High Expectations !

Are you familiar with the term : ‘Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched ‘?

It means don’t make plans when something hasn’t happened yet.

Last year there was a frenzy of excitement in a neighbouring outport when the business operators ‘Bradley Brothers’ held a media conference in town ! They said that they were turning the former run-down shrimp processing plant into a marijuana growing operation ! Yes, marijuana growth, use and sales are legal in Canada !

In typical outport fashion, the residents made immediate plans. Dozens of high-paying jobs were anticipated to be shortly available at the plant.

People told their relatives, working in western Canada, that work would soon be available locally, and they could come home to their families.

As some outdoor work started on the old shrimp plant, the local credit union received applications from people applying for loans for trucks to drive to their new jobs.

When the huge letters ‘Bradley Brothers’ appeared on the run-down shrimp plant, it seemed like the deal was done.

Alas, the new business failed to materialize, the Bradley Brothers disappeared, and the loan applications were cancelled. No explanation was given, and rural Newfoundlanders did not ask any questions.

The long term studies of how ‘weed ‘affects the brain have not yet been completed.

The large sign : BRADLEY BROTHERS was never removed.

Pictured is a marijuana plant, artistically photographed, courtesy of Unsplash.

25 thoughts on “High Expectations !

  1. I’m thinking it’s just as well. As you say, studies haven’t been completed yet.
    My daughter grew up with years of debilitating migraines. We looked into virtually everything, and when she was in her late teens we asked our doctor about medical marijuana. She said she would never prescribe it to such a young patient that wasn’t terminal. She said that there were cases where pot triggered schizophrenia in people who were genetically predisposed to it. There was no way of telling if our daughter was one of those predisposed people until it happened, and in the words of our doctor, “Once a person loses touch with reality, there’s no coming back.” Scary stuff!

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      1. Thank you. She’s better able to deal with them, now that some of the worst things she feared didn’t come true. – That she wouldn’t be able to finish school, that she’d never get a job, that she’d never have a lasting relationship. She has bachelor’s and master’s degrees and a godly, loving husband. She is also a successful massage therapist, who is helping many other people who are in pain. πŸ™‚

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  2. πŸ€— Yes Sally! I love this old adage and words of wisdom; so true! I also love this one, “it’s not over till the fat lady sings;” which is right up my alley these days because of another great adage; “you can’t fight city hall.” The first two I abide in holding steadfastly to be so important, but the later I have ignored for some years now and though I’ve been ridiculed and took some lumps I’m not giving in an inch because government is out of control and very wicked these days in my estimation, which I think most sane people would agree; so I plan to be one of the thick heads that, “won’t take no for an answer,” “till the day I drop!” There we have two more to add to this little tally!
    Oh no, “hold the phone,” I almost forgot a huge one worth mentioning here, they can take the weed and “put it where the sun never shines!” Finally let’s say, “that’s a wrap!” πŸ€—



    1. Hahaha…😁 good adages, Lawrence. My husband and I have challenged the govt. here a number of times. We, like you, are determined. I find that most people give up too easily, and here, in NL, people are very passive ,and easily led.
      But, God is for us, he gives us discernment, and guides us. Thanks ! πŸ€—

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      1. Hahaha…😁 indeed we need it, the “laughter is good medicine.” “You said a mouthful,” Sister! You have me thinking adages automatically now; I didn’t give these any forethought they just came out according to what you wrote! You and your husband are fine examples of what God wants us to live according to or by, so that we apply His wisdom He gave to us in order that we can discern as you said, seeing into things as to their true character, meaning, intention if any and purpose! Very compelling thought provoking articles Sally; along with some good humor to boot lately, LOL! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘


      2. Hi Lawrence – my husband is a great user of adages, and I tell him that we are in a different culture here, and adages are different.
        For example, when we arrived here I asked my neighbour how she was doing, and she said : ” Oh maid, I finds me back”. And I just smiled, because I didn’t know what that meant. Finally I asked someone why Gertie was always finding her back, and the person explained that Gertie was telling me that her back hurts !
        So, if someone says : “I finds me leg”, that means that his leg hurts.
        I wish I had known this earlier , so that I could have been more empathetic to Gertie. πŸ€—

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      3. πŸ€— Don’t feel bad I wouldn’t of had a clue what the nice old lady meant either, but being the talker I am I would have dragged it out of her before hopefully she swat me over the head with a broom and say go home you brat!!! But I kid here I think I would have be very curious for sure and started talking to her or asking around right away to see what language or vernacular she was tossing my way! Very interesting, I hope I never have to β€œfinds me leg” that sounds painful! πŸ™β€
        Your husband sounds like a down to earth gentleman and funny when he wants to be lol! πŸ€—


      4. Yes, Lawrence, I should have asked her what she meant by that, for sure. Yes, my husband is funny and dramatic. We moved here initially because my husband had a heart condition, and we felt the fresh salt air would help him. It did ! He got stronger here, and in 2017 we travelled to Canada’s famous Heart Institute, where a brilliant surgeon repaired his heart. We lived in Ottawa, our capital city, until my husband recovered. He is doing well today.
        God heals us, physically and emotionally. 😁

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      5. Oh I think I know you, you wouldn’t want to possibly offend the old woman or put her off in some way, so you were gentle and patient and I can be too, but I tend to β€œpush the envelope,” another adage, as politely as I can, and β€œput on the old charm” if I must!!!
        What a great healing journey for the both of you Sally and you’re both a testimony of God’s loving and healing grace to His faithful! I pray that He will always give you every blessing you both deserve so much! Thank you for sharing and inspiring the way you do Sally! πŸ€—
        This just popped into my head; did you ever see the old movie β€œHeaven Knows Mr. Allison,” starring Robert Mitchum and Deborah Kerr? I think God reminded me about it just now like he does the character in the story speaking in his heart; who had a tough childhood, and orphan, growing up to then become a Marine and his whole life had purpose and was being directed he realized in the end by our Father in Heaven! A beautiful story and they made them so fantastic back then! I have it and have watched many times and always love the story again! Great director, John Huston!
        If you and your husband haven’t seen it you owe to yourselves and will love it, I promise you! I just reminded myself now I’m going to watch it again this weekend!

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  3. β™‘ I Guess it is a Question of Perspective EveryOne; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I Didn’t Rigidly, Inflexibly “Plan” to Live My 3DLife This Way but, boy, do I Have a Fluid and Flexible “Plan” for The Rest of My 3DLife



  4. Great lesson here of never counting your chicken before they are hatched. It is also a blessing in disguise because the factory may change your quiet town into something else.

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  5. Good morning Sally,
    I found your post both interesting and also very disturbing on a psychological level because people’s lives are worth lots more than empty promises.
    Unfortunately in today’s economic climate it is really difficult to see growth in some areas.
    I live in Pembrokeshire and we have similar problems with public announcements and consultations and big plans and yet nothing materialises.
    Milford Haven was built around fishing and yet today there is little fishing and associated industries.

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    1. Good morning !
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, it seems to be a common unfortunate problem of public consultations and big plans, and then having people’s hopes dashed.
      Newfoundland was once a colony of England, until 1949.
      Like Milford Haven, our town was built around fishing.
      Cod stocks became depleted, now we fish for crab, which is exported, mainly to Japan.
      Thanks again for your insightful
      comment. πŸ€—

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  6. Good word, Sally! Immediately I thought of times through the years when someone new would come to a town proclaiming the exact date that Jesus would return. I remember reading about people that emptied bank accounts, giving the money away, signing over the mortgage on their home, and giving cars and other items away; only to find out that the promised date came and went, and many were left homeless. We need God’s guidance and wisdom to navigate this life. Thank you sweet friend, for this important reminder. Blessings! β™₯


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