Compliments ?

Do you enjoy receiving compliments ?

Both receiving, and giving genuine compliments are pleasurable. And yes, most people, especially children, can tell whether or not compliments are genuine.

We should all be careful not not accidently give ‘uncompliments’. Let me give you two examples of such unfortunate comments.

Never say :’You look good, for your age’. Just say : ‘You look good’, but do not mention age, as this can be interpreted as being patronizing. ( What is someone my age supposed to look like ?)

Another uncompliment that makes me wince is : ‘You must have been attractive once.’ Yikes !

As we age, our souls tend to show on our faces. No amount of potions, lotions, make-up or surgery can disguise a bitter spirit. And, the greatest beauty booster is being in tune with the Holy Spirit who indwells us.

Let us pray for the grace to live in obedience to God’s will, and to follow his commandments, for this is the best healthy aging strategy of all.

Pictured is an outport home after the recent storm of the Century.

27 thoughts on “Compliments ?

  1. Amen, Sally. Walking in relationship with the Spirit truly is a fountain of youth. I appreciate your sage advice, something I once took for granted as I was raised with these types of guidelines that my father referred to as “common sense.” Blessings sweet friend β™₯


  2. This post is true in a few ways. It is important to give genuine compliments and be gracious when they are genuine. It is also important not to inadvertently give a negative response but it can happen accidentally. A dear friend of mine, now passed last September, were at a men’s prayer breakfast together. He was like an older brother to me and our faces seemed always smiling together. After the breakfast the main speaker approached us in the parking lot to chat, and he said to me something encouraging to me (can’t remember exactly as it was decades ago) about participating in prayer leadership. In my youth, and without thinking it through I accidentally said something like “I can pray at a breakfast but I would take a lot less time than you did”.
    I couldn’t take it back, it was true but I didn’t mean it as a criticism, my poor friend though nearly died laughing in the car laughing though when we left. Maybe you had to be there moment, but my friend died from cancer last year and it came to mind when I read your post. I apologize if I misspoke.

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    1. Hahaha…what you said about prayer is funny. πŸ€—
      My condolences on the passing of your friend. It is one of God’s choicest blessings to send us friends with whom we can smile and laugh, and who encourage our faith.
      It is good to see men participating in fellowship like prayer breakfasts.
      Thanks for sharing. πŸ€—


  3. β™‘ Goddess is Good keeping “God” in Check; 2020 Is A Year Of The Goddess



  4. I gave a friend a hug once and she said, “You smell good….today.” My daughter and I still laugh about that. Like..How do I smell on other days? Wise words darling. πŸ™‚


  5. My hair is white, my beard is white. No one cares. Most of my vanity about how I look grew wings and flew away into the sunset. I’m OK now looking like an old man. After all, what can I do, I’m stuck with him, another old geezer who looks back in his mirror. Even if I had more hair I wouldn’t use my blower like I used to everyday to dry it and style it… I know appearance is different for women. My wife’s daughter’s hair dresser cut her hair 6″ too short and she’s been quite upset about it for a few days now… My barber doesn’t understand English too well and didn’t cut my hair right last time, but again, who cares, I’m just another old f__t.


      1. Thanks for your input. I hope my information is accurate and helps. It’s basically about what I think works for me. Yes, humor is a good thing (more like essential,) especially to a marriage. Believe me, my wife teases me and laughs about some of my ‘old timer’ ways all the time. And, she never ceases to remind me I seem to be getting balder and balder! It’s a good thing that in itself doesn’t bother me anymore! Years ago, going bald was one of my biggest dreads. Nowadays, short or even no hair at all has become very fashionable for us men. Hey, who knew?! If I hadn’t developed a better sense of humor over the years, I would have likely remained
        one lonely old bachelor.


  6. Hi Sally,

    This is so true! I love when people tell me that I was balding in a very “stylish way” …like I know they want to tell me something nice but at the end of the day, this “uncompliment” will definitely not make me feel good. Ah and yeah – i love the word “uncompliment” !




  7. “You look good, for your age.” Oh, boy. That doesn’t sound quite right. Though I’ve heard older friends say to each other “you’re aging well,” and they seemed to take it good. Maybe only among friends 😁

    And that photo is amazing! God bless you πŸ™‚ (PS. thanks for looking at my blog. I appreciate it!)

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      1. Yes He said my peace I give unto you not as the wold give, give i you let not your hearts be troubled neither let it be afraid.


  8. I love this line: “And, the greatest beauty booster is being in tune with the Holy Spirit who indwells us.” So true! God bless. BTW, that picture you included makes me doubly glad to be living in South Carolina! However, I deeply appreciate the beauty of God’s World as He displays it in all corners of the globe. Grace!

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