I confess that although I enjoy writing about the Lord, I am less comfortable sharing the life-saving message of Salvation person to person.

I realized that with the Holy Spirit’s help, I could do so much better in this area. I learned this today when I was driving to my friend Bonnie’s flower shop to pick up some roses.

A man was riding a bicycle down the middle of the road . I had to slow down, and it gave me time to carefully study the message that he had written on the back of his blue jacket.


There, on the back of his jacket, this evangelist had written a summary of the message of Christianity !

These will be the last roses sold for awhile in our town, as shops are closing.

I thought of the women in Columbia who grow these beautiful flowers. They often work under very difficult conditions to support their families. I prayed for them, and for the people facing job loss globally, as this virus crisis continues.

The bicycle rider taught me the importance of sharing the Gospel in its simplest form : Jesus is the answer. Let us trust him for everything. Let us trust, and not be afraid.

35 thoughts on “The Last Roses

    1. Hi ! Thank-you. That is snow, and more is expected tonight. Spring comes slowly to Newfoundland. However, summers can also be quite hot here.
      There is salt on our windows. It also creeps inside the house and settles on the windowsills. 😁

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  1. The message beautiful and especially rings true as currently we cannot do much but trust Jesus for everything. It was by divine purpose I believe that you and the bike rider’s path crossed.
    Love the post.

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  2. Hi Sally, yes such beautiful roses and lets pray they won’t be the really last as in the whole world and us run-out of time; but hopefully soon enough normalcy will return like a fresh new dawn with a reassurance that by faith more will trust in the Lord and in so doing put off the final days for a long enough period of time to save all the souls that can possibly be, and God already knows when that moment will come so we just need to accept that and make the best of all He provides to us in the meantime! Amen. 🤗

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    1. Hi Lawrence !
      I join you in prayer that the world will return to “normal”, but let us pray that it will be a better, gentler normal, where people will humble themselves daily and recognize that God expects, and deserves our highest praise and honour.
      I felt sad yesterday when I saw that most of the magnificent flowers that the Netherlands produces will be destroyed this year, as there is little demand for flowers.
      In traditional Catholicism, the belief is that flowers are created in honour of Mary, and that the rose is Mary’s favourite.
      So I have always had roses in my home, until now.
      In our community, in the summer, wild roses grow everywhere, and the delightful scent of roses is everywhere.
      This particular type of rose is called Rosa Rugosa. It is a bush rose that can withstand the salty air.
      Thanks for your kind comment.
      As always, I continue to pray : “For the sake of his sorrowful passion, have mercy on us, and on the whole world.” 🤗

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      1. 🤗 Hi Sally! Yes my mother would always grow rose bushes around the home when I was a kid for those same reasons too! I’ve always loved the smell of them and why else did the old adage come about to “take time to smell the roses!” I’ll be quite frank I try holding out hope that goodness in the majority will prevail and override all of the current and near future difficulties that will come, but, when I see the reactions or responses to what is going wrong for humanity right now by my own Democrat party who as an example tried to tie-in pork barrel funding for abortions to the worker safety net stimulus package that was ready for a vote last week and they still dig in their heels fighting to get such non-essential things at the expense of passing no relief; and then other nefarious types or powerful individuals here in America and abroad, especially including the Communist Chinese Regime; my expectations are dashed and subdued by the stark reality that there are some very wicked sinister people in high places that are actually working against humanity, to serve their own agendas and that in turn is serving the master of all lies! Sad but true, things are looking much worse because of certain people not because of life in general or nature; I think God and all of the usual mechanics of life on earth would work themselves out according to His glorious plan, but the vast numbers of bad players are working the resistance now in earnest to ruin which is a direct blow to all of us who want peace and prosperity. Perhaps the roses being eradicated this way is a sad omen of what’s to come and the devil is getting his due from his minions. Yes let’s keep praying for God’s mercy and deliverance from the current harbinger of death. Amen.
        BTW, that photo of your first born with you doting over him really is a most precious photo and both you and child looked perfect! Thanks for sharing that beauty and gift of human life from our Father in heaven. I still think of that image often lately; like when I saw the grandmother with her granddaughter!


      2. Hi Lawrence ! Thanks for your observations and comments. Nice that your mom also grew roses.
        Alas, something has been done to commercially grown roses, so that they have no smell.
        Lawrence – Thanks for the comments about the picture of me with my son. We hired a professional photographer for that day, and my son was wearing his great-grandfather’s Christening gown.
        In times such as these, it is comforting to remember all the beautiful moments in our lives.
        Is it Spring weather now where you live?
        We are expecting another storm here. We usually have one last storm before it gets warmer.
        Do you have many colourful birds where you live ?
        I find nature, and birds and gardening comforting, and they help me to stay focused on God’s goodness. 🤗

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      3. Hi Sally! You’re welcome and always glad to try sharing something worthwhile or hopefully inspiring. I could see the perfection of the photo not just how perfect you and your child appeared without a doubt, but the technical expertise caught my eye also; now this all fits nicely! We all have so many memories and a myriad of blessings throughout our lives, to I think hold us together and comfort us when faced with the trials and tribulations; my dad always said from when I was a boy, “you need to accept things at times and make the best of it.” And he would explain how we should be willing to “take the bad with all of the good which far outweighs our difficulties.” Just the fact of how miraculous life is to me is a mind blowing experience, and Einstein said he was “in awe every day.” Yea, the weather spiked up a few times and we hit about 70 F a couple of days which is unusual and then for almost a week the temperature was in the upper 50’s F each day and above freezing at night! Then last week it go more typical and the daytime temp was only mid to upper 40’s with overnight temps just below freezing, which is annoying because I actually keep a birdbath supplied with a fresh water drip for all the fine feathered friends that love to splish-splash in it and sing all so excited and happy that they have that luxury which no one else around here does. So on those cold nights when it all freezes up I have to bring out a 5 gallon bucket of hot water to melt the ice and get the water line free of it, or if too frozen I get the birdbath free of any ice and put warm water in which usually stays liquid once the sun is beating down on it good. I also put our suet cakes and plenty of loose mixed seeds throughout a wide area to accommodate all kinds of birds that visit and they’re even waiting for me some mornings sitting perched watching at the crack of dawn as I get things ready. That’s why I had that mourning dove that flew through the window they come in flocks practically and many other species from red winged blackbirds and robins which are spring migratory ones and all year plenty of blue jays, starlings pigeons, chickadees, cardinals, sparrows and others but by late spring all of the very colorful ones come long like golden finches and some infrequent but very unusual ones. I spend about a few thousand dollars a year on all the seed and whatnot, even black oil sunflower seeds that I buy by the 50 lbs. bag for many of the birds, but especially for the squirrels that I leave handfuls in various strategic locations for along with peanuts in the shell. I’ve had squirrels I’ve rescued that got injured and those particular ones and others get to know and trust me well enough that they will take a peanut from my fingertips. I actually miss the ones I grow that close to when after a few years or a bit more they will not be around any longer due to a tough life and predation. Last winter I had been in a local discount store and a woman I almost bumped into in an aisle with a huge display rack sitting there that had calendars on it, when I said oh those are nice looking photos on those calendars to which she replied with a Russian accent, “here why not buy one they are only three dollars,” and the one she handed me had the most beautiful yellow topical bird on the cover which are never in this area this far north but I said, you know that is a nice looking bird and I’m going to buy this one thank you! All the other calendars were different but that one had the yellow bird I loved. Within a few weeks of getting the calendar I was looking out back on a very cold winter morning in late February and I always see many of the birds out there having a feast but to my surprise I saw the same yellow bird on the calendar sitting on a small tree branch and then feeding on seed strewn on the snow covered ground and moving or flying about the area with some sparrows, I didn’t imagine or dream this I took photos, but I kept up the vigil of watching for the bird each day for weeks because I was figuring it must have come up north maybe along the Gulf Stream off the Atlantic coast during a huge storm which we did have with significant snow a few times during that winter. It kept showing up and seemed to be actually adapting, but then it was gone so I wondered if it fell prey to some predator or if it decided to head a little more south after building up its reserves on all the goodies I left out there until it instinctively knew it was ready to leave, because there was snow on the ground all over the place so it would be slim pickings for a while, till it got at least into the Carolina’s, where it felt more at home and then eventually on to Florida, because this was a very tropical bird. 🤗


      4. Hi Lawrence ! I read this 3 times, because it was so nice to read your description of the birds, and the squirrels. How beautiful ! And the description of the yellow bird was interesting.
        My family home, growing up, was a kind of ‘bird praradise’ , and my dad put out birdbaths and feeders, and we loved all the birds, and their beautiful singing ! Reading your description brought back many memories. We also had mourning doves that would nest in the cedar hedges.
        Alas, this close to the sea we do not have many birds.
        It is when times are challenging, like they are now, that nature comforts us.
        I spend a lot of time at Bonnie’s flower shop buying plants and flowers, and outdoor plants for my garden. I enjoy watching plants and flowers grow. 🤗

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      5. Hi Sally! Happy to hear that all of these thoughts connect so well with your childhood and bring back such cherished times from you memory. Apparently you and your family going back loved interacting with and observing nature as I did growing up and especially with my paternal grandparents who did pretty much the same thing you and your family did; and as I do now! My grandparents at one point had over 30 acres with much of it along and part of some dense forest. Wild blueberries and raspberries were easy to find and eat in the growing season along with my grand’s having a small farm going with some fresh fruits and vegetables. Aren’t they amazing how so many different types of birds have all their own unique songs and they sing so beautifully like you said! I suppose those memories are a powerful anchor in your heart and soul that fill you now even though you’re miles and years apart from that actual place where you once lived; but nevertheless the connection is always there especially for those of us that are so appreciative and attuned to God’s magnificence in all the beautiful things He has created. Now that can carry over into your current natural surroundings, where you become attuned like you have to the planting and growing season and even your seagull visitor among other wildlife that surely make their appearances from time to time! Many years ago when I was a teen I used to love putting a large garden in each spring on the family property and watch all the beautiful veggies and fruits grow along with lots of marigolds interspersed throughout, that smelled great to me, but kept those beetle bugs away from the tomatoes! You’ve got me thinking how I may have skipped a few years here at my home growing some vegetables and perhaps this year I should get a good size one going, I’ll have to consider the possibilities!


      6. Hi Lawrence ! These are beautiful memories !
        I notice that you mention marigolds, these are named after Mary.
        It is a healthy hobby to grow things. And, it is always nice to grow food that we know has no pesticides on it.
        Thanks for writing about nature – this is very comforting. 🤗

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      7. Agree with all you said and it certainly is one of the kinds of things that are soothing to think about and get involved in as the weather improves. That’s right and I wasn’t even thinking that, but long ago the Marigolds were key in my family’s garden based on that fact too because my mother’s mom had gardens all of her life and knew the techniques such as using the Marigolds and she was also a devout Catholic praying her rosary.

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  3. God is in everyone and everything, after the winter comes the spring ,
    The bells of joy  start to ring ,
    Rebirth of livelihood is a wonderful  thing ,

      The divine is here , there and everywhere,
    For all of us , God would care ,
    Dare to believe that life is fair ,

    In the darkness of the night,
    Stars could be shining bright,
    The moonlight shows  up in our sight ,
    Being from the divine light ,
    Things are marvelous  and white,
    With God , by your side , nothing to fear and nothing to fright,
    Gather in love and with the almighty God unite ,
    Our powers we gather and
    May almighty God ,  the warm flames of justice and love in the world ignite


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