Time for a Change ?

Are you secretly uncomfortable with handshakes ? I am.

Handshaking started centuries ago in some cultures, as a way of two men showing each other that they were not carrying a concealed weapon.

Times have changed. Populations have grown, and germs have grown more dangerous.

I am not a germophobe, but my research into germs on the palms of hands has convinced me that perhaps it is time to eliminate handshaking. A recent study at the University of Colorado showed that, typically, 150 species of bacteria exist on human hands. Interestingly, this study also showed that usually, women’s hands contain more bacteria than mens’.

Does your physician shake your hand when you see him/her at the clinic ? Please ask your doctor not to. Have you often seen a physician wash her/his hands?

At our clinic , we are also considering getting copper door knobs, since few germs can live on copper. Many health care centres, especially in Europe, are already doing this.

A good greeting, moving forward, would be a smile, eye contact, and a word like ‘hello,’ or, popular in Newfoundland, ‘good day’ ! My favourite greeting is the one that a friend and I share.

He is of the Sikh faith, and when we meet, we bow to each other, with our hands folded, and say to each other : “God is great”. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful way for people to greet each other ?

And, think of how much healthier we would be.

35 thoughts on “Time for a Change ?

  1. So two Sundays ago at church during prayer, the middle-aged guy next to me, with his hands on the chair in front of him, bent over real low. I thought “wow, he must have some real serious concerns- poor guy.” Then I realized he might be about to pass out as he plopped back into his seat. Of course we had already shaken hands.. I whipped out my hand sanitizer and the pew filled with cherry fragrance.. rude? Too bad I thought, we shouldn’t be shaking hands anymore- sorry! So last Sunday I watched online cause I didn’t want to be put in that awkward position again… 😬

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    1. Hi Cindy ! I so identify with this. I am going to try out a new church this week, I will not allow myself to be hugged by anyone, and won’t be shaking hands, and I’ll wear my dainty white cotton gloves too. Am I unfriendly ? No. But we should all try our best to stay healthy too. Thanks, Cindy ! 😁

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  2. That is a great way to greet each other. They are now advocating due to the coronavirus that we eliminate hand shake and touch knuckles instead. I think that if you shake someone’s hand you immediately wash your hands afterwards. Thank you for this information.

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    1. Yes, for sure ! I am going to try that out, as a social experiment, and see what happens.
      Here in NL, people love to complain about the weather.
      So if someone says to me : ‘It’s a miserable old day”, I reply : ‘This is the day that the Lord has made..’. Some people will stare at me strangely , some will smile and agree, and some will walk away muttering to themselves…😁


      1. Hahaha … That’s a great strategy πŸ™‚ Interestingly, no-one ever seems to complain about the weather here in Calgary. Maybe it’s because we have a lot of blue skies. But I also think there’s a lot of pressure to be super positive.


  3. I understand where you’re coming from, but it also has a sense of sadness. We shake hands frequently in business and I use hand sanitizer afterwards. I will probably always hug someone I know, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask, “Are you sick?”, beforehand. πŸ™‚

    This old world is desensitized enough.

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    1. So true , this world is desensitized, for sure. Several organizations in Canada are considering banning handshakes in the workplace because of the #me too movement. People are becoming afraid of physical contact, and not just because of germs. There is the danger that a simple handshake could be misconstrued as “inappropriate contact”. It has became a bizarre world, but let us do our best to bring peace, and a sense of calm wherever we go. πŸ€—

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      1. It would be sweet if they replaced the handshake with something like the blessing you mentioned, but alas…let’s just stay away from each other even more. Thank you lovely. ❀


  4. Many years ago I worked in a Jewish Orthodox bank, there was minimal physical contact always but a loving and respectful environment.
    Growing up with the British system, there is to this day minimal physical contact, I learned all the hugging and excessive contact when I moved to North America. I am still uncomfortable in a hug especially by strangers.

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  5. Blessings are the best way to greet no doubt.
    In Islam we say “peace be upon you”, and in reply “peace and blessings be upon you too”.
    God creates comforts for us but we make things complicated..
    Thank you Sally for sharing such a wonderful post.

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  6. In our Hindu culture, we fold our hands to greet people and say β€œNamaste”. Shaking hands have become a fashion, a foreign culture. Also our elders insist us to keep water in a copper vessel overnight and then drink it in the morning. This aids digestion.

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    1. Hi ! I love this greeting. And I also like to fold hands in this beautiful greeting. I also have a beautiful copper vessel, and drink water first thing in the morning.
      Thanks for commenting.
      I have a feeling that we are going to see much less handshaking in the future. πŸ€—

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    1. Yes, for sure. I just stopped shaking hands, and told others of my decision. I don’t think anyone was offended. Pastors need to be sensitive to the germ factor. I’m sure others in your congregation feel the same way that you do.
      We want to pass God’s peace, for sure, but not at the cost of spreading illness.
      Thanks for commenting. πŸ€—

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  7. We are being told to stop touching people (don’t shake hands) due to the corona virus. I forgot and shook someone’s hand the other day. It is so ingrained in me to do that. I have seen many different suggestions for ways to greet each other without touching. So far my favorite, only because I find it comical, is to do the “live long and prosper” sign with your fingers from Star Trek. Sometimes you have to have a little humor even in a crisis.

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