Cabin Fever

Snowmaggedon struck NL a month ago. The army came to dig us out. Streets have been icy, and snowbanks

are high, so not much visiting has been going on.

We have cabin fever, that claustrophobic feeling of having been inside for too long!

This requires creativity to cope with. Yesterday I did a sociological study of our town’s telephone directory (phone book). Of approximately 3,200 residents, there are 36 main surnames listed. 72 listings are listed for the name Abbott, then come a bunch of Butlers, and the Waye clan comes near the end. Most residents are inter-related somehow.

Irish Catholic residents settled certain communities, while English Protestants formed other towns.

When we moved here we found only a handful of practising Catholics, but no matter, I have been church visiting.

Perhaps I will do a sociological study on that too.

Great creativity is required for sufferers of cabin fever.

25 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

  1. Yes Sally, cabin fever is a difficulty for many during frigid snowbound winter months. Most indoor activates can grow old after being cooped up too long. How do those submarine crews cope if on a submerged mission in a very claustrophobic contraption like that I often wondered and didn’t inquire into it. That’s an interesting demographic you have there and I guess faith and determination get things to pan out one would hope, but for some I think it could be too much, especially some cousins of mine that grew up in New York City and sorts like them. They would come visit during the summer out in the burbs and in less than 24 hours be complaining how there’s nothing to do and it’s so boring living in my area. I guess it’s all a matter of acclamation and what one gets used to in the end. Needless to say my cousins hardly ever came to visit summers and said if we want to see them come to NYC. That study idea sounds like a good project to get some greater insights that you could share with folks there and out here! That snow reminds of some winters going back many years when there isn’t any place left to toss it when fresh snow falls.


    1. Hi Lawrence ! For sure, people used to being in a city wonder what there is to do in more rural areas.
      The picture I posted is actually in St. John’s, NL, the oldest city in North America. As you say, there is little space to put the snow, and the row houses are on steep hills. St. John’s was in a state of emergency for 8 days.
      We have no row housing here in our community, and we are isolated, and yet some of the older residents in town have rarely left this town. 🤗

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      1. 🤗 Yes all you say is very true and I actually didn’t know the piece about St. John’s being the oldest city in North America! I’m just off the top of my head wondering if it was founded by Vikings making it more like the 1400’s to 1500’s time frame, but you got my curiosity going so I’m going to search it! I was talking to a sister of mine about NL because she loves peace and solitude and being away from the bustle of civilization as she gets older and she had a friend way back when we were kids who lived on a small island and that we agreed might be like the flavor and effect of living up that way!, stable, changing very little through generations and not being trampled upon by all kinds of transients!
        Some people never have that kind of content peace and quiet their whole lives. That seems sad actually. Peace of Mind too! 🤗


      2. Hi Lawrence ! Yes, the Vikings settled in NL. There are settlements in the Northern Peninsula. People come to NL for the reasons that you describe. We moved here because my husband had a heart condition. The fresh salt air strengthened him to the point where he had successful surgery in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city , in 2017, and now chooses to still work part-time, to benefit our community.
        The strength of NL is definitely its people – the province has a world-wide reputation for its kindness.
        After the tragedy of 911, airplanes were diverted to Gander, NL, where locals provided housing and hospitality for the stranded passengers, and life-long friendships formed. 🤗

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      3. WOW! Awesome information Sally, and I must have remembered from my past history studies in College days or before, that about the Vikings, but it was a vague glimmer of memory now. This is all so interesting to me and thank God for your husband’s recovery to good health; see that, you and your fine husband are living proof how healthy and therapeutic it is to live the serene life by the sea just like that Island Family my sister knew when we were kids, always happy and robust they were when visiting our home during school breaks and whatnot! Let’s face it stress kills and that is a given, so living in the fast paced city life and all the air pollution along with safety factors who wouldn’t want to live that peaceful life like you do; if they have all their marbles that is, I’m sure my cousins still wouldn’t get it! My sister was actually really into the idea of visiting there when I mentioned I text online with another blogger that lives up there! She so wants to live a quiet gentler life and I even told her who knows maybe one day I’ll get some stuff out of the way and want to travel there with her to do a little tourism checking it out activity! 🤗


      4. Hi Lawrence ! NL has become a well-known travel destination. Many Americans are buying up homes in the outports, because the American dollar is stronger than ours. We have homeowners here who escape the summer heat of the southern states. We have friends and neighbours here from Texas and Louisiana. The house two doors down from us is owned by individuals from Singapore.
        As you say, people are looking for a simpler lifestyle, and it is nice to see icebergs, and whales jumping in the backyard in the summer.
        The amount of snow that fell last month is extremely unusual, but rural Newfoundlanders are hardy.
        Yes, you are right, stress is so detrimental, and the constant over-stimulation of larger cities makes us all feel guarded. Thanks for your interest in NL 🤗

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      5. Hi again Sally, and all you said just further solidifies my seriousness when talking with my sister about wanting to consider the possibilities up there in that part of the world to gain the health and happiness benefits that are so much a part of life there and so built in, just sorta kick back and take it all in! And, it makes me ponder how in your country locale, how very much it must be like the place one of my favorite authors Jack London spent many years of his life and where he developed one of his greatest literary works “The Call of the Wild” out there in Yukon, Canada, during the 1890s Klondike Gold Rush! That story revolving around Buck the dog; which is another of my favorite connections in this world, dogs in general, but especially the ones that live in the arctic regions the whole mush team thing! I’ve actually been bogged down over the last several years with the aftermath of a major life altering work related injury then if that wasn’t bad enough I then went straight into a battle with corrupt government and the ruin they brought upon so much I loved, just so much stressful bad stuff tossed on my life all at once and it took a toll, beat me up bad! If not for all of that I would be checking things out at the drop of a hat as they say, but I’ve been fighting my own legal battles no lawyers and did succeed with the first part, but this second stage is a bear as a lawyer I got to know told me spending so much time in the court system said that’s what it would be to him; my mess and I’m not even a lawyer! Most people don’t have the time, wear withal or desire to fight government SOB’s but I figure I got into this far enough already that I should give it more time; then if I can prevail even pretty good, I could buy something up in those parts and spend time both here and there which would be ideal. A Catholic priest I’m friends with knows all the details better than anyone as we talked for hours on end over the years and he said recently, “don’t give up you never know what factor may change the whole situation or who may be appointed to a position then you could have a better opportunity to have things move in your favor.” The government is just other people but many are corrupted cronies and backstabbers so not fun to deal with and I won’t “join them” as they say and they know that about me! That’s why they hate me more!
        Thanks for these insights very helpful! Perhaps something to look forward to!

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  2. That’s crazy snow!! We just got a sprinkle a couple weeks ago and people down here were in awe…


    1. Hi ! Yes, it was the result of a winter hurricane that brought everything to a standstill for a few days. We huddled in the house, and couldn’t see anything, and heard water lapping against the window panes….but it was only seaspray. God always cares for all of us during the storms of life. 🤗

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    1. Hi ! This is a term that is used when people are very stressed and irritable when they have to stay indoors for a long time and can’t get outside. It is a kind of claustrophobic feeling. We feel this way when there are big piles of snow all around. 🤗

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  3. I can remember a winter like that here many years ago. This year we have been very fortunate to not have much snow. A lot of rain, though, but you don’t have to shovel that! I don’t mind staying indoors especially in the winter. I have often said I wish I could hibernate like the bears. But of course, we can’t stay indoors all of the time. For one thing, I would starve if I didn’t get groceries. 🙂


    1. Hi Diane – You are fortune not having much snow this year. Getting groceries has been a challenge here- in St. John’s, there were line ups for days.
      However, at times like this ,
      we seek the Lord even more closely, knowing that he brings us through all of life’s storms.
      Nice to hear from you ! Only I month until Spring….🤗

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      1. Cardinals singing! What a joy !
        Sea ice has come done from the arctic. That lets us know Spring is almost here. The ocean gets covered in ice, and then it retreats again, before Spring comes and the icebergs arrive.
        Thanks for sharing about the beautiful cardinal singing.🤗


  4. I remember when my daughter had cabin fever in Sweden, it was the long dark days. I do like reflected light from the snow in the evenings but NL was wallopped with snow this year.


    1. Sweden is beautiful. No one in NL had ever seen anything like this. Today snow is melting and the sea ice has come in. When it goes out , then the ice bergs will be next. 🤗


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