Logophile ?

I have a confession to make ; I am a logophile.

I suspect that you may be a logophile too. Don’t worry, though, this is nothing ‘bad’. ‘Logophile’ means a lover of words !

Writers are , by their nature, logophiles, because we love and appreciate the power of words. Jesus himself is known as ‘The Word made Flesh.’

Because we understand the great influence of words, we know how important it is to use our written and spoken words to encourage people. At the same time, it is beautiful to be encouraged by the words of others, and to train ourselves to listen carefully to people when they speak.

Being a logophile, I am also fascinated by other languages. Canada is officially bilingual in English and French. I also study Italian, Swedish, Arabic, Spanish, Tagalog, and German, which is closely related to English.

There is also another reason why I study other languages.

Numerous research studies have indicated that studying and speaking more than one language is an excellent way of preventing the development of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. This is another healthy aging tip !

Pictured is the present view from my window. The sea ice has come in. Once it retreats, the majestic icebergs will come !

Sea ice in Newfoundland is a sign of approaching Spring !

47 thoughts on “Logophile ?

      1. And then there is the magnificent excitement of seeing the first flower bloom. A friend and I have a friendly competition each year, to see whose garden will produce the first flower. 🤗 Last year, I won the ‘competition’, because I had planted brave crocuses. The name of the type of crocus I planted is a white kind called : ‘Joan of Arc.’ It bloomed on April 27th. 😄

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      2. That would be nice to see flowers so early. I have been studying Lebanon, and its beautiful scenery. I read that the city of Tripoli was established in the 14th century, and I was looking at pictures of it. Our little fishing village was also settled in the 14th century, when explorers from Italy came here and saw all the fish here. Thanks for sharing. Nice to hear from you. 🤗


      3. Sally what’s the word for today? While you’re making up your mind which is the favorite or most applicable could you read this please.
        🤗 Sally, thanks for the tremendous confidence in my outlook. Of courses it’s likewise. I have a sad note to make regarding people that call themselves Christians and many of them are pure die-hard protestants of the worst kind. I generally don’t bash anyone let alone people professing to be Christians, but be that as it may I had a couple of run-ins with what I call the self-righteous or even fake Christians, be they from a non-denominational or any of the major Churches that love to bash Catholics and immediately set out to crush a Catholic minding his or her own business on Word Press writing what suits their own interests and that is exactly how I treat those folks and actually many people that are from whatever denomination of Christianity I welcome and read their writings and have usually something positive to say or I would rather say nothing. I had done that just the other day and made a lovely comment about this person’s faith based statement and then I got back things I had written a year or more ago pasted with her statement of attack like this was a contest to prove who really loves Jesus and is a Christian; that were targeting my Catholic faith and beliefs, obviously a malicious intent by this person I feel is a very disturbed human being. But, I bring this up because we both have had firsthand experience of this sort which I’m starting to read as something much worse; because as we know Satan is a master at lies and saboatage and causing division or misery. I wanted to just know if you think it’s more personalities and headstrong individuals or do you get any indication of more nefarious designs at work. I have something I’m writing and will eventually publish about this discord but anything you say I will appreciate. Also, if you feel awkward because we are in a public forum, then by all means if you have anything to say you can email me and I will keep it strictly in that format never to be published or shared with anyone not even friends or family. I’m even in a slow conversation about this with my priest friend so you know my means and methods are serious and honorable. Just think about it if you can. Thank you.
        God Bless You and Yours. 🤗


      4. Hi Lawrence – It is very interesting that you note that some “Christians” think that Christianity is a contest to prove who is a Christian, and who is not.
        I have experienced attacks for being Catholic, but I have decided not to respond to those folks, although initially they upset me.
        It is good to stay focused on the Lord. Perhaps in these times, Jesus is showing us how important it is for all Christians to work together. 🤗

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      5. Hi Sally, yes I agree I hope its that benign; because I’m concerned it might be beyond what I interpret as trying to prove they are Christians and others are not, they seem to have a vitriol and even hatred; which I see going on with the Democrat party leadership here toward anyone that doesn’t support them. I see something very dark going on to truly divide and conquer and some supposed Christians are susceptible to evil influence by not sticking to what you just said working together as Christians and laying out the common foundational principles between each church rather than looking for fault and a reason to be on the attack; along with being a type of radical approach like Jim Jones was doing with his cult, more like using Christianity as a cover for dark ulterior motives and not doing anything relating to what Jesus taught and provided in the Holy Scriptures they concoct and twist them to suit their own designs. Funny I don’t see these tough guys and gals doing that in earnest to the Muslims or Jihadists its always some other Christians because they know they won’t get a big fight back or be in jeopardy, although I do give it back, I don’t take that BS from anyone they attack me or my Church they better get ready for some shock treatment with TRUTH! Plus the main objective with them is they just want to prove they are the real Christian’s and others are just fakes! Or as I feel concerned, that evil is attempting to attack good Christians just out of blind rage and hate and I have to be honest totally, it reminds me of the pre-WWII period with the hate that Hitler and the Third Reich propagated against Jews and others which is why I see it fitting a similar scenario or agenda in the world now as back then with major Catholic bashing and anti-Semitic hate. It’s very over the top and worrisome to me. Just couldn’t believe the gall of some lady I don’t even know who was on my list until I blocked her copying and pasting my past commentary in other blogs I wrote and attaching it to a nice comment I made to her current blog?! Go figure some really screwy or lost people that think they are Christian out there!
        If only all Christians would work together but that is not happening there are some messed up souls out there.


      6. Hi Lawrence ! I am a convert to Catholicism, and so I understand how protestants are conditioned to think about the Catholic Church.
        I was drawn to Catholicism because I saw that Protestantism is incomplete.
        I’ve had protestants write on my blog that they will pray for me to become a truly “born again” Christian, as they are …🤗
        Jesus prayed that his followers all be one. Divisions and rivalries between us cause distress. God knows everyone’s heart.
        This is a trying time with all the isolation.
        We are already in isolation here, at the edge of North America, but we are isolating too.
        I am happy for WordPress. Thanks for your insights. 🤗

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      7. You just said that correct incomplete and that is a fact I’ve done my homework and we go back to the Roman Empire when peter was forming the church as Christ instructed him to do! But early on many liberties and then later with reformation alterations messed it all up in my opinion. You are fine I just wish these jumpy people would get their heads wrapped around the TRUTH they have to be diligent and want to know the truth or they will be like cats chasing their tails! I’m sorry for your isolation and God works with that without a doubt so you will be fine its these people running around on the net or in the public that are messing with things way too much and aren’t trying to see clearly!
        Oh I know you don’t like loud sound but if you had the volume way down you could hear the original Hendrix version of the Bold as Love on my Blog it isn’t easy to get these days for some reason. Many of them are but that particular one was a needle in a haystack almost.
        Just thought of something you reminded me, I grew up with a buddy who was Scottish from Canada who was a Protestant and most of us in my neighborhood were Catholics or some Baptists. This friend was the most stubborn thick head of all my friends and arrogant, later he and others in his family became heavy drinkers and so I think these folks I’ve been referring to remind of him and are in denial like alcoholics to be quite frank! Yea, that’s it they won’t listen and are in denial but I don’t go looking for them or bug em about anything, they come hassle me! OH well.
        On and important note if you could say an extra little prayer for me, my chest if hurting more tonight and I know that Corona does a number on the lungs but I hope it will just be regular cold/flu! Thank you! 🤗
        🙏 🙏 😇 😇 🙏 🙏


      8. Hi Lawrence – I will definitely pray for you to feel better Lawrence.
        Yes, things did get very confusing so that now there are so many different denominations. In our town two denominations share one church. One group worships on Saturday, as they believe this is the Sabbath, and the other group worships on Sunday.
        I’m glad that I opened this message, so I will keep praying for you until you feel better. 🤗

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    1. Hi ! Thanks ! Yes, keeping the mind stimulated is important, and with youtube now available, language learning has become easier. I still look at the weather report in Perth, and am always happy to see the sunshine that you have there.
      God’s world is very diverse, and beautiful🤗.

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  1. There’s a word for it! 🙂 I struggle to explain to people how I can “love” some authors’ way of writing, or God’s Word, or why I love speaking other languages. Very interesting, thanks 😉

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      1. That is Korean, or Hangul. Thank-you. This is the first time I have learned about Hangul. It must be fascinating to use another alphabet as well. I am going to learn about Hangul.
        I have a friend who taught English in South Korea for 4 years. She loved the culture, and the food.
        We have ramen noodles available here, in our small village by the North Atlantic.
        Thanks so much for sharing. 🤗

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      2. You’re welcome! To be honest, it is VERY cool to use a new alphabet 😁 I feel like a kid again, learning. That’s wonderful for your friend 🙂 South Korea seems so interesting, and I hope my husband and I can go in the future. I have a blog post sharing easy tips to learn Korean, I’ll post it very soon in case it can help you or interest you. 🙂


  2. Yep! I’m one on those too. 🙂 I can look up a word in the dictionary and by the time I find it I have read definitions of countless other words I was not looking for. I studied French for 5 years in high school, but don’t remember a lot of it now. If I ever studied another language, it would be Greek or Hebrew, but I can’t see myself finding time or energy to do this now.

    That’s quite a view from your window. We have got rid of the snow–again. Hopefully for good this time. I can’t wait to see those flowers coming up around here. I hope they come early this year.

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  3. As always your posts are informative and enjoyable. Thanks for introducing me to a new word. It’s impressive that you speak many languages. I hope you get a picture of the icebergs when they come!! 🤗

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  4. I’m impressed by your languages and your view … I know nothing of your country but doubt I’d cope with that much ice/snow! I prefer more temperate climates … and I’m a logophile 🙂
    Thanks for teaching me a new word!


  5. This was a beautiful post! I have discovered something new by reading this post, I am also a logophile! I am really looking forward to reading more of your beautiful work and hope if you have the time you might check out my site. I love writing and enjoy trying to spread as much positivity as I can!

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  6. “I’ve had protestants write on my blog that they will pray for me to become a truly “born again” Christian, as they are …🤗” Sally, it doesn’t matter whether you are Catholic or Protestant, you can be born again. No one has the right to judge your heart in that way. If we are believers, we are all one in Christ, and that is the way He planned it to be. If we are not one here, how can we possibly be one in heaven? Just keep loving Jesus and serving Him, through this blog and in whatever other areas He leads you. May He bless you abundantly, especially during this isolation.

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