Are you comfortable when you are alone ?

These days, we have many fewer distractions, and how we feel about ourselves becomes evident. Christians have no need to compare themselves with anyone, for the Bible tells us that we are God’s chosen people, and Royalty.

(1 Peter 2:9)

When we receive Christ’s gift of inner peace, nothing frightens us. Unbelievers are watching us now, more than they ever have. Will we show them the calm that a genuine relationship with Jesus brings us?

For hundreds of years, some Christians have felt the need to bicker, and to divide themselves into little groups, hurling insults at each other, in particular, at Catholics, like me.

Churches are closed now, including the eight, (yes, eight !) In our tiny village on the sea.

Do you think God might be trying to tell us something ?

The picture is of me, and my first-born, on the day of his baptism.

50 thoughts on “Royalty

      1. Hi Sally! I love this article and the photo is superb in highlighting the mother/child bond from conception to birth and this reminds me how it still goes on growing forever because only a mother has that unique connection with another human being which is obviously the closest two humans can ever be physically and spiritually; the two were as one in a sense for a time so this makes a mother the most precious person to the child and the same goes for a mother’s love for her own precious child! Some very good and valuable points are brought out here! I also see the contrast abundantly in how giving and sharing this mother/child relationship is which is what God wants us all to focus on; is the sharing and bonds of love for each other, but then plainly we can now see the opposite in the world with this I believe overplayed pandemic scare by the Globalists and nefarious in the world who by their actions in conjunction with then the peoples of the secular culture hoarding and grabbing or taking and not thinking about sharing and giving; which are the opposite values that Jesus taught us when here on earth and by his ultimate sacrifice of his life for us in order that we may have life and have it abundantly; they show so little or no faith in God! Do we see many out in the public giving and looking out for the needy more than we see the taking and hoarding; not really, and the NWO globalists promote this behavior which is not from God but the evil one. β€œGreater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13 (KJV). Mothers put everything at risk when they have a child because they are putting their own life on the line! We should all remember that and thank our mothers and all of them; for the great good they do!

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  1. There are two me’s inside. One of them enjoys crowds and knows how to be the life of the party. But the other me is the one that I admittedly enjoy more. He’s the one who gets more energy from being alone. When I am alone, my Creative abilities tend to sore.

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    1. Hi Perry !
      It sounds to me like you an an “ambivert”, the personality type that enjoys both solitude and being the life of the party.
      Every good party needs life ! 😁


  2. You are right about how nonbelievers will be watching us.

    My friends, if this crisis has let your selfish side come out, please, please, please find others who need the things you are hoarding & give them away! Yes, I said give them away. If you had the abilty to buy a years worth of supplies, you really don’t need any of it. There are those who live paycheck to paycheck & by the time they got to the store there was nothing left for them. Think of the single mom who needs the baby wipes that you bought “just in case”. Does anyone really need 48 jars of peanut butter or 12 gallons of milk. No!

    We need to be showing love & charity to one another. If you can’t do that you should read Mark 10:17-27.

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    1. Thanks for your wise and profound comment.
      So true ! I went grocery shopping yesterday, and the shelves were full. However, we are a tiny community, and the store owners wisely put limits on how much of certain items that people can buy.
      Our secular culture prioritizes the BODY , over the SOUL.
      Of course our bodies are magnificent, since they are temples of the Holy Spirit, but what is needed is more love and prayers for our fellows, rather than a fixation with TOILET PAPER.
      Toilet paper hoarders are speaking clearly about their values ! πŸ€—

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      1. Yes, what you are saying is so important, and absolutely true. Christ asks us to help in these times, rather than hoard.
        Actually, the only thing that was not in stock at our local store was the yeast I usually buy – I bought a different container, for baking bread. πŸ€—

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    1. Thank – you. ! To complete the beautiful memory, I remember that my son was sleeping while he was being baptised, but when the water was placed on his forehead, he opened his eyes, smiled….and then went back to sleep. πŸ€—
      May the Lord continue to bless us with many memories of his goodness and might.

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  3. There is always a message in whatever happens with us in life. We just need to decode it and live happily. This lovely picture of you two brought a smile to my face!😊


  4. Priceless photo, it actually reminds me of my wife and our daughter. Must be something about new mothers.

    I am a bit of both, I enjoy some alone time but not for long periods. I also believe all these denominations are kind of crazy, will be different neighbourhoods in heaven? I was raised Lutheran, but have attended Pentecostal, Alliance, Baptist churches.


    1. Hi Dave ! Thanks for your comment. Yes, as you say about your wife and daughter, there is a special bond between moms and babies.
      I’ve attended different denominations too, and have felt happy in all of them.
      God does not require uniformity from us, as we are all different. But he does ask for unity of spirit – we are all members of the body of Christ.
      Actually I am comfortable alone , but with groups as well.
      This personality type is the ambivert. I think Jesus was an ambivert too.
      He dealt with crowds, but needed to be alone sometimes, to pray, and to rest. πŸ€—

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  5. I am always perfectly happy to be alone. I enjoy being with people, but not in crowds. I’m thankful for telephones so I can keep in contact one on one with my friends, but I can also just enjoy the quiet of my apartment with no one else around. Like Perry, I’m much more creative when I am alone. Love that photo.


  6. Most of the time I enjoy being alone but there are times I could go crazy without people. At this time of social distancing, phone calls will do.
    I’ve always thought that God is telling the world through this situation that He is still God. If he wants to destroy this world, nothing and no one can stop him. May he have mercy on us all.
    You look gorgeous with your first baby. Beautiful.


  7. Cannot pass without a comment about the picture. Absolute perfection. You might wish to roll more of those lovely pictures out now that you are likely pretty much confined to finding interesting tidbits in your home.


  8. Beautiful picture of mom and baby, they do grow up so fast. I am of the mind set, to live and let live. I have no jurisdiction over the lives of anyone, except temporarily my children as I teach them to become adults. We can at least respect each others choices.

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      1. Hi ! A beautiful comment. Let us look at the aging process differently, and encourage society to do the same. It is a blessing to grow old.
        At the same time, I confess to having a weakness for watching YouTube videos on : “Make- up tips for older women .” Each day is God ‘s gift to us. 😊

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    1. Amen Temi, I agree. It is good to shut down such conversations.
      Hope that your little one is feeling better.
      Thanks for reminding us, in your latest post, to be aware of the needs of children.

      I am looking forward to reading your book. The cover is very powerful . πŸ€—

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